As you read this post, we’ll compile a list of some outstanding salvage yards in St. Joseph, MO. You will generally find what you’re looking for, whether modern or vintage.

You can visit these facilities whenever you have a restoration project. These parts are usually offered for sale at low costs. Look at them below.

Junk Yards in St Joseph MO

Yes, various sorts of salvage items can be found in wreck yards. Unwanted items, ranging from home renovation components to auto parts, can be found.

You may miss out on a lot if you evaluate a junkyard based just on the presence of numerous priceless objects. You can receive usable objects suitable for restoration from this collection.

  • Pettyjohn Auto Sales & Service

This junkyard in St. Joseph, MO, offers outstanding auto sales and services. They specialize in vehicle maintenance for domestic passenger cars, trucks, and vans.

If your car is faulty, especially 4 x 4, you can take it to them for maintenance or repairs. Their facility is at 20375 State Route K, Saint Joseph, MO 64505.

  • DBA Salvage Merchandise

Are you into home improvement? Then, you’ll find this salvage yard ideal for your needs.

They have a warehouse of overstocks, closeouts, and salvage items for home improvement. These items are sold at highly discounted rates. If you have a project you want to save on costs, they can be your best shot.

Some salvage items include water heaters, composite decking, HVAC units, metal sheets, and more. For the most current inventory and pricing details, you can contact them via their official email or phone number.

  • Barnard’s Auto Salvage

Do you want to purchase used vehicle parts at affordable prices? Or do you want to sell your broken or scrap vehicle? Whichever is your case, you’ll not regret patronizing this junkyard.

They sell quality used auto components at cheap prices. You can get what you need regardless of your car’s make and model.

Furthermore, Barnard’s Auto Salvage Yard can offer a fair price for your scrap vehicle based on its market value. You only need to call their line and get an instant online quote.

You can also visit their installation at 1206 Alabama St., Joseph, MO 64504, United States, which is open Monday through Friday.

  • Advantage Metals Recycling

Do you know scrap cars are valued most for their metals? Contact this St. Joseph, MO, wrecker if you want to make money with your immovable ride.

If you have other types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, they can pay you top dollar.

Advantage Metals Recycling has a team of specialists who continually monitor market conditions to establish fair and competitive prices.

  • C & H Auto & Truck Salvage

You can count on this junkyard to get your truck up and running again. Since 1979, they have been in the business of selling used truck parts at affordable prices.

You can get used entirely components to rebuild your semi-tractors and heavy trucks. They also have quality secondhand parts for antique and classic cars.

You can bring your truck to their facility if you can’t fix it.

The yard has a team of qualified technicians who can diagnose and fix all the problems in your vehicle. You don’t have to worry about their use because they are friendly and can suit your pocket.

Call their official line or visit their facility in person for more details. They have experts who will respond to your needs as soon as possible.

  • Rich Industries Auto Parts

This wrecking yard has provided customers in St. Joseph, MO, with new and used vehicle parts for several decades. These components are distributed at highly discounted rates.

You can get the necessary parts regardless of your vehicle’s make and model. Their inventory is filled with vintage and up-to-date vehicle parts.

Some used components include engines, fenders, transmissions, batteries, and bumpers. Other items are starters, alternators, radiators, chassis, windshields, and more.

All these items can be obtained online or by visiting their facility in person.

In addition to selling used car parts, Rich Industries Auto Parts also ventures into vehicle repairs. You can bring your broken ride to be restored and become road-worthy again.

Their repair services are equally affordable. For more details, call 1-800-448-4198. Their customer care will respond to all your queries.

  • Gary’s Auto Service

Are you still seeking a reputable St. Joseph, MO, salvage yard?

You can include this facility on your list. They are known for being honest, affordable, and fair in their auto dealings. You can be sure of getting quality used vehicle parts to complete your restoration project.

They also provide outstanding auto repair services.

So if your car is broken, you can take it to them for repairs. You have nothing to worry about, as highly experienced and knowledgeable technicians will handle your vehicle.

The salvage yard prides itself on providing excellent customer service. Therefore, it ensures customers are aware of its work.

For more details, you can call their official line. They have customer care who will respond to your queries. You can also walk into their 5203 SE State Route Ff, Saint Joseph, MO 64507 facility.

  • Allstate Auto Salvage

This salvage yard offers several auto services to St. Joseph, MO residents. These include auto part supplies, repairs, and maintenance. If you need cheap, used auto parts, you can count on them.

Their items are distributed at highly discounted rates. Moreover, they come with warranty coverage, which enables customers to return items they’re not satisfied with.

  • Midway Auto Parts

As with other salvage yards in the city, you can get your car up and running again without breaking the bank.

They provide residents with quality used OEM recycled vehicle parts at cheap prices. Whether driving a foreign or domestic vehicle this year or last decade, you can get the necessary parts.

If you cannot get the part you need for their installation, you can get it from their national database and source it from their affiliate facilities near you.

All items ordered will be delivered to your doorstep at the stipulated time. Because they are proud members of PRP, you have less to worry about their authenticity and reliability.

Every car part sold in the facility has been inspected and cleaned.

This is to give their customers optimal auto reclaiming experience. For more details, call their official line or visit their facility at 4210 Gardner Ave, Kansas City, MO 64120

Salvage yards are the best locations to save money on repairs. As you can see above, these establishments provide old car parts to clients at steep discounts.

They will pay a fair price for your scrap car if you wish to sell it. Thus, why do you delay? To suit your customers and for salvage, stop by their yards.