Here are the best salvage yards in Des Moines.

This article is here to provide a solution to your salvage needs. We’ll outline some reputable salvage yards in Des Moines that you can explore for your needs.

Auto Salvage Yards In Des Moines

While some are experts in distributing recycled car parts, others provide towing, junk removal, vehicle repairs, and recycling services. Pick the one you think can serve you best.

  • Yaw’s Auto Salvage

Are you looking for a salvage yard that will understand and appreciate the value of your car? Then you can count on this business.

They provide affordable prices for the best-used vehicle parts in Des Moines and surrounding areas. That’s their way of showing their dependability, reliability, and fair pricing.

Before distributing items to customers, they do their homework very well. We mean they inspect, clean, and check the functionality of each part they’re selling.

They have secondhand auto parts suited for different models of cars. These include Accent, C-Class, Corvette, Envoy, Brera, Astro, Explorer Sport, Trac, Focus, Durango, Diamante, Crown, etc.

Call them at (515) 612-7289 or visit their installation at 919 SE 21st St., Des Moines, IA 50317. Their experienced and skilled staff will respond to your needs effectively.

  • U-Pull-It 

As the name implies, you can pull the auto parts you need. This salvage yard is an ideal place to save money when restoring a broken car.

They sell secondhand car components at highly discounted prices. All you need to do is bring along your working tools and remove the vehicle part you need.

They also have knowledgeable staff to help you locate your needs. In some cases, they can help you remove challenging parts. Call them at (515) 528-3600 for instant quotes or inquiries.

You can also visit their 1600 NE 44th Ave., Des Moines, IA 50313 facility.

  • Meyers Auto Parts

You don’t have to go elsewhere searching for cheap recycled vehicle parts. You can get it here at Meyers Auto Parts. Their inventory includes thousands of secondhand items for cars, vans, and light trucks.

These components are sold at fantastic low prices that are hard to beat. If you are still looking for the item you’re looking for, the facility can get it at the best price possible.

Besides selling used car parts, this junkyard also buys salvage cars. If you have one to sell, you can contact them. They pay cash for every scrap vehicle they’re interested in.

Call their line at (515) 266-1109 for more details or instant quotes. You can also visit their installation at 3740 Vandalia Rd., Des Moines, IA.

  • Capital Auto Parts

This wrecking yard has been supplying Des Moines with its salvage needs for many decades.

It’s a family-owned and operated business that handles new and used foreign or domestic car parts. Those looking for replacement parts for trucks can also get them here.

Meanwhile, secondhand car items include axles, engines, fuel tanks, transmissions, differentials, alternators, and thermostats. You can also see grills, exhaust systems, starters, airbags, fittings, windshields, heaters, clutches, brakes, lights, cooling system items, and more.

Besides selling used vehicle parts, this junkyard also provides other outstanding services. These include pick-up or towing cars and trucks, buying salvage vehicles, and getting items for rare car makes and models.

You can contact them at (515) 262-0522 if you need these services. You can visit their 3800 Vandalia Rd., Des Moines, IA facility if you need more than that.

  • Mitchell’s Sunset Beach Auto Salvage

You can visit this junkyard in Des Moines for cheap used vehicle parts.

The business started as a sand quarry, but today, it is one of the city’s most significant auto salvage yards. They provide affordable and dependable vehicle components to customers.

With over 40 years of service, they can fix your broken car. Call them at (515) 266-5201 or visit their 1111 SE 30th St., Des Moines, IA headquarters.

They have well-trained staff who will respond to your needs.

  • Swift’s Trails End Auto Recycling

Do you have a broken car that you wish to restore or recycle? Then contact this salvage company. They offer the best of both auto-reclaiming operations.

You can also get an excellent selection of used vehicle parts to get your car up and running again. Call their office at +1 800-717-6505 or drive to their yard at 1623 E 17th St., Des Moines, IA 50316, United States.

  • Blueswift Axles

Are you experiencing issues with your vehicle’s axles?

Then contact this salvage yard for a lasting solution. They offer various products, ranging from new to rebuilt axles. Depending on your location, you can have your axles fixed or shipped within 24 hours.

Furthermore, Blueswift Axles ventures into vehicle maintenance. If you want to keep your car performing excellently, take it to their facility. They’re at 2615 Dean Ave., Des Moines, IA 50317, United States.

You can also give them a call at (+1) 515-608-8040.

  • Junk Cars Company Des Moines

Do you need junk removal services at highly discounted rates? Don’t hesitate to contact this wrecking yard.

The business can pay cash to remove your vehicle and can also help with towing if you need help. You’re sure to get 100% satisfaction from their services. For more details, call them at (+1) 515-303-3280.

  • Wrench’ N Go, Des Moines

This salvage yard can be your best bet if you want to turn your unwanted or junk car into cash. You can get a fair price for the car depending on its current market value.

The facility accepts every vehicle, regardless of make, model, or condition. So they’ll get it off your hands if your car is still running, wrecked, vandalized, or burned.

Wrench’ N Go-Des Moines also maintains a stock of cars for sale. So, if you’re looking for a cheap ride to cruise around town, get one from their yard. Their vehicle inventory rotates every 45 to 60 days.

There are many to choose from for those who love antique or vintage cars. Just go down to their facility and check them out. You can also call their official line and make further inquiries.

  • Jones Enterprise & Repair Inc.

Are you still looking for someone to sell your scrap car at a reasonable price?

Call this junkyard. They focus on buying wrecked, unwanted, or junk cars from customers in Des Moines, IA. They aim to make the selling process hassle-free, fun, and rewarding for city residents.

Jones Enterprise & Repair Inc. has an impressive selection of used parts for trucks, SUVs, and more. Higher chances are that you will get what will meet your needs.

In your next purchase, consider this salvage yard. Call them at (515) 243-7412 or visit their 1520 Maury St | Des Moines, IA facility.

You can take advantage of many more salvage yards in Des Moines. Giving us the whole day, we cannot talk about them all. However, you can choose from the few we’ve listed.

Remember to find more details about them before making any significant moves.