10 Parts to Remove From a Car Before You Junk It

It’s good to junk an old car if you discover repairing it will cost you more. But before you say goodbye to your vehicle, removing a few precious parts is necessary.

You can market them to maximize profits.

Besides, most salvage yards are more interested in the scrap metals contained in your item. If you don’t remove those valuable auto parts, the salvage yard will remove them and sell them.

While this is a brilliant idea, do you know what an important part to remove?

If you don’t, you necessitate read this article. We will sketch the best parts to remove from an old/ damaged car before you junk it.

If you’re ready, let’s start at once.

What to Remove Before Scrapping a Car

Before you decide to throw your car, there are a few things you will need to sort out. This includes your car documents and other personal articles.

The majority of salvage yards require car owners to provide proof of ownership. It’s a way to avoid problems. There are cases where stolen vehicles are sold as scrap metal.

You may submit a permit, registration documents, or other property rights in this case. If you do not have one, you must use the appropriate means of obtaining such records.

Your local or state government’s automotive department can help you with such documentation.

Often, most car owners leave behind many valuable items in their cars. Whether intended or unintended,  recovering it from the salvage yard is rarely possible.

Hence, try as much as you can not to leave them behind.

Best Auto Parts You Can Remove Before Junking

Here are the best pieces you can remove from a car before junking them.

  • License Plates

While it’s lawful in most states to remove a license plate when scrapping or selling a car, an insurance policy might also need you to remove it.

Your license plates can be used for various purposes. First off, to council registration and title. Secondly, you can place it on your next vehicle.

Disassemble the exhaust system when it is in good condition

The exhaust system is among the most demanded parts of a car. Entirely thanks to its functionality and metallic content. Car owners spend a lot of money to replace their exhaust systems.

The charges are approximately $500 to $1,000.

Having to spend so much, they prefer to buy a second-hand exhaust system which is a little cheaper. If your exhaust systems are in good shape, you can earn decent money from selling them.

  • GPS System

You might as well make money selling your built-in GPS. It usually goes for hundreds of dollars once sold separately. But portable GPS like Garmin doesn’t make that much money.

Until then, you’ll need to clear the PII from your GPS.

  • Remove Car Battery

Whether your car battery is dead or alive, take it off before sending it to a junkyard. The storm can bring in a few dollars if recycled.

Depending on the size and condition of the battery, most pick-up sites pay about $20.

If you’re uncomfortable with the amount you’re going to get, there’s another way to make it worthwhile. You can charge the battery and power your engine for several more years.

  • Empty the remaining fuel/oil, if available

Whether your car is working or not, you’ll need to drain the fuel before you throw it away. Taking your vehicle to the junkyard with gasoline is a considerable hazard.

Most salvage yards don’t accept cars with fuel in their tanks. That’s because they will invest a lot of time removing the power.

  • Take off Nice Looking Bumpers

Bumpers are worth hundreds of dollars.

That is due to the high demand for these pieces. In most crashes, bumpers are the most affected parts. Given this factor, the need for replacement will continue to thrive.

Most car bumpers are manufactured from fiberglass, steel, plastic, or aluminum. You can sell your bumper for hundreds of dollars depending on your vehicle model and make.

  • Good Fenders Shouldn’t be Ignored

Fenders also play a vital function in protecting your wheel walls.

It’s a valuable piece that can fetch you a reasonable amount, especially in modern cars. A fender bender is said to have defenses that are costly to repair and likely to damage.

  • Air Bags

If your airbags are in good condition, you may want to consider taking them off.

Selling them second-hand may bring you money. But it depends on your vehicle model and makes. Typically, it costs between $1,000 to install airbags throughout the country.

  • Rims and Tires

You can still get hundreds of dollars from tires and wheels in excellent or imperfect condition. Chrome, aluminum, and alloy in the rims are in high demand in the marketplace.

This makes the company of used wheels profitable. Instead of sending them to Junkyard, you can consider selling them out for recycling yourself.

That’s how you can maximize your earnings.

  • Remove AC

This is another best part you can take out of your old/ car damage.

You will make enormous profits by selling them. Why? Because the demand for air conditioning increases throughout the summer.

During these periods, the weather is hot. Driving in vehicles without air conditioners is not fun.

However, if you have trouble removing your air conditioner, you may take out the compressor and sell it. There’s still money in it for you.

  • Sound System

It is also a valuable part of the vehicle that should be removed. How much you can earn on your sound system depends on its brand.

Stock systems in the second-hand market don’t cost much. You’ll get very little out of it. But improved audio systems like TVs and speakers can yield a lot.

There are many more things to take out of a car beyond what we mentioned.

However, the ones we have listed are among the best parts you can remove from a car before taking it to the junkyard.

We recommend that if you can’t pull some of the items yourself, it is preferable to get an expert. This will prevent some delicate parts from being damaged.

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