Who Buys Used Old Car Batteries for Cash Near Me?

Now, who exactly buys used car batteries for sale near me?

You’re about to find out in this article. Just keep reading, and you’ll see a list of possible buyers of this scrap vehicle component. Until then, let’s look at some factors that can influence the sale of your used battery.

Here is where to sell old car batteries near you.

Who Buys Used Car Batteries for Cash Near Me?

Do you have some old or used car batteries in your garage? Instead of recycling or tossing them in the trash, why not exchange them for cash?

Several potential buyers are out there who will be willing to pay top dollar for your old or dead car battery core. These purchasers are comprised of workshops and fellow individuals in auto restoration.

How Much You’ll Make Selling Used Car Battery

A few elements determine how much you’ll make selling a used car battery.

Amongst them are the brand, condition, originality, and with whom you’re dealing your used battery. A salvo from a popular vehicle in excellent condition is worth more in the market.

The same goes for original car batteries with some charge.

Cash for Used Car Batteries – Potential Buyers

As highlighted earlier, several used car battery buyers are on the secondary market. They include auto parts stores, local junkyards, and a scrap metal recycling center.

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You can also get reasonable buyers at pawn shops, auto repair shops, online platforms, and more. Allow us to go over these buyers for better understanding briefly.

  • Local Junkyards

Whichever local auto salvage yard you have near will be willing to purchase your used car batteries. Their business is to buy used or broken items in automobiles, appliances, electronics, etc.

Most scrap yards run after used car batteries for two apparent reasons. Either they want to revive and sell it for profit or extract the lead core in them.

While true, selling your item to junkyards might not net you the due amount. Facilities looking to profit from your battery might only be willing to pay you a little. In other words, you’ll get a meager payout.

At the same time, we have junkyards that pay based on the current price of lead core in the market and weight.

For instance, if the lead has a value of 33 cents and your battery contains 12 lbs of lead, you should expect around $7. For truck batteries, you can get up to $12.

  • Auto Parts Stores

The following reputable buyer of used car batteries is auto parts stores. These businesses are renowned for purchasing used car batteries that are declared dead.

When they buy dead batteries, they will offer credit to cover the “core fee.” The state levied a tax for the safe disposal of batteries. The fee is around $8-$12.

However, most auto parts stores do not hand over such fees in cash. Instead, they’ll offer you a store credit equal to the core charge.

Some businesses can even permit you to use a new battery or any other part. You can consult Nepa, Autozone, Pep Boys, Advanced Auto Parts, O’Reilly, and other reputable auto parts stores.

  • Scrap Metal Recycling Center

Like junkyards, scrap metal recycling centers will be interested in your used car batteries.

All they’re seeking is the lead core in them. But how much you’ll get from your sales depends on certain factors. The daily price of the metal commodity in the market, the size, and the weight of a used battery.

For example, if the price of lead core today is $0.16 per pound, you can get an average of $7 for a used battery with 40 lbs.

Most battery recycling centers near me display their daily buying rates for used car batteries via their website. However, you can contact them via phone or email and inquire about their prices and other conditions.

  • Pawn Shops

It might sound awkward to sell used car batteries to pawn shops. But they’re excellent buyers of this vehicle part. They often act as middlemen between owners of used car batteries and buyers.

While selling your item to pawn shops might be easy, fast, and convenient, you’ll not get your desired payout. These businesses will want to reserve some space for profit.

  • Auto Repair Shops

If your used battery is in excellent condition, consider selling it to an auto repair shop. Most of these businesses resell used car batteries with a small markup.

Depending on its condition and brand, they can purchase your item for $10 to $20. Some shops net you more if your battery is big. We mean if you have batteries belonging to trucks and other heavy equipment.

However, some auto repair shops purchase dead batteries, such as reconditioning vehicle components and reselling them to customers for low prices.

  • Online Marketers

Selling used car batteries online is the best way to earn handsomely. Several websites are made available to link you up with potential buyers.

Amongst them are eBay, Craigslist, Newspaper Classified, iScrap app, Facebook Marketplace, and more. You’ll find it easy and convenient to sell your item here and get a reasonable offer from purchasers.

You only need to provide full details about your battery and complement it with some nice pictures. That will make your listings more viewed and increase selling chances. Depending on your used car battery condition and brand, you can earn around $35 to $50 when you sell online.

However, you must know that certain drawbacks are associated with selling used cars Battey online. First, you’ll be faced with a larger crowd who will demand you respond to their questions.

Sometimes, the person who’ll end up purchasing your battery might be living far from you. In this case, shipping the item will cost you time, effort, and money.

We’ve got a lot to talk about regarding buyers of used car batteries, but time isn’t on our side. However, you can see some potential purchasers of this vehicle component.

If one of your batteries is lying down, you know where to turn it to cash. However, the money will not be enough to purchase a new one; it’s better than allowing it to go to waste.

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