Here is all to learn about truck junkyards near you.

To fix your truck, you don’t have to pay the total price for costly spare parts. There are salvage yards where you can obtain second-hand parts at affordable prices.

Truck Wrecking Near Me – Local Salvage Yards

You can get the necessary parts if you hold a medium, semi-heavy, or heavy-weight truck. In addition to purchasing auto parts at meager rates, you can also junk your old/wrecked truck for cash.

While this option is profitable for truck owners, there is one thing you should know. It is not recommended to enter a salvage yard with insufficient knowledge.

You need to know how they work, which automotive parts they have, and the prices of their auto parts. As you read this text, you will gain insights and more.

Kind Of Trucks You Can Get In Salvage Yards

There are about three kinds of trucks featured in most junkyards.

Light, medium, and heavy-duty truck salvage.

Every one of those categories of trucks comes from various manufacturers. That includes GMC, Honda, Nissan, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Kia, et cetera.

Let’s take a look at the various kinds of trucks.

  • Light Truck

They are small to medium-sized trucks.

We are referring to trucks weighing less than 4000 lbs. Those trucks include Chevrolet Silverado 3500, RAM 1500, some SUVs, vans, and more.

  • Medium Truck

Medium trucks are cars that weigh between 14,000 and 26,000 pounds and are typically used to transport freight from one city to another.

These include fire trucks, mailboxes, school buses, and many more.

  • Heavy Duty Truck

These are also big rigs, but their sizes and weight are more than those above.

These vehicles exceed 26,000 pounds. Examples are tractors, cranes, cement mixers, transit buses, refuse trucks, and lots more.

How Truck Wreckers Handle Their Business

Truck junkyards operate just like other salvage facilities. They purchase trucks declared totaled by insurance firms and earn money by selling their functional parts.

Insurance firms often use dump trucks to compensate for the cost of a claim.

Other places where they earn their vehicles include private sellers and government auctions. Private sellers dump their trucks because they are not worth the cost of repairs or replacing new parts.

Only a few individuals throw away their trucks as a result of aging.

In addition to selling used auto parts, truck scrap yards revive trucks with chances of returning to service. Afterward, they flip or take them for auction.

Those who wish to buy cheap trucks may participate in the auction.

  • How Are Clients Serviced?

There are mainly two ways in which truck salvage yards near me serve customers.

Either you are providing them with self-service or full-service. These service methods are developed to satisfy different customer requirements.

Let us say a few words about these services.

Truck salvage yards offering self-services allow customers to remove functional parts themselves. However, this junkyard type is characterized by fewer inventories, less quality, and low prices.

Before visiting their facilities, you must pay a certain amount at the door. After removing auto parts, you will still have to pay for what you have obtained.

On the contrary, truck scrap yards offering full service don’t let customers remove parts. Instead, their expert technicians remove parts upon customer request.

Such facilities are well organized, and they have so much on hand. What’s more, they have high-quality parts. But their price is a little higher than that of their counterparts.

What Truck Scrap Yards Do Before Stripping Parts

Most truck salvage yards near me are concerned about the safety of their plant and themselves. Therefore, scrapping trucks remove toxic liquids like gas, antifreeze, coolant, diesel, etc.

Taking tucks with such fluids can be a huge disaster.

Thus, they repackage these fluids for recycling or reuse, which can also harm the environment when spilled inappropriately.

Next, they removed and processed every functional auto part from the truck. We mean they clean removed auto parts, check for defects, test, and store them in the warehouse.

Customers who come for parts won’t have to go about seeing them.

Used Parts Available in Truck Junkyards

As mentioned earlier, you can find good second-hand parts at truck salvage yards regardless of your truck type and size.

Automotive parts include beds, couplers, cabins, engines, doors, levers, instrument panels, transmissions, mirrors, and seats.

Other parts include bumpers, panels, hoods, snow plow attachments, wenches, tires and wheels, and exhaust.

  • Are Truck Salvage Parts Available Online?

Oh yes! It’s possible to obtain second-hand parts for your trucks online. Some truck salvage yards near my home have computerized inventory.

It’s about expanding their market size so people can order parts far away. These scrap yards also keep their customers updated on the latest auto parts.

Apart from salvage yards, other online sellers sell truck automotive parts too. A few such businesses are eBay and Craigslist. Their car parts are also in good standing.

But their price is not so low as that of the salvage yards

  • Drawback Of Getting Pre-Owned Parts From Truck Scrap Yards

While getting auto parts at truck salvage yards is cheap, there are related disadvantages. Some auto parts have lost strength due to rust, erosion, and other climatic factors.

Such parts might not last for you as required if you purchase them. Secondly, getting used parts at pick-and-pull salvage yards is not so easy.

While some parts may not be easy to find, removing others is a big problem. Most of these auto parts could end up being unworthy of your effort.

  • Warranty for Second Hand Truck Parts

Some truck salvage yards provide a warranty for second-hand automotive parts. However, you must pay for the contract for every item you get. Fees vary between junkyards.

But most of them are asking for about $15 or less.

Second, they have varying warranty periods. While some installations offer a 30-day warranty, others can last between 90 days and a year.

That brings our discussion to a close. We believe you’re better informed on truck recyclers near me. Meanwhile, before you visit a truck salvage yard, research more about them.