This guide provides details regarding the dirt salvage yards near you.

To mention a few, you’ll learn about their kinds of services, business, how they handle junked vehicles and their source of inventory.

Without much delay, we’ll start right away.

Dirt Bike Junkyard Near Me

If you have ever held a dirt bike, you can testify repairing or replacing new parts is costly.

In other cases, finding the correct parts for specific models of dirt bikes takes time and effort. This situation made many motorcycle enthusiasts dump their bikes in landfills to avert such expenses and stress.

Guess? We’ve got good news. You don’t have to spend so much to restore your dirt motorcycle. Dirt salvage yards dish out secondhand parts at highly discounted prices.

Moreover, their auto parts are manufacturer-installed and assembled. This means you’re guaranteed to get quality pre-owned details.

  • Dirt Bike Salvage Yards Run Like Local Businesses

That’s the most concise description of dirt bike salvage yards.

Most of them are privately owned. As such, they’re run on a local level. In other words, they purchase wrecked or old bikes and sell their functioning and non-functioning parts for profit.

Some of the motorcycles junked in their facilities are close to running condition. Meaning they’re not entirely dead. As such, they fixed all damages and sold them off or put them for auction.

Those in need of cheap dirt bikes can participate in the auction.

How Do Dirt Bikes End Up in Salvage Yards

There’re several routes. The most common channels include insurance companies, private sellers, and government auctions.

Most of these entities junked their bikes because of the high cost of repairs and the change of new parts. Only a few individuals eliminate old motorcycles to create space for recent models.

However, insurance companies often dump accident motorcycles to alleviate the expenses of a claim. In some cases, some bikes junked by insurance companies are new.

Thus, you might get pre-owned parts that are almost new, if not entirely new.

  • Customers are Served Differently

The style of servicing customers differs from one dirt bike salvage yard to the next. While some are offering self-services, other provides customers with complete services.

Salvage yards offering self-services are often called “pick and pull.” This means they allow customers to remove auto parts themselves.

Before you can walk around their facilities, you must pay for admission. This fee also varies by the type of facility you visit. Additionally, you’ll need to carry with you tools for removal.

These include pliers, spanners, hammers, wrenches, safety kits, and more.

Dirt bike junkyards offering complete services are called “pick a part for you.” this implies that salvage yards experts will remove parts for you. In some cases, car parts are already removed.

You only need to tell them what you want at the counter, and they’ll get them for you. Most full-service salvage yards near me are well-organized and have a surplus in their inventory.

Procedure For Stripping Dirt Bikes at Salvage Yards

The procedures for stripping dirt motorcycles in salvage yards are highly economical. These businesses try to make the most profit out of every part.

Let’s tell you what happens in those facilities.

When dirt bikes are junked in salvage yards, their expert technicians remove toxic liquids before anything else. Such substances include gas, and motor oil, among others.

They’re rebottled to be reused or recycled.

Next, they remove all functional parts, clean, inspect, test, and store them in the warehouse. What remains of those bikes will be mare metal skeletons.

Therefore, they’re sold as scrap metals to reprocessing centers.

Kinds of Dirt Motorcycling Models Available in Salvage Yards

If you visit a dirt salvage yard, you’ll see a variety of dirt motorcycles from different manufacturers. They got Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Chinese ATVs, Kawasaki, Can-am ATVs, Arctic Cat, Polaris, and lots more.

Some auto parts you can obtain for these models include tires and wheels, throttle, engines, and transmission.

Others include clutch, carburetor, exhausts, suspension, drivetrain, air intakes and filters, handlebars and controls, starting and changing parts, etc.

Why Should You Patronize Dirt Bike Junkyards

In addition to cheap secondhand parts, there’re other reasons to consider fetching pre-owned car parts in dirt salvage yards.

First off, you can get hard-to-find parts at dirt motorcycle salvage yards. Secondly, you can get more than you came for at self-service salvage yards.

  • Cons for Obtaining Used Parts in Dirt Salvage Yards

Some associated drawbacks accompany the purchase of parts at dirt bike salvage yards. First and foremost, only a few secondhand aspects you fetch in these facilities are of high quality.

Some secondhand parts are questionable, especially those obtained at self-service junkyards. Those facilities are said to feature older models of bikes in their lot.

Moreover, finding secondhand parts for specific dirt bikes can take time and effort.

This is often the case if you visit an unorganized salvage yard. In other cases, you can find the part you need, but removing them becomes a big deal.

Lastly, purchasing secondhand parts online has its noteworthy downside. Parts you ordered online might not fit appropriately. Thus, resulting in the wastage of resources and efforts.

In other cases, the cost of shipping plus parts can sum up to the price of new pieces. Thereby making your transaction a waste of time.

  • Warranty for Used Dirt Bike Parts

Most dirt bike salvage yards offer a warranty for secondhand parts. Specifically, auto parts are already tested. However, you’ll be required to pay a certain amount to cover each item you purchase.

The fee is usually around $6 more or less. Again, the warranty period varies from one salvage yard to the next.

While some facilities will give you a 30-day warranty, others might last 60 days. Within these moments, you can return purchased parts in case of malfunction or sudden damage.

Most facilities will provide you with the option of a swap or credit. But your chances of getting a refund are incredibly slim.

Experts say you can save up to 50% of the cost of new parts if you patronize salvage yards.

To avoid emptying your pocket on new auto parts, locate a nearby salvage yard and get quality secondhand parts. But you’ll need to be careful when dealing with such businesses.