There are now many salvage yards in Mobile, Al; some focus on auto repairs, while others provide inexpensive used auto parts.

Salvage yards are a godsend for anyone searching for inexpensive parts to finish their repairs. These companies recycle essential parts removed from cars, gadgets, buildings, etc.

These products are recycled back into the market instead of ending in landfills. In this manner, the environment would be kept safe and wholesome for occupancy.

Scrap Yards In Mobile, Alabama

One of these companies may be your best option if you want to junk your car for cash. Take in trucks, automobiles, SUVs, and vans of all makes models, and years.

As you continue reading this article, you will encounter the city’s numerous salvage yards. You are to choose anyone who satisfies your demands.

  • Auto World Salvage & Sales

As a resident of Mobile, Alabama, you have less to worry about with your salvage expenses. This facility is renowned for providing customers with unmatched personalized services.

They venture into the sale of used car parts at very affordable prices. You can get everything you need, no matter your car’s make, model, and year.

The yard has a fully stocked inventory of recycled car parts. You can choose from engines, chassis, fenders, differentials, hoods, panels, interior components, and batteries.

Others include transmissions, starters, bumpers, suspensions, axles, radiators, and more.

All these components come with tremendous quality and an industry-best warranty. You can get up to a 90-day warranty on all their secondhand parts.

If you need their services, just call them at +1 251-633-3909 or visit them at 7980 Tanner Williams Rd, Mobile, AL 36608, U.S.

  • Counselman Automotive Recycling, Rd. Mobile

Are you in need of cheap recycling services? Then, this salvage yard can be your best shot.

They deliver solutions with value, integrity, safety, and passion to the auto industry. They offer quality recycled car parts at a highly discounted price.

Over a million parts are in stock, so you can get everything you want.

They have suitable parts for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and other autos. You can also get sheet metal, electrical, and mechanical parts from them.

All the components delivered to their yard come with a 6-month warranty.

You can get a one-year parts and labor warranty for engines, transfer cases, transmissions, and axle assemblies.

Although their businesses are in multiple locations, you can visit their head office at 3019 St. Stephens Rd., Mobile, AL 36612, U.S. You can also call them at +1 251-330-2700.

  • Port City Auto Salvage

Are they still looking for places to buy vehicle parts at affordable prices? Then, include this junkyard in your list. They strive to provide high-quality service to city car owners.

You can buy high-quality used car parts from them at cheaper rates. Their auto components also come with a standard warranty that allows customers to return bad-conditioned items.

Their experienced staff can assist in your search for hard-to-find items. They only want to help you complete your repairs quickly and without breaking the bank.

The salvage yard sells recycled car parts cheaply and also buys junk cars. Its primary objective is to remove and recycle used parts from the market.

Then, the remaining scrap metal will be sold to recycling facilities for repurposing.

To benefit from their large inventory of used car parts, visit their installation. They are located at 2230 Boykin Blvd., Mobile, AL 36605, U.S. They also receive calls from +1 800-721-1826.

  • Golden Auto Parts

You can also count on this salvage yard in Mobile, AL, to reduce vehicle repair costs.

They sell secondhand vehicle components at meager prices. You can get everything you want, regardless of your car’s model, make, and year.

They’ll make provisions for items not available in their warehouse. You can also order parts online at the same affordable prices. Just ensure the description of what you want and the location is accurate.

Your shipment will arrive at your doorstep within a few hours or days.

Besides selling recycled car parts, this junkyard also ventures into other excellent services. They offer junk removal services in and outside Mobile, Al. You can also call to tow your vehicle.

All these services are also provided at highly reduced rates.

To make bookings, you can visit their office at 1351 Cody Rd. N., Mobile, AL 36608, U.S. They are also open for calls at +251-375-0578.

  • Hollingsworth Used Auto Parts

Are you in need of reliable used auto parts? Then consider visiting this wrecking yard. They have a wide selection of high-quality used parts for all makes and models of cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans.

You can do all that you want at a very affordable price. These include bumpers, axle assemblies, interior parts, engines, transmissions, and more.

For items that are challenging to get, their customer service can help. They are highly knowledgeable and experienced enough to get the necessary components. Just give them a call at +1 251-443-8649.

You can also visit their installation at 6170 Rock Point Rd., Mobile, AL 36605, U.S.

  • Southeastern Salvage Home Emporium

This junkyard is ideal if you’re looking for salvage home equipment. They have everything for your home, from building materials to home décor.

The yard contracts artists and skilled artisans worldwide to design handmade products. Most of the items created by these experts are made from reclaimed materials.

Additionally, the items are unique and one-of-a-kind. You’ll enjoy all the services offered at this facility. They are committed to excellence and employ experienced staff to handle their operations.

For more details, visit their head office at 1100 West Interstate 65 Service Rd S, Mobile, AL 36609, U.S., or call them at +1 251-316-3553.

  • Scott’s Scraping

Contact this salvage yard to exchange your scrap car for cash. They collect junk cars from customers in Mobile, Alabama, and surrounding areas.

You can consider selling a vehicle to them if you have a car occupying your yard. They’ll offer you top-dollar, no matter your vehicle’s condition, make, and model.

For more details, visit their installation at 2728 Bear Fork Rd., Mobile, AL 36613, U.S. They are also open for calls at +1 251-888-0103.

  • Morris Auto Salvage

Of course, you can save money on your restoration project by patronizing this junkyard.

They sell used parts for cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. No matter the make and model of your vehicle, you can always get what you want.

The salvage yard can help you locate hard-to-find items. All car components are available in their lot and sold at highly discounted rates.

In addition to selling secondhand vehicle parts, they also provide excellent towing services. You can call for their assistance at any time of the day or visit their lot in person.

Going to the salvage yards mentioned above can drastically lower the cost of your repairs. You’re here for that reason; that’s what you desire.

These facilities will gratefully accept your orders for recycled auto parts and home improvement products. They’ll take them off your hands if you want to sell scrap metal or automobiles.