Who Buys Old Refrigerators Near You?

Who buys old refrigerators near me?

All the answers you seek are written down below. Keep reading; you’ll get a list of buyers interested in your old gadget. Moreover, you’ll know how much money you can pocket for your item.

Let’s begin discussing.

Who Buys Old Refrigerators Near You?

Are you concerned about where to sell your old or damaged refrigerator? Of course, you know that landfills will not accept it without draining hazardous materials.

Moreover, haul-away services will bill you for such items. What’s more, most people prefer to pay for items that are in working condition. Only a few buyers prefer otherwise.

If your old refrigerator needs to be in better condition, it might be a problem you could fix cheaply. With this, you can achieve two goals. First, you’ll get paid for your item.

Secondly, you can have someone pick it up for you.

Buyers of Old Refrigerators Near You

Traditionally, yard sales, classified websites, and personal contact are the three ways to sell a used refrigerator. But that’s not the case now; there’re other ways to sell your fridge, whether old or broken.

However, some of these options we’ll highlight will demand you haul your item. But we still have others who will transport them from you.

  • Classified Websites

Selling your old refrigerators yourself will fetch you more money than other options.

Several classified websites are available online to link you up with potential buyers. Craigslist, eBay, NextDoor App, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, LetGo, Tradyo, and more are among these websites.

Depending on the online platform you patronize, you can do the following to facilitate your sale. First, write a detailed and accurate description of your item.

This includes the age, make, and model of your gadget. Also, take nice and clear pictures of your fridge from multiple directions.

Moreover, it would be best to remember to include the measurement unit in your description. Then set a fair market price and wait for buyers to inbox you.

  • Appliance Salvage Yards

Appliance salvage yards will gladly accept whether your refrigerator works or not.

They purchase broken or old home appliances, including refrigerators, and sell their valuable components. Sometimes, they revive available machines and dished them out at affordable rates.

Whatever remains of your gadget, like its metal, will be sent to refrigerator recycling facilities for reprocessing.

As such, if your fridge holds enough metals, such as steel, aluminum, and copper, you stand the chance of better pay.

However, some yards near me pay a flat rate of $40 for scrap metal and old appliances. They don’t care about your fridge’s weight, brand, etc.

Before you head or invite an appliance salvage yard to come to pick up your refrigerator, ensure you call ahead. Ask about their services concerning your item and how much you’ll get.

Negotiating a better price is critical when dealing with such buyers.

  • Local Power Companies

You can also count on local power companies when disposing of your old refrigerator. They often run programs where you’ll pay to drop off your old refrigerator.

But in most cases, they’ll pay to take off your gadget from your hands. This is to save energy when you don’t need it. These same enterprises will also pay you for your old fridge if you swap it with a new one.

However, you’ll need to call any of the local power companies near you and find out if they offer rebates or cash payments for old refrigerators.

Vising their installation in person is a good option, too. Check the “Energy State” website. It’s a government web that will help you locate a nearby local power company.

Alternative Buyers of Old Refrigerators

Other than the buyers listed above, you can get rid of your old refrigerators in different ways.

Some of these alternatives have provision to trade in old fridges for new. These alternatives are virtual garage sales, scrap metal recycling centers, and then selling locally.

Donate Your Old Refrigerator to Charity

If you’re uncomfortable with the buyers above, you can donate your old refrigerator to charity. That’s another effective way to keep this item from ending in landfills.

You’ll have a potential tax write-off when you donate your fridge to charity. Secondly, you’ll help someone on a low budget acquire a refrigerator.

Finally, some organizations may offer a free haul-away service for donating your old fridge.

You must know a few things about donating your fridge to charity. Nobody will want to collect an inoperable refrigerator or have some malfunctions.

Most people, if not all, will toss them in curbside bins and end up in landfills. Secondly, charities will come and haul your refrigerator.

Will I Pay to Junk My Old Refrigerator?

Whether or not you’ll pay for your junk refrigerator to be towed depends on how desperate you are. Typically, you can pay a haul-away service to have their workers come and pick up your stuff.

Some of these service providers can help remove your fridge from your home. However, their charges could be more pocket friendly.

Most of them bill customers per square foot of their appliances. Depending on the haul-away service you opt for, you’ll likely pay around $50 for a medium-sized refrigerator.

Therefore, you should inquire about their charges before making any significant move.

How Profitable is Selling an Old Refrigerator?

The amount you’ll make selling your old fridge depends on a few factors.

The kind of buyer you’ll be dealing with and the current condition of your item. If you’re selling a modern refrigerator from a famous brand, you can make a few hundred by selling online.

However, you’ll earn less when dealing with an appliance salvage or recycling yard. They typically pay around $50 for high-end fridges.

We mean those with valued metals such as copper, aluminum, and steel.

There’s no point in keeping your old refrigerator laying waste when you can get a few bucks from it. Selling such gadgets will also prevent them from ending up in landfills.

But if your concern is who will buy this item from you, there’s no need to worry further. Right above you are some reputable buyers of refrigerators near me.