Learn about the best general and auto salvage yards in Lancaster, PA.

You will learn about their products and where they are located. Buying new replacement components can be difficult, whether you’re into auto maintenance or home remodeling.

They will be hard to get if they are priced reasonably.

Multiple salvage yards in Lancaster, PA, can meet all your repair needs, so don’t worry. Recycled and aftermarket parts from such companies are widely known for their competitive pricing.

It is also feasible to get difficult-to-get items.

Junk Yards in Lancaster, PA


  • GI Salvage and Junk Removal

You can count on this facility if you need junk removal services. The Yard is the only junk removal and salvage company in Lancaster, PA.

You can get about a ten percent discount when you patronize them. They are fully licensed and insured, so you don’t have to worry about their authenticity.

If you need their services, visit their installation at 116 Green St, Lancaster, PA 17602, U.S. You can also reach them at +1 888-817-3482.

  • Nolt’s Auto Parts

You can consider your auto part needs St. by patronizing this salvage yard. The facility offers quality vehicle parts for all makes models, and years.

You can get filters, brake pads, wiper blades, fuel pumps, engines, and spark plugs. Other items include piston rings, transmissions, fuses, bumpers, alternators, hoods, chassis, differentials, and more.

All these car parts are distributed at an affordable price. Moreover, they come with a standard warranty, making it possible to return any item you’re uncomfortable with.

To patronize this yard, visit their head office at 1140 Garfield Ave., Ste. A., Lancaster, PA 17601, U.S. They also welcome calls from this line: +1 717-394-4086.

  • British Boneyard

Lancaster, PA, is among the small independent outfits. It’s privately owned and operated. They specialize in distributing excellent used car parts to car owners in the city. You can get suitable components for your foreign and domestic cars at a highly discounted price.

In addition to selling cheap auto parts, British Boneyard provides other outstanding services. They buy vehicles, such as trucks, and keep the parts you need. If you have a scrap truck you wish to exchange for money, they can be your best bet.

Their head office is 362 S Queen St., Lancaster, PA 17603, U.S. You can also call this official line: +1 717-989-0621.

  • Dutch Country Auto Salvage

Don’t go anywhere if you want to reduce the cost of your restoration project. This salvage yard is a one-stop shop for all your auto recycling needs.

They are renowned for distributing high-quality vehicle parts at a very affordable rate. Whether you drive a recent or late model, you can get components for all makes and models.

One excellent thing about this salvage yard is that you can buy items online.

They have an online inventory of auto parts, making ordering items from home possible. You only need to visit their official website or other platforms, like eBay.

Besides selling cheap vehicle parts, this salvage yard also provides other outstanding services. One of them is a range of repair and maintenance services for cars.

You can get your engine repaired and your oils changed at a very affordable price. Their skilled and experienced technicians will ensure your vehicle runs smoothly on the streets of Lancaster, PA.

So, what are you waiting for? Call them at +1 717-490-1431.

  • Autopart International

If you’re ever in Lancaster, PA, you can visit this salvage yard for your auto needs.

They are a leading provider of premium auto parts for professional service providers. They’ve supplied high-quality components for import and domestic cars for several decades.

Some items from them include used engines, wheels, tires, transmissions, fenders, bumpers, and more. All these components are distributed to customers at very affordable rates.

Moreover, they come with a standard warranty, which makes it possible to return items that are not functional.

Give yourself some benefit of the doubt by visiting this yard. They are located at 403 Granite Run Dr. Rear, Lancaster, PA 17601, U.S. They also welcome calls from +1 717-207-0890.

  • Jones GM Parts

You’ll likely get what you need. This salvage yard specializes in selling high-quality GM and Buick parts.

Because they understand how essential it is to keep your vehicle up and running, they distribute these components at cheaper rates.

Engines, fenders, hoods, bumpers, alternators, and windshields are some auto parts you can buy from them. For items that are challenging to get, their professional mechanics will help you pick the right products for your car.

You can visit their lot at 1335 Manheim Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601, U.S., or call them at +1 717-394-7087.

  • Full Circle Recycling

If you need complete recycling services, contact this facility.

They have about three convenient locations in Lancaster, PA, and they provide excellent reclaiming metal recycling services. Your needs will be satisfied whether you’re a residential, industrial, or commercial client.

Full-circle recycling offers top-dollar for various scrap metals, including automobiles. Consider exchanging it for cash if you have an old clunker at home.

The yard can reclaim quantities of scrap ranging from 1 pound to 100,000 pounds or more. So don’t hesitate to contact them. Their address is 702 S Prince St., Lancaster, PA 17603, U.S.

You can also call them at +1 717-396-9999.

  • All-Met Recycling Lancaster

This is another excellent recycling facility in Lancaster, PA.

It helps customers in and outside the city with their recycling needs. It accepts various ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including aluminum, copper, iron, steel, brass, and more.

The yard can pay you top dollar, depending on the type of metal you want to sell. For those who want to junk their cars, they can go home with a smiling face.

For more details, visit their lot at 214 Conestoga St., Lancaster, PA 17603, U.S. They also welcome +1 717-394-4424.

There are several junkyards in this metropolis. Some concentrate on auto maintenance, while others work on home remodeling, rubbish hauling, recycling, and other tasks.

Please choose one or more that satisfy your needs, then do business with them.