Jeep salvage yards are premier auto dismantlers specializing in all kinds of Jeep vehicles. They remove functional parts of junked Jeep vehicles and sell them at affordable prices.

Jeep Junkyard Near Me

You can obtain used parts for your Jeep car from the 60s to the new millennium. Their second-hand car parts have testimonies of quality.

Walking into a Jeep salvage yard with sufficient knowledge will only be fair on your side.

You need to understand their business style, operation mode, available parts, and more. As you stick around with us, you’ll learn everything you need about Jeep salvage yards.

  • Why Should You Visit A Jeep Salvage Yard?

For several reasons, you’ll need to visit a Jeep wreck yard. You can get quality used parts to fix or restore your Jeep vehicle regardless of its make and model.

Additionally, you can get suitable auto parts for vintage Jeeps. We refer to cars from the 60s-80s.

Furthermore, the Jeep salvage yard is a good source of information. You can get valuable details regarding Jeep vehicles from their expert technicians.

This will help you decide when purchasing a new Jeep car or its spare parts.

Finally, you’ll save costs when you get used auto parts from Jeep salvage yards. Some analysts say you can save up to 60-70% on the price of new auto parts.

  • Jeep Wrecking Yards are Locally Operated

Most of the Jeep salvage yards near me are owned by private individuals. Their business style is similar to that of a typical trader in the market.

They purchase wrecked Jeep vehicles and remove functional parts for profit. These auto parts are sold to customers at high discounts.

Besides selling used car parts, these salvos are into restoration projects. They restore junked vehicles that are near running condition and auction them.

You can participate in bidding if you need a cheap, refurbished Jeep car.

How Do Jeep Cars End Up in Salvos

The scrap Jeep vehicles available in salvage yards come from different sources: private sellers, insurance companies, auctions, and police impound.

While most of these donors scrap their cars because of the high cost of parts replacement, others want to dispose of their old Jeeps for new ones.

On the other hand, insurance companies dump totaled cars to offset the payment of a claim. Some of the vehicles junked by insurance companies are still alive. You can find brand-new cars that got into an accident.

Such vehicles are like gold mines for scavengers of used Jeep parts.

  • You’re Free to Remove Auto Parts at Jeep Salvage Yards

Some Jeep salvage yards are called “pick and pull.” Such kinds of salvos allow customers to remove desired auto parts themselves.

But before you stroll around their facilities, you must pay for entrance. The money is used to settle administrative and maintenance expenses.

Most pick-and-pull Jeep salvage yards have fewer vehicles in their lot. This means you’re likely to miss the suitable auto part you need.

Also, their available pre-owned auto parts are for older Jeep models. This facility will be ideal if you have an old Jeep model. Before taking further steps, you’ll need to take with you tools for removal.

  • Some Jeep Salvage Yards Remove Auto Parts for Customers          

While some Jeep salvage yards allow customers to remove auto parts themselves, others don’t.

Upon the arrival of junked vehicles, their expert technicians remove functional car parts and store them. You can visit their installations and get the right auto part they need.

Jeep salvage yards that offer such services are called pick apart for you. They might not charge you an admission fee, but you will likely pay for labor.

However, you’ll have the right auto part you need. This is because they have enough second-hand replacement parts in their inventory. Of course, those car parts have quality.

  • You Mustn’t Visit Jeep Salvage Yard in Person

Several Jeep salvage yards present their used parts online. While aiming at the global market, they also want to make their auto parts accessible.

No matter where you live, you can purchase pre-owned auto parts. You’ll get the ordered items in a matter of hours or days.

Besides salvage yards, some online businesses deal in used Jeep auto parts. You can also get replacement auto parts for your Jeep from them.

These businesses include Craigslist and eBay, amongst others. However, the prices of their second-hand auto parts are somewhat higher than Jeep Salvos.

How Vehicles are Dismantle at Jeep Junkyards

Before stripping a junked vehicle, Jeep salvage yards remove toxic fluids.

This is in line with environmental health laws. Such liquids are harmful to the land when disposed of inappropriately. Thus, they rebottle them to be reused or recycled.

Next, the salvage yards will remove valuable auto parts.

Some facilities will get them cleaned up, inspected, and tested. The remaining vehicle shell will be scrap metal alongside auto parts that aren’t functional.

Vehicle Models/Parts You Can See at Jeep Salvage Yards

Several Jeep models can be seen at the salvage yards. Rubicon, Patriot, Wrangler, Cherokee, Renegade, and Compass. Others have Unlimited, Sahara, JL, TJ, JK, YK, Sport, and more.

Available auto parts for these models include doors, engines, windshields, tops, seats, fenders, and alternators. Others include bumpers, radiators, hoods, panels, tires and wheels, A/C, mirrors, exhaust, starters, etc.

  • Warranty for Used Jeep Parts

Most Jeep dismantlers near me offer warranty coverage for their salvage auto parts. But some businesses will demand you pay for each car part you wish to cover.

Again, their warranty period varies accordingly. While some facilities offer a 30-day warranty, others run from 60-90 days. You can get a year cover at some Salvos if you’re fortunate.

During your warranty period, you can return the car part in case of malfunction or sudden damage. There’s an option for swap or credit.

What more do you need to convince you that Jeep salvage yards are the best places for cheap used Jeep auto parts. as you can see above, you can significantly save costs.

However, you must know that all car parts presented in these facilities are high quality. However, some low-quality Jeep parts might be the beginning of your misery.