Scrap Metal Prices Near Me – Copper, Steel, Brass | Per Pound

You’ll learn about scrap metal, copper, and steel prices near me per pound as you stick around. Other stuff to add up is the factors that influence the cost of these metals in the market.

That’s not all; we’ll also tell you about the metal scrap laws to add to your knowledge. If you’re ready, let’s begin discussing.

Scrap Metal Prices Today

Do you want to venture into a metal scrap dealership?

If yes, you’ll need to know the current prices of your specialty. Whether you’ll be dealing with copper, steel, or other scrap metal.

This will help you get the best possible profit when dealing with recycling centers or junkyards, among other benefits.

  • Measurement Unit for Scrap Metals

The most common weight measurement unit for scrap metal is pounds. Most junkyards and recycling centers list the prices of their metal scraps using this unit.

However, the scale used in weighing metal scraps varies accordingly.

While some facilities use multiple-platform scales, others use above-ground and pit scales, portable truck scales, steel and concrete decks, and more.

Price of Scrap Metals Per Pound

The price of scrap metal is determined based on the current market trend and type of metal. Another factor that is considered is the weight of the metal.

However, for the sake of this topic, we’re going to focus our attention on copper and steel. But if we still have some time left, we’ll highlight the prices of other scrap metals.

  • Price of Copper Scrap

Before telling you the cost of copper scrap, we’ll like you to understand some essential facts. How much you’ll make from your sales depends on the kind of copper scrap you hold.

Also, getting your scrap copper adequately cleaned is a step forward to getting the best price. But before you wash your scrap copper, ensure it’s pure and not mixed or plated.

Now, how much is the price of scrap copper per pound? Do you know what the copper tubing scrap price is?

Here are some estimates.

At the moment, bare bright copper (99%) is priced at $2.68-$2.96 per pound, copper #1 (96-98%) costs $2.57-$2.85 per pound, copper #2 (94-96%) is at $2.32-$2.56 per pound and copper #3 (88-90%) is priced at $2.19-$2.43 per pound.

Furthermore, copper radiators cost $1.21-$1.34, copper yokes $0.39-$0.43, and copper transformers $0.21-$0.23.

How much is copper piping worth? You get a clean tube for around $2.5 – $2.6 per pound.

  • Price of Scrap Steel

It’s challenging to determine the actual price of steel due to several factors. First off, finding steel is more challenging than finding copper and aluminum.

It is also difficult to find pure steel like other scrap metals. For these reasons, finding the true worth of steel pieces becomes extremely hard.

The price of steel per pound fluctuates daily and varies massively amongst states. However, the cost of 316 stainless steel is $0.49-$0.55 per pound.

Then 304 stainless steel is priced at $0.42-$0.46 per pound.

  • Price of Aluminum Scraps

The volatility of aluminum scrap makes it exceptionally difficult to figure out the exact price. Additionally, how much you make with scrap aluminum depends on the type that you have.

Aluminum is in different classes and grades. The following paragraph features all the kinds of aluminum scrap and their current prices per pound.

Now, aluminum wire clean costs about $0.52-$0.62, aluminum rims cost $0.52-$58, and aluminum siding costs $0.36-$0.4 per pound.

Furthermore, cast aluminum costs $0.33-$0.36, sheet aluminum $0.35-$0.39, aluminum turnings $0.21-$0.24, dirty aluminum $0.1-$0.11, aluminum transformers $0.05 per pound, aluminum cans $0.1-$0.2 per pound.

  • Price of Scraps Brass

Scrap Brass is one of the inexpensive non-ferrous metals in the market.

To get better pay, you’ll need to have a substantial quantity of it in its pure form. However, how much you’ll make also depends on the type of brass you have, as there are several of them.

While red brass costs around $1.83-$2.03 per pound, yellow brass costs $1.51-$1.67 per pound, you can also get brass radiators for $1.36-$1.51 and dirty brass faucets at $0.054-$0.6 per pound.

Let’s hang on here and look at other things that matter.

Factors Influencing the Price of Metal Scraps

As mentioned earlier, a few factors influence the price of scrap metals.

These factors include the size of scrap metal, percentage of imputes, grade of metals, and lots more. Allow us to explain these factors for better understanding briefly.

  • Size of Scrap Metal

This is an essential factor when fixing the price of scrap metal. Due to their business style, most recycling facilities prefer to work on large volumes. They often deal with wholesale.

Thus, the more scrap metals you handle, the higher the prices companies will offer.

  • Percentage of impurities

The presence of impurities such as rust, traces of oxidation, plastic, etc., significantly affects the prices of scrap metals. The more your articles hold these impurities, the lower your outcome, and vice vasa.

Therefore, getting scrap metals that are pure or with fewer impurities is advisable. That way, you can get better pay in your business.

Have Trouble Selling Your Scrap Metal?

While it’s easy for most people to find scrap metals, selling them is a significant challenge. If we speak truly of your case, then read this section carefully.

Selling scrap metals is easier than you might think. Several scrap metal yards and dealerships are eager to purchase various kinds of scrap metals, including copper, steel, aluminum, iron, brass, gold, etc.

But before you step further to sell your scrap metal, you’ll need to price up every price you have. Although the prices might differ from one dealership to the next, you can go with the standard trade price.

Additionally, it would be best to research every scrap yard you wish to transact with. This is to help you know their requirements and avoid leaving empty-handed.

Common Laws Regarding Scrap Metals

Each state has its specific regulations regarding scrap metal.

However, some platforms, such iScrap app, work with specific recycling programs in each state and draft out valid government resources.

One of these resources is information regarding scrap laws in each form. They’re simplified to help scrappers and peddlers know what to expect when selling scrap metals.

Some states demand scrapers to take pictures of their materials. Additionally, you’ll be required to present your seller ID when transacting with a dealership or scrap yard.

A signature, fingerprints, and dealerships are other stuff that is needed.

This is where we’ll close our discussion for today. At least you can walk away knowing the prices of various scrap metals per pound.

However, you must understand that these prices can change anytime due to the abovementioned factors.