Consider getting second-hand parts if you discover repairing or replacing parts for your Ford truck or car is expensive.

They’re graceful economy to Ford owners with shallow pockets. But the question here is, where can you get good second-hand parts?

There are several places. One is salvage yards for Ford cars, trucks, and vans.

Ford Junkyard Near Me

These are businesses that specialize in selling quality second-hand parts for Ford vehicles. You can get the right auto part regardless of your model and year of manufacture.

Do you want to know more about these businesses? If yes, join us in our discussion.

We’ll give you a few tips about Ford salvage yards. This will include their business style, how they service customers, source of inventory, and some available auto parts.

Let’s see how you can locate a Ford salvage yard.

Top 20 Ford Truck Salvage Yards

There are many Ford salvage yards in the US.

This article will outline the top 20 so you can explore. These facilities will provide high-quality recycled and new parts at affordable prices.

Could you take a look at them below?

  1. Robison’s Ford Truck Parts

You can drop by Robison’s Ford Truck Parts anytime you need quality used parts. The yard sells recycled truck parts, equipment, and accessories at affordable prices.

You can get what you need, regardless of the make and model of your truck. You can get a 10% discount on OEM parts with a stock of new parts.

  1. Super Duty Ford Truck Parts

Super Duty Ford Truck Parts can also provide the best parts to complete your repairs. The facility has a vast selection of OEM Ford parts in stock.

They also have a brand new full-service collision center and body shop. If your car needs repairs, this facility can be your best bet.

They can handle almost anything from standard repairs to custom bodies, replacement drivetrains, custom suspension upgrades, and conversion projects.

  1. All Roads Ford Truck Parts

All Roads Trucks provides a one-stop shop experience for Ford truck owners.

In addition to selling high-quality parts, this yard offers excellent mobile service, hydraulic onsite service, custom truck body installation, and body shop repairs.

All your auto needs will be met once you call their official line at +1 240-455-1800.

  1. Roberts Ford Truck Parts

At Roberts Ford Trucks, you can get everything you need to fix your truck. The yard takes pride in putting you first. They have spare and replacement parts for all models of Ford trucks.

Some items from them include chassis cabs, panels, doors, engines, axle assemblies, brake pads, transmissions, and more. These components come with an extended warranty.

  1. Mid-Tenn Ford Truck Sales, Inc. Parts

At Mid-Tenn Ford Truck Sales, Inc., customers are treated like family. The yard is committed to giving you quality, genuine Ford parts to help keep your Ford vehicle operating reliably.

Whether you bring your Ford F-150 or your Ford Explorer, their expert technicians will find a solution to your problem. They will also ensure you get the genuine Ford parts your vehicle needs.

  1. Broadway Ford Truck Sales, Inc. Parts

Do you enjoy a good DIY project? Don’t worry; Broadway Ford Truck Sales Inc. has got you covered. They have highly skilled technicians who can handle repairs to ensure your vehicle operates like new.

They also provide excellent parts for both recent and antique cars. All you need to do is call their official line at +1 314-241-9140.

  1. Midway Ford Truck Center, Inc. Parts Department

Midway Ford Truck Center, Inc. Parts Department carries parts for all your light, medium, and heavy truck needs. You can get the right parts, no matter the model and year of your truck.

The facility employs knowledgeable and experienced staff to help customers find the necessary items.

  1. Ray & Bob Truck Salvage

This salvage yard is a one-stop shop for all your salvage needs.

They provide new and used parts for different models of Ford trucks. You can get OEM Ford parts like bumpers, differentials, chassis, engines, doors, and more.

All these auto components are sold at highly reduced rates. Additionally, they come with an extended warranty to give customers the confidence to patronize them.

  1. Burns Ford Parts

This salvage yard has provided outstanding customer satisfaction for Ford owners in the country for several decades. You can get quality used and new parts to complete your repairs cheaply.

Additionally, the yard offers a premium car-buying experience like none other. You’ll be guided through getting the correct part with a trusted team.

  1. Michigan Truck Parts

You can rely on Michigan Truck Parts for quality components at a reasonable price. The facility features used, rebuilt, and new parts for commercial vehicles in classes 5, 6, 7, and 8, domestic and foreign makes.

With a team of knowledgeable sales staff, you’ll get the best customer experience. These experts can help you get the right part on time.

11. Bayshore Ford Truck Sales, Inc. Parts

This salvage yard is here to help vehicle owners with their automotive needs. They offer a hassle-free, customer-first approach with an extensive inventory of new and pre-owned parts.

Whether you drive an SUV, pickup truck, F-series super duty work truck, upfitted bodies for all vocations, transit van, and more, you’ll get the right part you need. Just call them at +1 302-656-3160.

  1. Bronco Auto & Truck Salvage

Come to this facility if you need cheap auto parts to get your Ford truck back on the road. The salvage yard is committed to selling the best recycled parts and serving you with quality and value.

Moreover, they are committed to providing excellent service, so you always choose them.

  1. Colonial Ford Truck Sales, Inc. Parts

Do you want to find a truck that fits your unique needs or an efficient service that gets you right back to business? Consider visiting this salvage yard.

The facility sells, services, and finances new and pre-owned Ford trucks. They are the right people to contact if you need a cheap truck for your business.

  1. Casey’s Truck Salvage World

Visit this salvage yard if you’re on a repair or restoration project. The facility specializes in semi-truck parts but does have some pickup trucks.

Customers can pull the items they need to fix their trucks at affordable prices. All you will require is an admission fee of $2.

  1. Dale’s Truck Parts

Dale’s Truck Parts is among the best places to get parts for your Ford truck. The junkyard strives to bring customers the utmost satisfaction.

They carry a large inventory of trucks, parts, and retail and wholesale core parts. They can also be your best bet if you want to sell your vehicle.

  1. All Ford Auto Wrecking

All Ford Auto Wrecking is a top supplier of used and aftermarket Ford parts. This is the right place if you’re looking for Chrysler and Dodge parts.

You can get engines, radiators, tires, brake pads, axle assemblies, doors, transmissions, and more. All these car parts come with quality and an extended warranty.

  1. Allegheny Ford Truck Sales, Inc. Parts

Allegheny Salvage Yard can handle any commercial truck body up-fit requested onsite.

They also provide upfit hook lift truck bodies, dump truck bodies, service truck bodies, and mechanic truck bodies. You can contact them if you have a truck you want to exchange for cash.

They also provide rental services for

  1. Valley Truck Salvage

Valley Truck Salvage is a family-owned and operated business specializing in medium and heavy-duty trucks. You can get used and new components to fix your car at affordable rates.

Some items you can buy from them include transmissions, differentials, axles, engines, used truck sales, and truck parts. The facility also provides the highest quality products and services possible.

  1. Ben Truck Parts

Ben Truck Parts specializes in providing recycled truck parts for Ford owners. With an inventory of over 3,000 tested and inspected parts, you can find parts for heavy-duty and semi-trucks.

Their goal is to help truck owners find the right replacement parts to avoid making costly repairs over and over again.

  1. Ford Parts

Feel free to visit this salvage yard for truck parts needs. They provide excellent parts for different models and years of Ford trucks.

You’ll get all the items you need to fix your vehicle affordable. With a team of skilled and experienced staff, you can always find the right part easily.

This is all we have regarding the US’s top 20 Ford truck salvage yards. We hope you find this article interesting and helpful. All you need to do is pick the facility that will best serve your needs.

Finding Ford Truck Junkyard Near Me

Ford is a popular vehicle in the US.

Thus, you’ll likely find it easy to locate one of their facilities near you. While some salvage yards might deal exclusively with Ford cars and trucks, a few might feature other vehicle brands.

To locate a nearby Ford salvage yard, you can start by searching online. Yellow websites are under “automobile salvage parts” and “savage yards.”

If this doesn’t suit you, asking people around is the next option we have for you. It’s highly possible to get a few persons that will lead you to a nearby salvage yard.

  • What to Keep in Mind When Searching for Ford Salvage Yards

When finding a nearby Ford salvage yard, you must find reputable ones that offer quality auto parts. Also, inquire about the availability of required auto parts.

Less you waste your transportation fee and energy. Knowing the price quotes of different salvage yards will help you get the best possible price for salvage parts.

  • The Business Style of Ford Salvage Yards

The majority of Ford salvage yards function like market traders.

They purchase Ford trucks and cars that are totaled or antique and sell functioning and non-functioning parts for profit. Such auto parts are sold at highly discounted prices.

Besides selling second-hand parts, Ford salvage yards are involved in restoration projects. They revive junked vehicles that are near running condition.

When those trucks are road-worthy again, they auction them out. You can also buy restored vehicles directly in their facility.

  • Most Ford Super Duty junkyards near Me Are Privately Owned.

Since most Ford super-duty salvos are privately owned, they operate locally. They purchase declared totaled or immovable vehicles and sell their valuable parts.

While their primary aim is to make a profit, they also want to keep good Ford parts in circulation. Additionally, they’re preventing these items from ending up in landfills.

Besides selling functional Ford parts, they restore Ford cars to near-running condition. Afterward, they send them for auction or to individuals needing cheap vehicles.

You can also get valid information about Ford cars from these reclaiming facilities.

How Customers are Serviced at Ford Wrecking Yards

The style of servicing customers varies from one Ford scrapyard to the next.

While some offer self-services, others provide clients with complete services. However, each of them is aimed at satisfying the needs of customers.

Let’s quickly review their style of service.

  • Self-service Salvage Yards

Ford salvage yards offering self-services are also called “pick apart.”

They allow customers to remove auto parts themselves. Such businesses have less inventory, antique auto parts, and low prices. Before entering their installation, you’ll be required to pay for admission.

The fee varies from one salvage yard to the next.

  • Full-Service Salvage Yards

On the other hand, Ford salvage yards offering full service are called “pick a part for you., which means they don’t allow customers to remove parts themselves.

Their expert technicians remove parts whether on customers’ request or not. Such businesses are characterized by surplus inventory and parts for recent cars, trucks, and vans.

However, you’ll pay for the service fee and the parts price.

How Ford Vehicles End Up in Salvage Yards

Don’t worry; you’ll soon find out.

Ford junkyards gather their inventory from various sources, including insurance companies, private sellers, and government auctions.

These vehicles are junked because of the high cost of repairs or changing new parts.

However, a few individuals dump their old Ford vehicles to create space for new models. Then insurance companies junk cars and vans accented to recover money spent on insurance claims.

Whatever the case, most dumped trucks and cars have some functional parts. As mentioned, Ford salvage yards get a small markup by selling them.

What Happens to Severely Damaged Cars at Ford Junkyards

Vehicles that have no hope of getting back to service are dismantled.

But before then, toxic liquids such as fuel, antifreeze, coolant, and wiper oil are removed. Because they can damage underground water, they’re repackaged for reuse or recycling.

Next, all functional parts will be removed and sorted out. The ones that meet the criteria of salvage yards will be cleaned and stored in the inventory.

The remaining damaged parts and leftovers of the car will be sold as scrap metal for recycling.

Ford Used Parts Near Me

Ford salvage yards feature a variety of vehicle models under the Ford brand.

You’ll find brands like the Explorer, Edge, F-Series like the -150 and F-250, C-Max, Emendation, Bronco, Ranger, Mustang, Taurus, and Flex are among them.

Others include Freestyle, Probe, Crown Victoria, Excursion, Transit, Pinto, Windstar, Escape, and many more.

Some auto parts you can acquire for these models include alternators, radiators, engines, doors, and exhaust. Others include hoods, panels, windshields, A/C, fenders, batteries, steering, starter, wiper, mirrors, and many more.

A well-organized salvage yard arranges these Ford models according to their series and editions. This is to make their lot look tidy and facilitate the search for pre-owned Ford parts. However, an unorganized Ford salvage yard may mix all vehicles.

Finding Ford parts in these wreck yards is a hectic task.

Cost of Savage Parts at Ford Super Duty Junkyards

How much you’ll spend to purchase used Ford parts at Salvos depends on a few factors. The kind of salvage yard you visit and what salvage Ford part you need.

While these factors stimulate the market price, you can get doors for $100, a starter for $30, batteries for $20, engines for $500, and lots more.

What You Should Know About Ford Salvage Parts

While obtaining pre-owned auto parts at Ford junkyards is cost-effective, it also has its ugly side. Not all salvage parts you purchased at a salvage yard are of high quality.

Some auto parts that were junked long ago were removed from Ford vehicles. Such auto parts might have suffered corrosion, cracks, holes, etc.

Therefore, when purchasing second-hand auto parts, you must verify their quality.

  • Guarantee for Used Ford Parts

Many Ford salvage yards near me offer a warranty for used parts. But you’ll demand to pay a warranty fee for each used piece you purchase. The cost is typically around $15 or less.

Warranty periods also vary from one salvage yard to the next. While some facilities offer a 30-day warranty, others might run from 90 days to a year.

During these periods, you’re free to return used parts in case of any issues.

When Can I Visit A Ford Wreck Yard?

You can visit Ford salvage yards anywhere from Monday to Friday.

They start work around 8:00 am to 4 or 5:00 pm.

However, a few facilities are open on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Such salvage yards are those offering self-services, and they work on limited hours.

They start working from 9:00 am to 12 or 1:00 pm.

This is all we have for you regarding Ford salvage yards. As you can see, they are your best bet for cheap second-hand parts. You can locate any of their facilities near you for your restoration project.

Like we’ve said, ensure you verify the quality of the truck or car parts you purchase.