As you read, you’ll get vital details about medium-duty salvage yards.

Some things we’ve jotted down are their kind of business, available salvage parts, and source of inventory. You’ll also be familiar with how trucks are processed in salvage yards.

Let’s cut to the chase and begin our discussion right away.

Medium-Duty Truck Junkyard Near Me

Obtaining replaceable parts for medium and heavy-duty trucks is pretty expensive.

In other cases, getting the right auto parts for antique vehicles takes time and effort. Most people who aren’t financially buoyant sell their trucks as scraps or dump them in the lot.

If that’s your current predicament, you have nothing to worry about. The medium-duty truck salvage yards near me got everything you need.

They sell used parts for various kinds of medium-duty trucks at affordable prices. Whether your vehicle is recent or old, you can get replaceable parts.

  • What Kinds of Trucks Are Considered Medium Duty?

Trucks are of varying sizes and weights. Knowing the kind of truck you have will facilitate your search for medium-duty truck salvage yards.

In this regard, trucks considered medium duty are vocational trucks weighing around 19,501 to 33,000 lbs.

Examples of such trucks include box trucks, garbage trucks, delivery trucks, school buses, fire trucks, and lots more.

Finding a Medium Duty Truck Salvage Yard

Salvage yards specifically dealing with medium-duty trucks aren’t plenty around the country. Your chances of getting one of their installations near you are incredibly slim.

If you don’t have one, you can check truck, light-duty, heavy-duty, or heavy equipment salvage yard. They also feature medium-duty trucks in their yards.

Thus, you can get what you need in their lot.

When finding a medium-duty salvage yard, your best bet will be to search online. There’re several websites with the list of medium-duty truck salvage yards and their addresses across the country.

To facilitate your search, type “medium duty truck salvage yard + your region.”

  • The Kind of Business Medium Truck Scrapyards are into

Most medium-duty truck salvage yards are locally operated.

Their trading activities are similar to other auto salvage yards. In other words, they purchase wrecked or old vehicles and make money selling their valuable components.

Other than selling functional parts, these businesses are also into the restoration of available medium-duty trucks.

After making them roadworthy, they’re auctioned off or sold directly to customers needing cheap medium-duty trucks.

How Do Medium-Duty Trucks End Up in Salvage Yards?

Medium-duty salvage yards obtain their inventory in numerous ways—the general public, commercial businesses, insurance companies, auctions, police impounds, etc.

All the donors mentioned above throw their trucks for one reason or another. Medium-duty trucks coming from private owners are often immovable.

In other cases, they aren’t worth repairing or replacing new auto parts.

On the other hand, insurance companies dump trucks that are victims of an accident. They do so to recoup part of the money they used in settling claim damages.

When government or commercial businesses no longer need impounded trucks, they auction them to salvage yards.

  • Is IT Easy to Obtain Used Parts in Medium Duty Truck Wrecking Yards?

How easily you’ll get used medium-duty truck parts depends on the kind of facility you visit.

While some junkyards will allow you to remove required parts yourself, others pull used parts upon the customer’s request.

The medium-duty truck salvage yards allowing customers to harvest parts themselves are called “pick-and-pull.”

While they may have fewer components on their shelves, you can be sure to get what you want at lower prices. But, when visiting such businesses, you must carry some removal tools.

Medium-duty truck salvage yards removing used parts for customers have numerous items in their inventory.

You can get replaceable auto parts for both recent and vintage trucks. This salvage yard is suitable for you if you have a restoration project.

Brands of Medium-Duty Trucks You Can See in Salvage Yards

You’ll spot trucks from manufacturers if you visit a medium-duty truck salvage yard nearby. Mack, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Caterpillar, Scania, Deutz, Renault, Cummins, Perkins, and Iveco.

Other renowned brands include Freightliner, International, Western Star, Ford, Volvo, Peterbilt, Volvo, Kenworth, and more.

How Medium-Duty Trucks are Stripped Down to Metal Frame

As soon as medium-duty trucks are junked in salvage yards, expert technicians will begin prepping them.

They often start by siphoning toxic gas such as anti-freeze, wiper fluids, engine coolers, etc. Since these liquids are harmful to the environment, there are repackaged for reuse or recycling.

Next, delicate auto components such as engines and batteries are removed.

They’re sent to third parties to be rebuilt or restored. The remaining functional parts of the scrap truck will be removed, inspected, tested, and stored in the warehouse.

  • What Happens to the Left Over?

Whatever remains from an already stripped medium-duty truck is metals. Salvage yards make money by selling the leftovers to scrap metal recycling centers.

Get Used Parts for Medium-Duty Trucks Online

Some medium-duty truck salvage yards present their inventory online. While they aimed at making their market go global, they also wanted to facilitate the purchase of used parts.

Wherever you’re, you can order what you need. In a matter of days or hours, you’ll get your shipments. However, online items’ price is somewhat higher than visiting their installations in person.

  • Used Medium-Duty Truck Parts for Sale

There’re hundreds to thousands of used parts at medium-duty truck salvage yards.

Depending on what you’re looking for, you can get transmissions, fenders, steering, dashboards, alternators, driveshafts, and windshields.

You can also get tires, wheels, hoods, panels, batteries, starters, radiators, and more. You can also get salvage parts for trucks of the 50s to 90s.

You can get a significant discount on used parts if you visit a medium-duty truck salvage yard near you. In some instances, you can stumble on almost new auto parts.

Additionally, you can get warranty coverage for used parts.

However, the period varies from one salvage yard to the next. But you can return the purchased item in case of any malfunction.