Who Buys Used Furniture Near Me?

Who buys and picks up used furniture? Here are some services that purchase old units.

You can sell your furniture like other items and make extra money. It doesn’t matter what kind of household equipment you’re selling; the secondary market has several buyers.

But how much you’ll earn depends on certain key factors. Which buyer you’re dealing with, the condition of your items, location, and more.

As you decide to stay on this page, you’ll get to know who buys used furniture near me. On top of that, we’ll give you an alternative option if you don’t find any of the listed buyers.

Without any further delay, let’s get started.

Kinds of Used Furniture You Can Sell

There’s no limitation regarding the kind of home equipment to sell. You can dish out items such as couches, tables, shelving units, nightstands, bed frames, countertops, and dressers.

Other items include desks, kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, bathroom vanities, and chairs. If you have antiques or furniture, you can also exchange them for cash.

Where to Sell Used Furniture for Cash Near Me

Nowadays, sellers often rely on online platforms to find buyers for their items.

Several buyers are now available to purchase items, including used furniture. Below we’ll highlight a few of these purchasers so you can choose.

  • Furniture Consignment Store

These businesses buy used home equipment and resell them for profit.

Therefore, they will be interested in purchasing your used items in excellent condition. Some stores prefer new things. Anything that represents the scent of smoking won’t be accepted either.

They’ll conduct a thorough inspection before the consignment store buys from you. They’ll only agree to a consignment offer once they are satisfied with your items.

But if they finally accept your bid, you can only get 50 percent of the final sale price. For a standard store, a consignment agreement lasts only 90 days.

Selling used fittings to consignment stores is a simple process.

All you require are digital pictures and basic details about your items. These include their condition, brand, dimensions, sale price, proof of ownership, and more.

  • Classified Websites and Online Marketplaces

Another way to get in touch with reputable buyers of used furniture is via online platforms.

Several classified websites and marketplaces are available to connect you to prospective buyers worldwide. These buyers could be private, small, mega businesses, restaurants, hotels, property developers, etc.

You can use online platforms like Etsy, 1stdibs, eBay, Remoov Trove, Shopify, Craigslist, Chairish, and eBid.

Others include Oodle, Apartment Therapy Bazaar, NextDoor App, Offer Up, Facebook Marketplaces, Move Loof, Furnishly, etc.

Selling used furniture via internet platforms comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Yes! You can sell your items fast, quickly, and conveniently.

Since you’re selling directly to purchasers, you’ll get a payout from your sales. However, you’ll have a large audience to haggle over price.

Next, the client purchasing your items might reside far from you. As such, all the burden of shipping will be on your neck.

  • Architectural Salvage Yard

Consider taking your used furniture to any home or architectural salvage yard near you. They’re businesses that specialize in buying used house fittings and other equipment.

The resell items that are in excellent condition for profit making. Sometimes, they fix repairable furniture and sell them to customers at affordable prices.

However, you might get top dollar when you sell your item to home salvage yards. As you can see above, their business is to resell such items.

Therefore, they’ll constantly create room for profit. You can only get a high payout if your fittings are in excellent condition.

Some furniture salvage yards will even send a truck to haul your items right from your location.

  • Auction Houses

We include auction houses not because they purchase used furniture but because they create an avenue to sell your items.

Transacting with auction houses can net you an appreciable amount. However, you’ll need to contact an auction house before anything else.

Ask about their accepted furniture and how you’ll request a silent auction.

Setting up an auction for your items will cost you a few pennies. Depending on the kind of auction house you visit, you’ll be required to pay a percentage of about 35-50 of the final sale price.

Some places will also demand you pay for the logistics of hauling your house fittings to their facility.

Other Ways to Discard Used Furniture

If you want to refrain from transacting with any of the above buyers, you can donate your items to charity.

Several charitable organizations will be willing to collect such articles and put them to proper use. While some will give it out to the less privileged, others will resell it and repurpose the fund for projects.

Donating used home equipment to charity comes with some benefits. You can use the receipt you’ll be issued for donation to obtain a tax write-off.

Secondly, the needy who will receive your item will bless you.

How Remunerative is Selling Used Furnishing?

As mentioned earlier, certain elements determine how much you’ll make selling your used furniture near me. for most buyers, a bedroom set with a king-size bed can net you aForndsome amount.

But items with defects, such as stains, holes, etc., might not fetch you a reasonable amount. In this case, you’ll need to lower your expectations.

  • Estimating the Monetary Value of Your Items

You must learn how to set prices for your used furniture. That’s the best way to hasten the sales of your items. But when charging a fee, you must be careful not to include sentimental value.

For instance, when selling used furnishings that are new and in excellent condition, expect 50 percent of the original price. Then, you can lower your cost by 25 percent off the actual price for older items.

You don’t have to throw away your used or old furnishings in landfills.

You can trade these items for cash. Although the payout might be less than anticipated, you can channel it into something resourceful.

Furthermore, reselling used furniture is an efficient and economical way of keeping these items off landfills. This action will further promote environmental health.

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