Aircraft salvage yards are one of the many ways to save money on replacement parts.

If repairing or replacing new vehicle parts is costly, you can imagine an aircraft. I’m sure you’ll spend a fortune putting your plane back together. But don’t worry. It won’t come to that level.

Aircraft Salvage Yards

There are bone or salvage yards that shelter old/damaged aircraft. They remove functional pieces in these articles and sell them at an affordable price.

You can visit any of their facilities and get pre-owned parts that match your airplane’s make and model.

But before you make a significant move, you must know much about them. We mean their style of services, collections, and the price of items.

Keep reviewing this article for such details and more.

Wondering Why Aircraft are Junked?

Like any mobile item can be disposed of, so can an airplane. There are many reasons why planes are discarded, regardless of their genre and who owns it.

These reasons can be attributed to age, technological advances, flight times, safety issues, and the high cost of repairing or replacing new parts.

Another reason could be the distance it has been covering for a while.

Whatever the reason, it will be discarded when a plane is most appreciated for its parts. According to some reports, approximately 400-450 aircraft are scrapped every year for the value of their parts.

When these coins are sold, the market makes about 2 billion dollars.

Airplane Junkyard Near Me – Ownership

There are three classes of entities with aircraft salvage yards near me.

Private, commercial, and military. Each of these owners operates its facilities differently. It’s consistent with the kind of airplane they deal with.

However, they all have the same goals: storage, reclamation, and salvage.

Yards that are privately owned are free to walk around. But this is not true of commercial and military aircraft salvage yards. Those kinds of salvage yards have access limitations.

You must reserve a tour before you have the right to enter their facilities and stroll.

Where Can I Find A Local Aircraft Junkyard

Remember, we mentioned that three entities own aircraft salvage yards near me. Airplane salvage yards belonging to commercial or military are often located close to airports.

Those shipyards are well organized. They also have experienced aircraft experts who help customers find the best parts quickly and safely.

Those catching up on the latest technology present their inventory online. This allows customers to order aircraft parts across the country.

For privately owned aircraft landfills, they are available anywhere in the community. But most of them are not well organized as that military or commercial.

This means you’re likely to have difficulty finding the right pre-owned pieces. In other cases, you’ll not obtain what you need due to limited junk.

  • Not All Aircraft are Stripped in Junkyards.

This is very true of most aircraft salvage yards near me.

All planes arriving in their facilities are not dismantled immediately. Some of them are being fixed. Consequently, they are likely to return to service.

The same applies to scrap aircraft which are near running condition.

However, commercial airliners are in service for 25 years, and garbage planes after they retire. Those that have sustained substantial damage are dismantled at the salvage site.

Functional parts will be taken out, cleaned, and stored.

How Aircraft Junkyard Near Me Treat Their Junk

Their technicians will remove the poisonous fluids when the planes are scrapped in the salvage yards. We speak of fuel, defrosters, and batteries.

After removing toxic fluids, they’ll be kept for recycling following the special recycling rules. If such constituents are left to sink into the ground, they’ll affect underground water.

You are aware that this is not environmentally sound.

The next step is to start disassembling the essential parts. What’s left of the aircraft will be sold as scrap for recycling. The salvage yards near me are making money selling the leftover planes.

This is because most of its shell consists of precious metals. These are titanium, copper, stainless steel, magnesium, and aluminum.

  • Customers Don’t Pick Parts in Aircraft Salvage Yards

Practically all nearby aircraft salvage yards do not allow customers to remove functional parts.

They present their inventory online so that you can place orders. If you visit a private facility personally, you can only purchase from the repair department.

As discussed earlier, expert technicians remove and clean the parts for sale. While most don’t test the details before they go on sale, some landfills do.

Used Airplane Parts Near Me

The aircraft salvage yards near me feature a mass of pieces in their gallery. Engines, landing gear, doors, flight controls, windshields, avionics, black boxes, fuel pump, and fuel nozzle assembly.

Other salvage aviation parts include a P3 gasket, anti-ice valve, fuel filter, igniter plug, fuel shut-off, fuel manifold, and more.

  • The Price Tag For Airplane Spare Parts

The amount you’ll spend to secure used parts in the aircraft salvage yards near me depends on a few factors. The make and model of your aircraft, the geographical location, the type of parts, and the facility you selected.

Considering these important factors, a motor costs between $5,000 and $22,000. Propellers are around $2,250 to $4000, GPS $4,500, and more.

  • Can I Receive A Warranty On Used Aircraft Parts?

Oh yes! Most aircraft salvage yards near me have a warranty on their used parts. However, the warranty period varies from one yard to another.

Whereas some last 30 days, others may go from 90 days to 1 year. During these periods, you can return the item if there are any issues. If it’s worth fixing, it’ll be done for free.

Alternatively, you can trade for a different item or get it on credit.

Salvage yards are great places for those looking for low-priced parts for their aircraft. You can secure functional pieces and rebuild your vintage plane with a few thousand dollars.

However, the quality of certain pieces may be questioned. As you don’t know how long they have been down, you will not know how long they will last.

Therefore, be careful when selecting.