This post will comprehensively list salvage yards in Kissimmee, FL.

As you read, you’ll become familiar with their services. Additionally, we’ll provide you with their addresses and phone numbers so you can contact¬†them. Ready? Let’s get started.

Junk Yards in Kissimmee Florida

Are you looking for where to cut vehicle repairs or home improvement costs?

Then consider visiting some salvage yards around you. Such businesses deal with recycled automotive and architectural items. They sell these articles at very affordable prices.

Whether you’re looking for recent or vintage components, you can always get them.

  • NAPA Auto Parts, Persons Auto

This salvage yard can cut your restoration project costs. The facility cares about getting quality vehicle parts for its customers in Kissimmee, FL.

With over 6,000 used auto parts, you can get what you want at affordable prices. They have components suited for both domestic and foreign cars.

Apart from selling recycled auto parts cheaply, they also venture into curbside pickup. Wherever you’re in the city, you can call for their services. Their contact line is +1 407-847-2851.

You can also visit them at 2213 N Main St., Kissimmee, FL 34744, U.S.

  • Kissimmee Auto Salvage, Inc.

Anytime you find yourself in Kissimmee, FL, visit this yard for your salvage needs. The yard specializes in distributing quality recycled car parts at highly discounted prices.

Some components include engines, hoods, transmissions, starters, electricals, differentials, alternators, fenders, and more.

Apart from quality, these items also come with a standard warranty.

You can return any component you’re not OK with. For more details, visit the yard at 1400 Harrelson Ln., Kissimmee, FL 34741, U.S. It’s OK to call them at +1 407-518-5500.

  • Preston’s Used Auto Parts

Several auto services are provided in this junkyard, which you can benefit from. First, they specialize in selling high-quality used car parts at very affordable rates.

You can get the item you need regardless of your car’s make, model, and year. Their inventory is stocked with numerous components for both foreign and domestic vehicles.

In addition to selling cheap car parts, Preston’s Used Auto Parts also buys junk cars. Whether your vehicle is still running, they’ll be willing to take it off your hands.

Moreover, they’ll pay you handsomely regardless of its make, model, and year. When you’re ready to sell, they’ll send you an instant quote.

To better understand their services, visit their installation at 2501 Michigan Ave., Kissimmee, FL 34744, U.S. You can also call them at +1 407-846-1173.

  • Millan Auto Salvage, Towing, & Repair Service

This is another excellent salvage yard you can count on in Kissimmee, FL. They provide several auto services, such as towing and repairs.

If your car gives you a headache, take it to their facility for delivery. They have expert technicians who can get your vehicle back in working order.

Apart from excellently repairing cars, they distribute used vehicle parts at affordable prices. No matter your car’s make, model, and year, you can get the item you need.

Their used components are of high quality and come with standard warranty coverage.

To benefit from their services, visit their installation in person. You can also send them an email or call their official line. They have a standby customer care that will professionally respond to all your needs.

  • Evergreen Auto Parts, New and Used

For several years, this salvage yard has been meeting the auto needs of Kissimmee, FL. They provide high-quality new and used car parts for people around the city.

Some items in their yard include electrical parts, chassis, differentials, hoods, bumpers, batteries, tires, transmissions, engines, and more.

All these auto components are sold to people at very affordable rates. You can get whatever part you need, regardless of your vehicle’s make, model, and year.

For items that aren’t available in their inventory, they can provide them for you at any time you want.

Besides selling used car parts, Evergreen Auto Parts provides other outstanding services. They specialize in battery recycling, engine rebuilding, vehicle maintenance, transmission repairs, oil changes, and more.

If you need these services, you can contact them. They have experienced and knowledgeable staff who can quickly and correctly complete tasks.

Just give them a call via their official line. They’ll respond to all your needs. You don’t have to keep your car lying on the ground when you have such experts.

Try their services, and you’ll not regret giving them a chance.

  • We Buy Junk Cars Kissimmee Orlando

Do you have an old or broken car taking up space in your garage?

Then, consider turning it into cash by contacting this salvage yard in Kissimmee, FL. They specialize in buying junk cars from individuals, insurance companies, and other suppliers.

You can get paid handsomely, regardless of whether or not you are functioning. Moreover, these facilities accept different makes, models, and years of cars.

A few brands they welcome include Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Nissan, Chevrolet, Jeep, Jagua, and more.

If you cannot haul your car, they can help you out for free. Just give them a call. They’ll send their expert mechanics to remove the vehicle from your property quickly, with no obligation.

You don’t have to worry about their service charge, as it’s affordable for the average man.

For more details, visit their installation or call their official line. Like other yards, they have friendly customer care staff who will answer your questions.

  • Osceola Auto Salvage

You can also include this salvage yard in your list. They focus on providing outstanding vehicle parts for all types of vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, sedans, and vans.

You can get excellent parts at affordable prices, whether you’re driving a domestic or foreign car.

Some components you can get include used fenders, chassis, transmissions, hoods, brakes, tires, electricals, differentials, suspensions, engines, and more.

All these vehicle parts come with warranty coverage, which allows for returns. In other words, you can take back items you’re not happy with.

For more details about their offers, visit their 1720 Alexander St., Kissimmee, FL 34746, United States facility. They also receive calls from this number: +1 407-201-3999.

Opening hours are Monday through Friday.

The list of salvage yards in Kissimmee, FL, is lengthy. Even if we have the whole clock, we can only exhaust some of it. However, the list above is enough to meet your salvage needs excellently.