Do you want to save cost on used Audi parts?

If yes, visit an Audi salvage yard near you. These businesses provide high-quality used OEM Audi parts at affordable prices.

You can get various replacement parts for your vehicle regardless of its model and year of manufacture. Additionally, you can pick up restored Audi cars at highly discounted rates.

Audi Junkyard Near Me

Meanwhile, before you step foot in any of their facilities, you’ll need to read this article. A lot has been discussed about Audi salvage yards near me.

Some of the things you’ll come across include their business type and inventory source. You’ll also learn how salvage parts are obtained from these businesses and more.

We’ll move right away.

Top 20 Audi Salvage Yards


  1. Stockton Auto Dismantlers

Stockton Auto Dismantlers Inc. is a well-known pioneer in the vehicle recycling and dismantler sectors. They supply both new and used original Audi parts.

Customers can expect the utmost professionalism from our Audi parts sales team at competitive prices. Every auto part is of excellent quality.

They provide parts for Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, and Mini Cooper.

  1. Lifetime Audi Parts Inc.

This salvage yard is a reliable source of high-quality car parts. They are an authorized auto recycler working only with Audi vehicles from the later model era.

They can supply you with authentic OEM auto parts of the finest caliber, specializing in parts for late-model Audi vehicles and specific classic favorites.

The staff at the facility is highly informed about all things Audi, and they are a team of professionals.

  1. Audi USA OEM Parts

Are you trying to find the best Audi parts? Then, your quest is over. You may rely on our facility to deliver the best OEM parts and accessories for your needs.

The company deals in OEM parts and is supported by certified Audi leadership. Regardless of the brand and type of your vehicle, you can find what you need.

  1. Audi Winston Salem: Parts

Audi Winston Salem can supply you with the best parts to maintain your Audi operating at peak efficiency.

A large selection of genuine Audi parts that are made to fit and work flawlessly with your vehicle is available in their store. Visit the yard to learn more about their auto parts and services.

They are at 465 Silas Creek Pkwy B, Winston-Salem, NC 27127, US. You can also call their official line at +1 888-821-9692.

  1. Audi Wichita Parts

You can get all the Audi parts you need at this scrap yard. They offer top-notch recycled auto parts and accessories to match the brand and model of your car.

Choose Genuine Audi Parts and Audi Accessories for actual Audi performance regardless of whether your Audi enjoys the racetrack or the open road.

By contacting them, you may find out more information about their inventory.

  1. Audi Parts

Stop by the shop if you’re looking for cheap, used auto parts. Michigan’s most incredible collection of new and used auto parts is housed at this location.

They have roughly 10,000 new and recycled auto parts on display in their suburban collection. Any car model can be found with replacement and spare parts available.

For more details, visit 37911 Grand River Ave., Suite #200, Farmington Hills, MI 48335, US.

  1. Audi Parts Center

Are you looking to buy auto parts for your Audi car? Rest assured, you’ve arrived at the correct place. The yard is pleased to provide Audi car parts in Albany, Saratoga, and Clifton Park.

You can get reasonably priced products to finish your restoration project. Calling them at +1 888-273-9986 is all that is required. Their installation is at 723 Loudon Rd., Latham, NY 12110, USA.

  1. Audi Greensboro: Parts

Are you trying to find a way to save restoration project expenses? Or you require good secondhand parts.

For whatever reason, you will find this salvage yard to be perfect for your requirements. The facility is committed to giving you the best parts to keep your Audi operating efficiently.

For that, a large selection of genuine Audi parts, painstakingly made to fit and work flawlessly with your car, are available in their vast inventory.

  1. Audi Wyoming Valley Parts

You may find everything you need at Audi Wyoming Valley to finish your restoration process. The facility is aware of how crucial parts are to a car.

Consequently, they offer authentic, high-quality parts to ensure your vehicle runs at its peak efficiency. Genuine Audi parts are plentiful in their parts shop, covering almost all your needs.

  1. Audi Atlanta Parts Department

You’ll be glad you visited this facility, regardless of whether your Audi is more at home on the racetrack or the open road. They provide premium used auto components for all Audi vehicle types and years.

Additionally, parts for classic cars are available at meager costs.

The address of the yard is 5805 Peachtree Blvd., Atlanta, GA 30341, United States. In addition, you can reach them by phone at +1 888-440-1369.

  1. Audi Fort Lauderdale, Parts Department

The ideal spot to make financial savings on your restoration project is here. Original component specs are available from Audi Fort Lauderdale.

This ensures that the fit, finish, and efficiency maintain your Audi’s superior quality. Furthermore, the Audi Fort Lauderdale parts department keeps a large inventory of premium authentic Audi parts.

  1. Audi Hoffman Estates Parts Department

Your one-stop shop for all things Audi, including parts and accessories, is the Audi Hoffman Estates Parts Department. A large assortment of authentic Audi parts is available at the location.

These include air filters, oil filters, spark plugs, brake pads, and rotors. Along with a large variety of Audi accessories, they also have roof racks, cargo liners, and floor mats.

  1. Audi Denver Parts

Visit the Audi parts department if any parts need to be replaced or fixed on your Audi.

Genuine Audi parts are available in a large selection for purchase. Each of their parts is made to fit your car perfectly. Additionally, parts for old cars are accessible at meager costs.

  1. Audi Raleigh Parts Department

Does your SUV or car require spare parts or accessories? Then, visit Audi Raleigh; they’ll give you the necessary resources to maintain your vehicle.

Additionally, the yard boasts a group of experts who can assist you in locating any parts and accessories needed to maintain or customize your Audi.

  1. Audi Exchange Parts

For top-notch OEM parts, you can rely on this salvage yard.

In the Chicagoland area, they are the best place to get auto repairs and services. For many kilometers of daily driving, they’ll make sure your car keeps its original quality and excellent shape.

Stop by 2490 Skokie Valley Rd., Highland Park, IL 60035, USA yard, for more details regarding their components. The official number to reach them is +1 888-453-7195.

  1. German Auto Resort LLC.

German Auto Resort LLC is a used-parts salvage yard run by a family in the area. They have a welcoming team of employees who are happy to assist you.

You will receive the most excellent service available from these experts. Thousands of parts are accessible and in stock. You may view their inventory from anywhere in the nation thanks to their 2 acres of digital inventory.

  1. Audi West Palm Beach Parts Department

If you want to save money on your restoration or repair project, use this facility. The yard is well known for offering premium car parts to suit each customer’s unique requirements.

In addition to being of high quality, their car parts are covered by warranties. You are welcome to return the item if you have problems using it.

  1. Parts Center at Audi Michiana

You may find anything you need to finish your auto repairs right here.

The yard provides the highest caliber parts to keep your Audi running and functioning like new. They have old engines, axle assemblies, chassis, fenders, doors, and more available for purchase.

Parts Center Audi Michiana is located at 4004 Grape Rd., Suite #7, Mishawaka, IN 46545, US. You can also call their phone at +1 574-252-5829.

  1. Audi Orland Park Parts Department

Put this salvage yard on your list of the top national salvage yards. They provide premium OEM components for every Audi model and year.

They have a location where you can get both mechanical and electrical parts. For additional information, visit the 8021 W 159th St., Tinley Park, IL 60477, US yard. You can call them at +1 708-444-3315.

  1. Audit of the Rochester Hills Parts Department

You may rely on this yard to assist you in saving money on fixing your damaged or outdated vehicle. They have a large inventory of parts for many Audi models and brands.

You’ll receive what you need, whether you drive a van, SUV, truck, or car. 45441 Dequindre Rd., Rochester Hills, MI 48307, US, is where you can visit them. Additionally, you can give them a call at +1 248-997-7400.

The top 20 Audi salvage yards in the nation are listed here. As you can see, they have what it takes to restore your car to like-new condition. You have to determine which facility best suits your needs for an automobile.

How to Locate an Audi Salvage Yard

Finding an Audi salvage yard near you should be easy.

The reason is there are several of them around the country. While some might not be exclusive Audi salvo lots, you can get what you want at local auto junkyards.

They may have a section for scrap Audis.

To locate one of these businesses near you, quickly search “Audi salvage yards + your location.” There are several websites with a list of all Audi salvage yards around the country and their addresses.

If more is needed, consider asking people around. Sure, you’ll get someone who can give you a lead.

Audi Wrecking Yard Model

The business style of Audi salvage yards near me is similar to that of thrift stores. We mean, they also engage in the buying and selling of items.

The only difference is that these businesses deal with automobiles, particularly Audi vehicles. They purchase cars that are either broken or aged and make money selling their valuable parts.

On top of that, they restore scrap vehicles to life and auction them off. If you need an affordable Audi car to ride, this is the perfect place for you.

But keep in mind that rebuilt Audi cars come with their headaches. Let’s move on.

Where Do Audi Junkyards Source Their Scraps?

Audi salvage yards obtain their junk from several places. This includes insurance companies, private owners, auctions, police seizures, and more.

Most often, vehicles that come from insurance companies are victims of accidents. They’re scraped to recoup part of the money used in settling a claimed damage.

Private owners dump their Audis for multiple reasons. For one, they’ll be disposed of when deemed inoperable; secondly, if the cost to fix their damaged cars outweighs their value.

Additionally, some owners discard old vehicles so that new models can come in. Either way, only some scrap cars are helpful. There are valuable auto parts that are worth hundreds of dollars.

Tips About Getting Salvage Parts from Audi Scrap Yards

There are two ways to get used Audi parts in salvage yards.

You can visit a yard that allows customers to remove valuable components or those that assist customers with it. Audi salvage yards allowing customers to pull parts themselves are called “self-service or pick-and-pull.”

Those kinds of facilities might have a few used parts on their shelve, but you can be sure of getting them for cheap.

Before you walk through their installation, you’ll require a certain amount for admission. The charges vary from one salvage yard to the next.

As for those salvos removing auto parts for customers, they have a surplus on their shelves. But you’ll be charged extra for services. However, most such businesses only ask for admission for a fee.

You can get the quality used Audi part you’re looking for.

Scrap Audi Cars Stripped Down to Metals

The Audi salvage yards near me maximize profits in every step to strip a vehicle.

Upon the arrival of junk, they first test their condition and fix the serviceable ones. Cars without hope of returning to service will be stripped down to their metals.

Until then, toxic liquids such as fuel, motor oil, freon, wiper oil, etc., will be removed. Instead of throwing them, they’ll be repackaged and sold for reuse or recycling.

Next, some delicate auto parts, such as engines and batteries, will be removed. They’re sent to experts for rebuilding afterward; they’ll be old at affordable prices.

The remaining functional parts will be cleaned, inspected, tested, and stored. The only thing left lying down is the vehicle’s metal frame.

Since recycling centers will value their metals, they’ll be sold as scraps.

Popular Audi Models and Used Parts You Can Get in Salvage Yards

They feature numerous models if you visit an Audi salvage yard near you.

You can see A3, Q8, S3, Q7, Q6, Q3, Q4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A4 Q5, TTS, TT, 5000, 4000, 3000, TT e-Tron, RS8, RS7, RS6, RS5, and more.

Some used parts for these models include exhaust, mirrors, carburetors, pistons, panels, fenders, and doors.

Additional salvage parts are dashboards, tires and wheels, windshields, sound systems, air conditioners, seats, steering, starters, and more.

Things You Should Do When Selling Scarp Cars to Audi Salvage Yards

After finalizing selling your damaged or old Audi to scrap yards, you must do a few things.

First, remove the remaining fuel plus your personal belongings from the vehicle. Also, remove license plates and cancel all insurance policies and registration.

Moreover, wipe all personal data from the GPS and other digital devices. When you’re done, you find out the value of your scrap car.

The idea is to assist you in negotiating a better price. To estimate the worth of your scrap vehicle, you can use the “Kelly Blue Book.” It’s very efficient, fast, and reliable.

  • Working Days and Time

Most Audi salvage yards near me open their business from Monday to Friday.

Their work hours are from 8 am to 4 or 5 pm. But you can still find some salvos that operate on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

Most such facilities offer self-services, and they work for limited hours.

While cutting costs on replaceable parts is good, you must know certain drawbacks. Some used parts you can obtain from Audi salvage yards might serve you differently than expected.

Either the components are worn out, or they need to fit better. Thus, you must be careful when selecting used parts.