Before visiting Mitsubishi salvage yards, read this article.

More details on their business model, customer service style, and car parts available are listed below. You will also learn more about how vehicles are treated at Mitsubishi scrap yards.

Mitsubishi Salvage Yard Near Me

You won’t spend much on repairs or parts replacement with Mitsubishi salvage yards. These facilities are a good source of inexpensive pre-owned parts for all Mitsubishi vehicles.

Whether you’re driving a sedan, a minivan, an SUV, or a truck, you’ll find the correct spare parts. Those automotive parts are high-quality OEM.

Top 20 Mitsubishi Salvage Yards

Like other brands, buying new parts for Mitsubishi vehicles can be expensive.

To save money on fixing your old or broken car, you’ll need to visit a Mitsubishi salvage yard. Such businesses offer cheap auto parts and services.

As you read this article, we’ll outline the USA’s top 20 Mitsubishi salvage yards.

  1. Hertrich Mitsubishi of New Castle Parts

Have you been looking around for parts for your car or SUV? Instead of rolling the dice on an aftermarket part, come to Hertrich Mitsubishi for high-quality, genuine Mitsubishi parts.

You can get various electrical and mechanical parts at highly discounted rates. These parts meet Mitsubishi’s high standards, so you know they will fit your vehicle perfectly.

  1. Hertrich Acura Parts

The Parts Department at Hertrich Acura maintains a comprehensive inventory of high-quality, genuine Acura parts. You can get the best replacement and spare parts for your vehicle.

With highly knowledgeable staff, finding the right part for your car will be easy. These experts can also provide answers to any questions you may have.

  1. Mishimoto Automotive

For several years, this salvage yard has been meeting the salvage needs of customers in the country. The yard is among the world leaders in performance cooling products with various applications and accessories.

Their car parts are of the highest quality and are sold to customers at fair prices. So, if you want to reduce the cost of your next repair, visit their website for more details.

  1. Hertrich Autogroup

Hertrich Autogroup is a one-stop shop for all your auto parts needs. The facility prides itself on offering an extensive selection of high-quality parts for Mitsubishi trucks, cars, SUVs, and vans.

Whether you’re driving the latest and most popular or a late model, they have what you need. Highly skilled auto technicians inspect their parts to ensure they meet international standards.

  1. Nucar Chevrolet New Castle Parts

Nucar Chevrolet New Castle Parts can be your premiere used or new car components supplier. They specialize in selling high-quality OEM parts for different vehicles, including Mitsubishi.

If you have a DIY project, this is the right place to be. With a vast inventory featuring thousands of used car parts, you can get what you need hassle-free.

  1. Hertrich Nissan Parts

Come to Hertrich Nissan Parts if you need the best spare or replacement parts for your car. Although they specialize in selling parts for various Nissan models, you can also get items for Mitsubishi.

The yard maintains a comprehensive inventory of high-quality, genuine OEM parts. With a team of highly knowledgeable staff, you can get the correct part.

  1. Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto Parts is one of the nation’s leading auto parts retailers, stocking new and remanufactured automotive parts. You can get used car parts for different vehicle makes and models, including Mitsubishi.

Their auto parts are of high quality and come with an extended warranty. So whether you’re looking for maintenance items or replacement components, they can be your best shot.

  1. My Auto Store

My Auto Store is the best place to be if you’re looking for cheap vehicle parts. They are among the most prominent auto recyclers and your online go-to source for used car parts.

Whether you’re driving a late or recent model, they have what you need. All their used car parts are sold at a highly discounted rate. The facility also buys unwanted cars for handsome prices.

  1. Basic Auto Part

Essential Auto Parts can meet all your auto salvage needs without asking for too much. They offer customers the luxury of buying genuine and tested used Mitsubishi car parts.

You’ll get what you want with a diverse inventory and thousands of Mitsubishi wrecker parts from salvage yards and junkyards. They aim to help you quickly buy used Mitsubishi auto parts at the touch of a button.

  1. Acres Auto Recycling

You can rely on this family-owned business to provide you with unique and personal customer service. They are renowned for offering outstanding recycling and towing services throughout the country.

Some of their towing services are free, depending on your location. So, if you need any of these services, you can call for their assistance.

  1. Gardner Auto Parts

Gardner Auto Parts is a one-stop shop for all your automotive needs. The yard is among the best sources for used genuine Mitsubishi parts and accessories.

No matter the make and model of your car, you can always get what you want. You only need to call them at 1-954-972-9407 and order the item you need.

  1. M & S Recycling MITSUBISHI Parts

You’ll surely get the quality used OEM Mitsubishi parts you’re looking for at this facility. The yard is renowned for offering spare and replacement parts for Mitsubishi trucks, cars, SUVs, and vans.

With a vast inventory, you’ll surely get the necessary items to fix your vehicle. In addition to quality, their items come with an extended warranty.


Are you looking for genuine used Mitsubishi parts online? This website can be your best shot.

It belongs to a junkyard with used Mitsubishi parts for various models of trucks, cars, SUVs, and vans. Some items from their lot include engines, hoods, fenders, axle assemblies, differentials, tires, wheels, and more.


You can also trust this website to have access to millions of used car parts. The network allows customers worldwide to buy new and recycled car parts for different makes and models of cars.

You can get items for your Mitsubishi from the network. Some components you can get from reputable salvage yards range from mechanical to electrical parts and interior items.

  1. Eastern Auto Salvage

Visit Easter Auto Salvage anytime you need cheap recycled car parts for your repairs.

The facility boasts an inventory of over 110,000 parts for different Mitsubishi models. With such a vast inventory, you’ll have what you need to fix your car. All you need to do is contact them.

  1. Chuck and Eddies

Chuck and Eddis is an excellent place to get recycled car parts for your Mitsubishi at a very affordable rate.

They have a wrecking yard selling used car parts for different Mitsubishi models. They have components that will suit the vehicle brand’s late and recent models.

In addition to selling auto parts, the facility replaces parts like transmissions, alternators, hubcaps, and more.

  1. AutoFit Inc.

This is another reputable Mitsubishi junkyard you can count on for all your automotive needs. They strive to provide customers with the best quality parts at the lowest price possible.

Because they buy wholesale directly from manufacturers, they sell their products at the lowest price possible. With a vast inventory of both foreign and domestic car parts, you can get everything you need.

  1. Copart

If you live around Los Angeles, consider patronizing this salvage yard. They offer high-quality auto parts to vehicle owners at competitive prices.

No matter where you live in the country, you can get your desired auto component. Their computerized inventory makes it possible for customers to shop online.


You can also trust this facility for excellent recycled car parts like other salvage yards. They sell high-quality OEM and used auto parts at very affordable prices.

In addition to selling car parts, they also estimate junk car value, buy or sell scrap cars, and more. If you need recycling services, they can be your best shot.

  1. Mitsubishi Parts Warehouse

Consider visiting this salvage yard to save money on your repair or restoration project. The facility provides high-quality OEM parts with a 70 % discount.

Some items from their lot include differentials, axle assemblies, transmissions, hoods, doors, fenders, engines, and more. The items often come with an extended warranty.

This is where we’ll stop now, but you can explore many more Mitsubishi salvage yards in the country. The ones above are just the top-ranking facilities.

They’ll provide you with all the services and parts you need.

Business Model of Mitsubishi Salvage

The economic model of Mitsubishi’s salvage yards is not much different from that of other junkyards.

We refer to Toyota, Lincoln, PT Cruiser, etc. They collect mostly damaged or old vehicles and profit by selling their functional parts.

Besides selling used car parts, Mitsubishi salvage yards restore vehicles in working order. These kinds of cars are sold to people who need cheap motor vehicles.

On top of that, they are a reliable source of information about Mitsubishi vehicles.

  • Style of Customer Service

You will enjoy the style of services provided at the Mitsubishi salvage yards close to me. There are salvage yards offering self-services.

In other words, they allow customers to remove needed parts themselves. Before walking into their facilities, you will have to pay for admission. It’s a small amount you can deal with.

On the other hand, we have Mitsubishi salvage yards that offer complete services. These kinds of salvage yards remove parts when customers ask for them.

Some even remove parts before the arrival of customers. Most full-service Mitsubishi landfills near me have a well-organized inventory. Moreover, you are less likely to pay for admission.

Nevertheless, you are more likely to pay for labor.

How Do Mitsubishi Junk Yards Source Their Cars?

There are many locations where Mitsubishi salvage yards get their vehicles. This includes government auctions, insurance companies, private sellers, and more.

Most of these sellers junked their vehicles for one reason or the other. Government and other businesses junk impounded cars because they have no use for them.

However, insurance companies dispose of damaged vehicles to make up for a claim. As for private sellers, it is often due to the high cost of repairs or replacing new parts.

Just a few of them get rid of their cars because of aging.

  • Standard Vehicle Models at Mitsubishi Junkyards

As mentioned previously, you can find a variety of vehicles at Mitsubishi salvage yards.

WRecentantique models are Evolution, Mirage Delica, Raider, RVR, Outlander, Lancer, and Montero.

Others include 3000 GT, Chariot, Cordia, Diamante, Sigma, Eclipse, Endeavor, and many more. You can also find Mitsubishis from the early 90s and 2000s.

If you visit Mitsubishi salvage sites near me, you’ll see how well they’ve organized those vehicles. Some arrange them depending on their brand and model.

Others go further to categorize them based on their year of manufacture. Finding used parts at these facilities is pretty easy compared to salvage yards that are poorly maintained.

Used Mitsubishi Salvage Parts Near Me

With many vehicles featured at the Mitsubishi salvage yards, you should expect used car parts to run into hundreds and thousands.

You can find any auto part to bring your car back to life. They have motors, transmissions, doors, tires and wheels, cowlings, panels, dashboards, and seats.

Other parts include fenders, alternators, sound systems, A/C, bumpers, windshields, radiators, batteries, exhaust, clutches, manifolds, converters, and more.

How Mitsubishi’s are Handled at the Salvage Yard

Most Mitsubishi salvage yards are not in a hurry to disassemble their vehicles. With their years of experience, they know that not every car thrown in their facility is reprehensible.

Some vehicles have hopes of getting back into service. Those vehicles are fixed and sold to buyers interested in cheap cars or sent to auction.

Vehicles without hope of recovery will be naked. But before then, they will drain all toxic liquids such as diesel, freon, antifreeze, fuel, and coolant. It will be removed.

As these liquids are hazardous to the environment, most Mitsubishi salvage yards repackaged them for reuse or recycling.

After that, each automotive part will be removed, cleaned, inspected, and stored in the warehouse. The rest of the car will be sold as scrap for recycling.

Where Else Can I Get Mitsubishi Salvage Parts?

Besides Mitsubishi scrap yards, you can get second-hand auto parts in various places.

One such place is general vehicle salvage yards. They have a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, including Mitsubishi. This makes it possible to find the right parts you need.

Other businesses you can try out include eBay and Craigslist, to name a few. However, buying used parts from these companies is more expensive than salvage yards.

Drawbacks of Patronizing Mitsubishi Scrap Yard

Having looked at the good side of getting used parts at Mitsubishi salvage yards, let’s look at the downside. Not every car parts you get in these facilities are of high quality.

Some of the auto parts do have no warranty quality. There are some parts with exhausted lifespans. Visual inspection cannot locate such automobile parts.

Second, finding auto parts at some self-service Mitsubishi salvage yards can be challenging. That’s because they have very little in stock. In other instances, they mix all their vehicle make and models.

This makes it challenging to find the right parts you need.

Finally, you can quickly get into the hands of scammers. You may ask how. There are different ways. First, some Mitsubishi salvage yards extort their clients by overestimating their auto parts.

Secondly, the parts you ordered online may differ from those you will receive on delivery. In other instances, you could not get what you ordered.

We have much to say about the Mitsubishi salvage yards, but time is not our friend. When we meet next, we’ll tell you other important things about them.

However, getting cheap second-hand parts for Mitsubishi vehicles is possible. But until then, you must research more about the facility you wish to visit.