Read on to find out more about the excavator salvage yards near me.

This includes their style of service delivery, available parts, and how vehicles are processed. Let’s not waste time with a lot of introduction and get into the day’s affairs.

Mega and Mini Excavator Junkyard Near Me

The excavator is one of the construction equipment whose maintenance is costly. It can place undue demands on your pocket when repairing severe damage or replacing new parts.

Well, guess what? You can save significant money, energy, and time if you get used parts at a salvage yard.

A few landfills gather old or wrecked excavators and sell their functional parts at an affordable price. You can visit any of their installations and obtain quality parts for your excavator.

In addition to purchasing used parts, you can throw your old or wrecked excavator for cash. Chances are you’ll get the right price for your item.

Is Excavator Salvage Yard Easily Found?

It may be challenging to find a salvage site that only handles excavators.

Because there aren’t many of them in the country. However, you can get what you need in heavy equipment and industrial salvage yards.

They are also equipped with excavators, agriculture, and other construction machines. Those kinds of facilities are littered all around the country.

Services Offered At Excavator Salvage Yards

Excavator reclamation sites strive to deliver used parts at the best price while offering the necessary reliability.

Besides selling quality parts,  they rebuilt auto parts that range from transmissions, engines, final drives, etc.

Other services include rigorous quality control, fast shipping, and rapid response to customer calls, messages, and emails.

  • Service Delivery Approach

Excavator salvage yards employ two approaches to providing services to clients. That’s self-service and full-service. Each of those approaches differs accordingly.

However, their goal is to meet clients’ needs while delivering an exceptional experience. Let’s look at them separately.

Excavator salvage yards with self-service are also called “pick and pull.” This type of landfill enables customers to remove valuable parts on their own.

But before entering these facilities, you must pay a door fee. While the prices vary from one salvage yard to another, most request it for $10 or less.

As with an excavator salvage yard providing complete services, parts are removed upon customer request. Therefore, they are often called “pick for you.”

These salvage sites are well organized and have plenty on their shelves. If you visit such installations, they’ll fetch whatever part (s) you ask for.

However, you are more likely to pay for labor and entry fees in addition to the price of auto parts. But don’t worry; it won’t be expensive.

Can I Get Excavator Pre-Owned Parts Online?

Oh yes! You can get various automobile parts for your excavator online. Some excavator junkyards feature their inventory online.

This allows customers to purchase used parts wherever they are located. Directly on their online platforms, you can request details before visiting their installations.

In addition to excavator salvage yards, other companies sell pre-owned parts online. eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, and more. They ship used excavator pieces all over the country.

  • Sources of Inventory

Excavator salvage yards get their waste vehicles from four sources: insurance companies, auto auctions, private sellers, and vehicle impounds.

Most of these sources trash their vehicles because of the high costs of repairs or replacement of new parts. Only but few scrap their excavators because of aging.

Insurance companies threw out excavators to make up for a claim. Whereas some companies and government institutions junk excavators because they no longer have use for them.

How Excavators are Handled at the Salvage Yard

Most excavation salvage yards near me are too fast to disassemble their vehicles. When an excavator gets scrapped, they examine the condition.

The idea is to see if there’s a possibility of returning it to the field. If the excavator is near serviceable, it will be repaired and auctioned.

If there is no chance of repairing a damaged excavator, they will remove its good portion.

Meanwhile, hazardous fluids such as mercury, freon, refrigerant, gas, and antifreeze are evacuated. Leaving them underground will contaminate the groundwater.

Thus, they are repackaged for reuse or recycling.

Then, all valuable components of the excavator will be removed and sold at lower prices. The rest of the car’s hull will be crushed and sold to metal recycling facilities.

  • What Excavator Parts Can I Get in Salvos?

Excavator salvage yards provide a variety of automotive parts for sale. They include boom cylinders, hydraulic systems, tracks, bucket cylinders, wheels, fuel tanks, and sticks.

Other parts include engines, transmissions, final drives, propel motors, swing gearboxes, planetary devices, thumb cylinders, and more.

Sell Your Excavator to a Junkyard

As mentioned, most excavator salvage yards get their inventory from private vendors. This means that if you have an old or wrecked excavator, you can make money by selling it to scrap yards.

But how much you can put in your pocket depends on several things. The current demand for scrap and the condition of the excavator, amongst other things.

If your excavator is close to functioning, you win a lot on your sales.

If this is not the case, you must reduce your expectations. You can only maximize your profits if you sell to a private purchaser or sell their various parts.

  • You Can Get a Warranty for Auto Parts

Pretty much every salvage yard offers a warranty for pre-owned excavator parts. However, the term varies from one salvage yard to the next.

While some warranties cover a period of 30 days, others may run up to 90 days. Some establishments offer a one-year guarantee for their items.

In these moments, you can return the article in case of malfunction or damage. You will be authorized to trade or credit. As for a refund, it is rarely possible.

I think we’ve heard enough about excavator salvage yards. You can see that those are great places to get used parts at lower prices. If you are lucky, you may fall on almost new auto parts.

However, you must know that everything that shines in a salvage yard is not gold.