Are you looking for places that buy used car parts near you?

You can make extra money from your damaged car by selling its functional components. No matter its condition, you can pull hundreds of auto parts that can go for cash.

To surprise you more, some salvage auto parts are worth thousands of dollars.

Where Can I Sell Car Parts for Cash Near Me?

Are you looking to sell auto components for cash near you? You’re in luck. Whether cleaning out a garage or needing extra money, marketing these items is an excellent option.

You can increase your wallet by selling your used or damaged car components. However, finding a buyer for those components can be a challenge.

Selling used car parts can be challenging, especially for starters. While some will wonder who buys used car parts, others don’t know the worth of such components.

Regardless of your category, this blog post is a helpful resource.

We’ll focus our discussion on who buys used car parts near me. Before highlighting these potential buyers, let’s look at high-value vehicle components.

  • Benefits of Selling Car Parts for Cash

There are many benefits associated with selling vehicle parts for cash. You can free up valuable space in your garage or shed by selling your used auto components.

You can also turn unwanted items into additional funds. Moreover, you may find that the sale value of certain things is higher than you initially anticipated.

What’s more? By closely monitoring online listing sites or classifieds, you can quickly identify any potential buyer in your local area. These purchasers may be interested and ready to buy for cash.

  • Drawbacks Of Selling Car Parts For Cash

There are a few drawbacks to deciding whether this is the best option. First and foremost, not all buyers will be willing to pay a fair price.

Additionally, since these buyers would most likely need the part immediately, they can take advantage of your situation. They’ll pressure you into accepting a lower offer than it’s worth.

Furthermore, paying in cash can also present its own risk. Some buyers can easily shortchange you with counterfeit money or refuse to pay.

Lastly, depending on your location, you may need help finding someone offering cash for parts near you.

Car Parts That Are Worth Money

Many auto components are worth a lot of money and can quickly be sold locally. You can also sell them through an online marketplace.

Popular items include catalytic converters, oil filters, control arms, and other mechanical components. All these vehicle parts can fetch you a reasonable price if they’re in excellent condition.

Therefore, it’s worth exploring this option before deciding where to sell. Otherwise, you may run at a loss if you’re not too careful or lucky.

  • Most Expensive and Valuable Auto Parts

You can remove countless parts in a vehicle, but not all will fetch you good money.

Certain car parts are of high value in the market. Such components are often in high demand. But because of limited supply, the prices of such items become incredibly robust.

Among the pricey vehicle parts you can sell are engines, transmissions, catalytic converters, GPS, bumpers, batteries, airbags, exhaust systems, radiators, and more.

We Buy Car Parts – Potential Purchasers

Several buyers of used vehicle components are readily available on the secondary market.

Amongst them are local auto salvage yards, mechanics, online marketplaces, scrap metal facilities, pawn shops, tunning shops, and many more.

All these buyers are looking for salvage parts to repair or rebuild broken vehicles.

Who buys cars for parts? Let’s quickly review these purchasers.

  • Auto Junkyards Near Me that Sell Car Parts

Local auto junkyards can be your best bet when finding buyers of used vehicle components.

These businesses typically purchase used or broken cars and sell their valuable parts for profit. On hearing you want to sell your vehicle components, they’ll be glad to buy from you.

However, you might not get the true worth of your items selling to auto salvage yards. Remember, they’re also business establishments whose target is to make a profit from all their dealings.

If you must make an enormous profit, your used car parts should come from a famous brand and model. Additionally, it would be best if you took them to specialized junkyards.

For instance, if your used car parts belong to Mercedes, selling to Mercedes junkyards will net you an appreciable amount.

  • Local Mechanics

You can also take your used car parts to a local mechanic nearby. Most of them will be willing to buy your components. They often used them as replaceable or spare parts for vehicles.

Auto parts from popular vehicle brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes, Ford, etc., sell faster than rare models. That’s because those parts are interchangeable on various models and years of manufacture.

If your vehicle parts need to be in good condition, local mechanics can still buy them. They recondition such auto parts and resell or fix them in other vehicles.

As for how much you’ll make selling to mechanics, it depends on who you’re dealing with.

  • Online Marketplaces

Another place you can find potential buyers of used vehicle parts is online.

There are numerous platforms where buyers and sellers can meet and exchange items for cash. These platforms are eBay, Craigslist, Freecycle, Facebook Marketers, and more.

Selling your items via the Internet is easy, convenient, and fast. Moreover, you can get the price you want. All you need to do is to provide full details of your components, take e nice pictures, and post them.

However, you must know that selling used car parts online has its cons.

First, you’ll have a large audience to deal with. Interested buyers will throw questions from different angles, demanding you respond immediately.

Secondly, the person who will end up purchasing your item might be living far from you. As such, you’ll be responsible for all shipment and logistics.

  • Scrap Metal Facilities

Like auto salvage yards, metal scrapyards purchase used car parts regardless of their condition. But instead of recycling them, they turn those scrap components into new products.

They pay customers based on the market’s weight and value of scrap metal. The higher the scrap metal price in the market, the higher your remuneration will be.

  • Pawn Shops

Although pawn shops do not specialize in vehicles, they also purchase used car parts. However, they don’t often buy auto parts that belong to antique cars.

We mean cars that reigned during the 90s, 60s, and beyond. But you can earn reasonably if you have auto components stripped from popular vehicles.

  • Tunning Shop

Typically, tuning or custom shops specialize in rebuilding cars.

Therefore, they have a significant need for used car parts. However, these businesses often purchase vehicle parts that are in excellent condition.

They want to avoid obtaining faulty items that will take their time and money to fix.

Waving Liability

When using car parts, you should sign a “bill of sale” and request all liabilities waived.

The reason for doing so is to protect yourself against liability claims for defective auto parts. For instance, someone in the distribution chain can hold liability for salvage parts.

When you want to claim liability for such components, it will take a lot of proof to do that. In most cases, you’ll need to establish what caused the problem, where customizations were made, and so on.

That’s a lot of stress; you’re not ready.

Selling Car Parts For Cash – Pros and Cons

Selling used vehicle parts comes with its perks and drawbacks. You must weigh the two sides before you decide whether or not to sell your car components.

Now, the number one advantage of selling used automobile parts is that you’ll make extra money. Secondly, you’ll prevent these items from ending up in landfills, which will pollute the surroundings.

However, the disadvantage of selling used car parts is that it’s lengthy and stressful. Most sellers need to be more experienced to sell these items correctly.

They often dump hazardous liquids in landfills, such as motor oil, antifreeze, coolant, wiper oil, etc., and contaminate underground water. Lastly, selling used car parts may net you less than selling your automobile.

There are plenty of options to explore when selling used car parts.

The ones listed above are just a few out of many. You can opt for anyone that suits your needs. But before you do that, ensure you do more findings on your option.

Is Parting Out Your Car More Profitable?

Parting out an automobile can be an excellent way to make extra money. It’s often more profitable than just selling the car as a whole.

That’s because the individual parts attract different customers with different budgets. But you’ll need to organize and manage the process yourself.

You can find local or worldwide buyers willing to buy specific vehicle parts from you. If you’d like to explore this option, search for “sell car parts for cash near me” to get started.


Several options are available when selling your auto parts for cash near you.

You can try online marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist, or local auto parts stores. Classified sites like Offer up LetGo and junkyards are other places to sell. Each of these has its benefits and drawbacks.

Therefore, do your research before choosing the option that works for you. The details above are here to give you a guide.