A lot has been discussed about VW beetle salvage yards near me.

After reading through, you’ll become familiar with their business model and how they source their scraps. You’ll also learn about their procedure for dismantling vehicles, available auto parts, and more.

VW Beetle Junkyard

Volkswagen salvage yards are great places that will not only help you save money but with the hassle of finding replaceable parts. These businesses supply used parts for both recent and vintage beetles.

This will also be the perfect place to visit if you have a unique restoration project. You can get everything you need affordably.

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  • Finding A VW Beetle Salvage Yard

VW beetle salvage yards is a sub-division of the mother Volkswagen junkyard. There aren’t plenty of exclusive VW wreck yards across the country.

Therefore, you might not find one of their installations near you and must drive a distance. Most salvage yards you’ll see around are a mecca for beetle collectors or enthusiasts.

When finding a VW beetle salvage yard, your best bet will be to start online. Several classified websites list various VW beetle junkyards and their locations nationwide.

If the results you’re getting are limited, you can use the junkyard locator. Type “VW beetle salvage yards + location.” Also, as people around, you can find a few that can help you.

  • What’s VW Beetle Salvage Yards All About?

These are businesses that purchase Volkswagen beetles that are either broken or aged. They strip valuable components from these scrap vehicles and sell them to people at highly discounted rates.

If you’re looking for used parts for VW beetles of 2011 and later, try to check these facilities. You can also get used parts for beetles that existed between 1938 to 2003.

While these businesses focus on making profits and recycling beetle parts, they also adhere to specific government regulations regarding hazardous waste.

When VW beetles are new junk in their lot, they drain toxic liquids such as gasoline, motor oil, coolant, and more. These substances are capable of harming the environment.

Instead of dumping them in bins, they’ll be put back in their bottles and sold. While some buyers will reuse these liquids, others forward them to recycling facilities.

How Does Vintage VW Beetle End Up in Salvage Yards?

There’s more than one way these scraps end up in salvage yards. Some come from private sellers, others through insurance companies and auctions.

When VW beetles come from private sellers, it’s often because they’re inoperable or not worth the cost or repairs. Sometimes, people junk their vehicles because of age and want to give room for new ones.

As for insurance companies, they junk beetles that got crashed through accidents. These firms intend to recoup part of the money they used to settle customers’ claims.

Lastly, when impounded vehicles are no longer helpful, the government sends them for auction. There some salvage yards obtain their scraps.

Ways to Obtain Used Parts at VW Beetle Salvage Yards

There’re primarily three ways you can get salvage parts from VW beetle junkyards:

  1. By visiting and self-service wreck yard and pulling salvage parts yourself.
  2. By visiting salvage yards that offer complete services and requesting used auto parts.
  3. By purchasing replaceable parts online.

Each of these purchasing methods highlighted above has its pros and cons. Salvage yards that offer self-services might charge you less, but you might only get some of what you want from them.

They often have a scanty inventory, and most of their pieces are for antique vehicles.

As for yards offering complete services, you may get what you want even faster. But the prices of their items are higher than the facility above. The same goes for businesses with online inventories.

  • Some Salvage Yards Charge For Admission

Depending on the salvage yards you visit, most VW beetle junkyards require you to pay a gate fee. The amount is around $10 or less.

After paying for admission, you can walk around their installation and harvest used parts. However, you’ll need to carry some essential tools you’ll be using for your operation.

These include a hammer, wrenches, spanners, pliers, etc.

Classic VW Beetle Salvage Parts

As mentioned, you’ll not lack replacement parts at the VW beetle salvage yard.

That’s because they got a surplus in their warehouses. Some salvage yards can brag about thousands of auto components.

Depending on the facility you visit, you can get starters, alternators, engines, mirrors, radiators, transmissions, and fenders.

You can also get used components such as frames, wheels, carburetors, doors, hoods, panels, axles, convertible tops, seats, etc.

These auto parts we’ve highlighted are OEM. In other words, they’re manufacturer-installed and assembled. For that, you have no worries about quality. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t inspect parts before purchasing.

Essential Facts About Selling VW Beetle to Salvage Yards

Selling a broken or aged beetle to salvage yards might be easy and fast. But there’s the likelihood you’ll get a different amount than you’re anticipating.

These businesses will want to obtain your vehicle cheaply and sell its components with a small markup.

Moreover, salvage yards that deal specifically with Volkswagen Beetle tend to be more competitive. This is because they have more niche customers willing to sell their junk.

With this, you must stand well and negotiate for a better price.

We’ll love to advise you to sell it independently. But it’ll be hard to sell if your vehicle doesn’t run. Most private buyers want to purchase a car they’ll start riding immediately.

Only a few will be interested in your junk. Such buyers might need specific parts from the vehicle to complete their restoration project.

VW beetle salvage yards near me are graceful economy to those running on a low budget. As you can see, you can typically purchase used VW beetle parts at cost-effective rates.

Additionally, you can get rare parts to complete your pending project. However, it would be best to shine your eyes when patronizing a salvage yard.

Some of them feature auto components that are of less quality.