Here is where to sell catalytic converters near me.

The question now is, who buys and sells catalytic converters? You’ll get a satisfactory answer if you keep reading this write-up.

We’ll be talking about local catalytic converter buyers and sellers near me. A few topics under discussion are places you can sell this auto part, how much you can get from your sales and more.

Local Catalytic Converter Buyers and Sellers

The need for catalytic converters has zoomed over the past few years.

Thanks to its unique parts, platinum, rhodium, copper, nickel, cerium, iron, and manganese. Most people with scrap vehicles are looking for who will buy catalytic converters, so they benefit from the high payout.

  • What Exactly is a Catalytic Converter?

In simple terms, the catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control device. It works by converting toxic gasses and pollutants into less dangerous pollutants.

A few harmful chemicals it converts include carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, etc. Catalytic converters are often used with combustion engines fueled by gas or diesel.

A petrol or diesel catalytic converter is one vehicle component that can fetch you good money. Because these auto parts are manufactured using rare metals, they are precious even as used parts.

Some experts say it has a resell value of $100 to $300. This makes aftermarket units worth next to nothing. Thus, if your ride is inoperable, you can make money selling your catalytic converter.

Who Buys Catalytic Converters Near Me?

Selling a used, old, or broken catalytic converter can be challenging. Because it’s a salvage auto part, only some buyers will be willing to buy from you.

Most prefer the new one, which they’ll use without spending on repairs.

If you’re worried about where to get catalytic converter buyers, you should worry no more. This article is here to highlight some potential buyers of this vehicle component. But before we do that, let’s quickly understand what a catalytic converter is.

Are you looking for places or whom to buy your item?

There’re several alternatives. You can sell this valuable car part to automobile junkyards, online buyers, metal junkyards, and more.

Let’s review these buyers one by one.

  • Scrap Yards That Buy Catalytic Converters

Your local car junkyard is one of the quickest and most convenient places to sell catalytic converters. These businesses are into the dealership of used catalytic converters and will propose you money for your item.

However, they often beat parts prices as low as possible to make decent profits. As such, you’ll need to lower expectations when taking your catalytic converters to auto junkyards.

There are better options for the best payout regarding valuing precious metals. It depends on your specific model if you must get an excellent price for your item.

  • Metal Junkyards are Good Selling Point

It would be best if you sold this car part to metal junkyards.

You’ll sell fast and efficiently and get a better payout. These businesses use the current price of scrap metals to purchase from sellers.

Therefore, the higher the price of this accessory in the market, the higher you get paid.

However, a few things may reduce your chances of getting a high payout—the specific item model. Secondly, because they deal with different metals classes, they might not be interested in your kind of metals.

  • Selling Your Catalytic Converter Online is the Best

If you want to be well compensated for your item, consider selling it online.

There’re several online platforms where you can reach out to potential buyers. We’re talking about eBay and Craigslist, among many others.

You should take a good picture of the vehicle part and send it.

When sending the picture of your item, it’s necessary to include its inscribed serial number. It’s used to define the value of such car parts.

Meanwhile, a few factors can make you get less payout in your sales online.

First, the model of your item can affect your chances of a better price in the market. In other cases, you need help finding your item’s serial number to get a reasonable quote.

Cash for Catalytic Converter Near Me

Certain factors influence the price of used catalytic converters.

As mentioned earlier, make, model, condition, and where you want to sell.

While these factors significantly affect its price, it’s worth the most in scrap—an OEM catalytic converter in the market cost between $700 to $1,300.

For large engines, this vehicle part is more expensive. This is because the loadings of treasured metals inside them filter out toxic exhausts from the car’s inner workings.

  • Why is the Serial Number Very Essential?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the serial numeral is used to define its value.

You can use the numbers on catalytic converters to trace the precious metal recuperation procedure and the car’s make, model, and year.

However, places like auto salvage yards don’t ask for serial numbers. They prefer you trade blindly so they can obtain your item at a lower price, as highlighted above.

  • What if I Can’t See My Catalytic Converter’s Serial Number?

Certain factors can make you lose track of your catalytic converter’s serial digit. Decay is one of these factors. Try rubbing the portion with a steel wheel if that’s the case.

You’ll see the inscribed numbers. Meanwhile, you must carefully rub off the part of your converters to avoid erasing the numbers.

Other Places You Can Get Quotes for Catalytic Converter

If you have not seen the numbers, you can take them to buyers to learn about these items to help you determine their model and make.

Alternatively, you can take it to mechanics or scrap yard workers. Most of them offer quotes for this auto part. The only con is that their prices are always low.

Who Sells Catalytic Converters Near Me?

Auto junkyards or private owners often sell these vehicle parts.

Both of these sellers discard this catalytic converter to make a profit from their damaged or aged vehicles. You can visit their installation in person or online to purchase this vehicle part.

Some of them display their inventory online.

Today’s secondary market is filled with buyers and sellers of used auto parts.

Therefore, you’ll have one or two people interested in your item. Below, we’ll outline a few potential buyers of used catalytic converters near me.

  • Local Auto Junkyards

Your local auto salvage yards will be among your first buyers.

These are businesses that are into the dealership of the used vehicle component. They typically purchased wrecked vehicles and resold their valuable parts for profit.

In other cases, they repair near-running cars and sell them affordably. Thus, they’ll be willing to purchase your item no matter its condition.

However, you shouldn’t sell to auto junkyards if you’re out to make money from your item. These businesses will offer you the lowest price possible. That’s because they want to create a room for profit.

Remember, they’re business establishments too.

Before you can earn high, your converter must come from popular cars. Alternatively, you’ll need to visit a specialized auto salvage yard.

Such kinds of facilities can net you an appreciable amount to other places. For instance, if your catalytic converter belongs to Chrysler, try taking it to Chrysler’s yard.

  • Local Mechanics

Your local mechanic is another potential buyer. Most of them are in restoration projects and will need your catalytic converter.

Whether in excellent condition or not, they’ll pay a reasonable price. Moreover, you’ll go home with many smiles if you have a rare or modern converter.

  • Pawn Shops

you may be surprised that pawn shops are buyers of this auto part. But that’s the reality.

They serve as middlemen in the market of used auto parts. Pawn shops purchase salvage vehicle parts, including catalytic converters, and resell them with little makeup.

However, these businessmen will not pay you as anticipated. They’ll want to purchase your item at lower rates to increase their profit.

Moreover, they only accept converters that are in excellent condition. That’s because they aren’t into restoration projects. What these businesses want are items they can buy and resell immediately.

  • Scrap Metal Yards

scrap metal recycling facilities have a similar mode of operation to auto junkyards. They purchased broken or old auto parts, including catalytic converters.

Instead of reselling these items, they turn them into new products. So the likelihood for them to purchase your article is exceptionally high.

Unlike auto salvage yards, scrap metal yards can offer you a reasonable amount for your component. They often pay sellers based on the market’s current price of scrap metal.

Sometimes, they can consider the type of metals your converter has and how many are there. Converters with precious metals such as rhodium, platinum, and palladium will earn you a handsome pay.

  • Auto Repair Shops

Like local mechanics, auto repair shops will be interested in purchasing your converter. Because they are into vehicle repairs, they’ll need your component as a replacement or spare part.

No matter the condition of your catalytic converter, they’ll buy from you. But how much you’ll make from your sales depends on the shop you’re dealing with.

  • Online Buyers

One of the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way to sell your used catalytic convert is online.

We have several websites and classified ads built to link buyers and sellers. These online platforms are Craigslist, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Freecycle, and more.

Apart from selling your item fast, you can get an excellent offer online. There’re lots of people who will be willing to pay an excellent price for your converter.

You only need to upload a nice picture of your item and provide full details. But ensure you include the serial number of your component. It’ll be used to determine its worth and its exact make and model.

However, selling a used catalytic converter online has its cons. The market is filled with hundreds and thousands of buyers interested in your item.

Interested buyers will throw numerous questions at you, demanding answers. In other cases, the person who’ll end up purchasing your item may be living far away. You’ll now be responsible for all shipments and logistics.

Protecting Car Components from Theft

Looking at the value of a catalytic converter, it can be stolen if not well protected. One of the efficient ways to protect your auto part is to park your car in a well-lit area.

Such vicinities are under the watch of surveillance cameras. Police officers can easily spot anyone trying to temper with your vehicle.

Parking your vehicle in public or traffic is another way to protect it and its parts from theft. It’s hard or impossible for someone to pull out a catalytic converter or other components in such environments.

You can also install motion sensors on your parking spot to blow the alarm if anyone tries to temper your car.

How Much Can Make from a Used Catalytic Converter?

How remunerative you’ll be selling this auto part depends on a few factors. The make and model of your car, its year of manufacture, and whom you’re selling to.

Other factors that may influence catalytic converter prices are your location, the current price of scrap metal, and the condition of your item. But for the most part, a used catalytic converter is sold at $25 to $70.

Facts You Should Know About Trading Scrap Catalytic Converters

You need to know a few myths about the dealership of this car part.

This will help you make an informed decision on right and wrong. When evaluating the value of a catalytic converter, rely on something other than the engine type.

The reason is that diesel is more costly than gasoline. Secondly, even though new catalytic converters have more special metals, old ones are more costly.

Additionally, buyers often prefer catalytic converters coming from Europe to others.


Finding a buyer for your catalytic converter is an efficient way of preserving the environment.

By doing so, you’ll be preventing this vehicle part from ending up in landfills. You’ll also save manufacturing industries the cost of purchasing virgin raw materials, energy, etc.

Above you are the potential buyers of this used auto part.

However, you must be careful when transacting with these purchasers. Some of them may want to take advantage of inexperienced sellers.

We have much to talk about this exhaust emission control device, but time isn’t a friend now. However, we hope you’re better informed about catalytic buyers and sellers near you.