As you read this article, you will learn about Harley Davidson salvage yards next to you.

You’ll learn how these salvage yards process motorcycles, available parts, style of operation, and oodles more. For those who have an interest in selling their bikes, we are going to tell you what is involved.

Let’s not lose time here.

Harley Davidson Junkyards

Maintaining a Harley Davison motorcycle isn’t for those with shallow pockets. Doing repairs or replacing parts is a little expensive.

However, if you can visit a nearby Harley Davidson salvage yard, you can save money on motorcycle parts. They got used parts for Harley Davidson bikes at significantly reduced rates.

If you are lucky enough, you may end up with new parts.

Besides purchasing replaceable parts, you can sell your Harley Davidson motorbike at a salvage yard. They accept bikes that are damaged or close to working conditions at an appreciable price.

Where do Harley Davidson Salvage Yards Get their Bikes?

People usually get tired of keeping their bikes because of the high cost of repairs or because it’s too old. So the best place to dump their bike for a couple of bucks is in a salvage yard.

In other cases, insurance companies deliver crashed motorcycles to offset a claim. Auctions, police seizures, and liquidated enterprises are different ways salvage yards get motorcycles.

Ways You Can Get Haley Davidson Parts from a Junkyard

You can get pre-owned parts from Harley Davidson Salvage yards in two ways.

You can order online or visit the property in person. Salvage yards with online inventories have already removed functional parts and prepared them for sale. They also ship parts all over the country.

But if you want to remove working parts, we have pick-and-pull Harley Davidson junkyards nearby. They allow customers to remove functional parts themselves.

But you’ll be charged a few coins for walking around.

A lot of customers prefer to pick and pull junkyards for several reasons. First, you can get more than that which you came for.

For example, if your mission is to get an engine, you may find throttles in good shape. Secondly, you will surely get quality parts that suit your motorcycle.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Salvage Yards

While some Harley Davidson salvage yards keep their bikes indoors, others are outdoors.

Yards with motorcycles indoors are well-organized, and they have quality pieces. Except they don’t have a lot of parts on their shelves. Nevertheless, finding positions in these facilities is pretty straightforward.

Salvage yards with outdoor bikes have plenty in their inventory. But some of them are unorganized, and the quality of their pieces is doubtful.

Moreover, finding functional parts for your bike may take several hours.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Specialties

The Harley Davidson salvage yards near me have many models in their facilities.

You can find the 2003 Harley Softail FXST, 1997 Harley FLHTC Electra Glide, 2004 Harley XL1200R, and 2006 HD Heritage Softail Classic. Others include the 2012 Harkey FLSTN Softail Deluxe 96, 001 Harley FXD DYNA Super Glide (GH), the 2013 Haley Davidson FXDB Dyna Street Bob, and more.

  • Style of Operation

Virtually every Harley Davidson salvage yard operates locally. When a bike is junked in their yard, they first check its condition.

If it’s not seriously damaged, their experts will bring it back to life and send it for auction. But if it’s the opposite, they will remove the parts in working condition and sell the leftovers for scrap.

Before disassembling the correct parts, they will remove the hazardous oil and gas. We’re referring to diesel, engine oil, antifreeze, etc.

These chemicals have the potential to damage the ecosystem.

  • What Motorcycle Part Will I Find in a Harley Davidson Salvage Yard?

There’re several of them. You can find mirrors, transmissions, frames, seats, tires, throttles, engines, gas tanks, and more.

However, before collecting these parts, check them carefully for rust or other wear. Less, you will end up paying for items that won’t last long as intended.

  • Can I Get a Warranty for Secondhand Parts?

As mentioned earlier, some Harley Davidson salvage yards offer warranties for high price items. However, the duration might not be as long as for brand-new parts.

Many offer a 30-day warranty. During these periods, you can make returns or trades if the items you purchase do not work as intended.

Meanwhile, you must know that there is no refund option.

Purchasing a Harley Davidson Motorcycle from a Junkyard

Buying a restored bicycle from the Harley Davidson salvage yard is relatively cheap.

You can get bikes worth thousands of dollars for a few hundred. For example, you can find a secondhand Harley Davidson motorcycle starting at $1800.

However, you must follow specific procedures when buying a restored bike at a salvage yard. Register with a Harley Davidson motorcycle dealer, search for the bike you want, bid, and more.

Selling Your Harley Davidson Motorcycle to a Junk Yard

Even though Harley Davidson is a prestigious motorcycle, it doesn’t mean you’ll make a fortune selling it at a salvage yard. Vintage bikes can bring you a reasonable amount of money.

But the price is perhaps not as high as anticipated. Remember, you have to deal with a salvage yard.

In the meantime, some components influence the sale of Harley Davidson bikes—multi-speed transmission, electronics, clutch assembly, engine options, sidecars, and dual brakes.

If all these components are in good condition, you can negotiate for a better price.

Salvage yards will always find a way to make you feel like your bike isn’t worth anything. Don’t get caught in such traps. They’re just looking for a way to purchase your item at a meager price.

If you are uncomfortable with their awards, we have another plan for you. You can disassemble the functional parts of your bike and sell them individually. In this manner, you can maximize your profits.

Harley Davidson salvage yard is a graceful economy for motorcycle enthusiasts. Pieces worth good money are dished out cheaply.

If you have Harley Davidson in your garage, consider visiting nearby recycling yards and getting replacement parts.