We’ve compiled everything you need about forklift salvage yards near me.

You’ll learn a few things: their type of business, how junk forklifts are stripped, available used parts, and more.

Forklift Junkyard Near Me

Just like other heavy equipment, a forklift is another vehicle that’s expensive to maintain. If you are financially capable, you can save your fortune trying to keep it up and running.

Now, forklift salvage yards are great places to significantly save costs when fixing your old or damaged truck. They dished out used parts for various kinds of forklifts at cheaper rates.

While you plan on visiting one of their installations near you, read this text until the end.

  • Can I Find a Forklift Salvage Yards Nearby?

Oh yes! You can find forklift salvage yards near you.

But we are unsure about getting one that exclusively deals with a forklift. That’s because they’re only a few of them around the country.

However, you can settle for other alternatives: industrial and construction equipment salvage yards. These businesses might have a designated section for forklifts.

  • Forklift Scrap Yards Near Me Are Locally Operated Businesses

When we say forklift salvage yards are locally operated, we mean they are owned by private hands.

However, they abide by all state laws regarding environmental safety and tax payment. These businesses purchase a broken or old forklift for cheap and sell their functional parts for profit.

Places where they get their junk, include private owners, auctions, and liquidated businesses. Most of these donors dumped their forklifts because they weren’t worth the cost of repairs.

In other cases, they’re outdated and must be replaced with new ones. Whatever the reason for junking forklifts, it doesn’t mean they’re worthless.

  • You Can Remove Used Parts Yourself at Forklift Junkyard Near Me

Some forklift salvage yards near me allow customers to pull used parts themselves. Such kinds of businesses are called “pick-and-pull or self-service junkyards.”

Before you walk through such installations, you must pay some cash at the gate. It is used to sort out some managerial and administrative bills.

Meanwhile, it would be best to carry some removal tools when visiting pick-and-pull salvage yards. These include a hammer, pliers, wrenches, spanners, etc.

Remember also to wear your safety kits. It’s essential for your protection.

  • Some Forklift are Rebuilt to Work and the Sold Out

As mentioned earlier, not all forklift junk in scrap yards is entirely dead. Some of them are still serviceable. Such kinds of trucks are rebuilt to work again.

When the necessary repairs are carried out, they’re sold at an industrial vehicle auction. However, some businesses sell restored forklifts to individuals at the lot.

How Forklift is Prep Down to Metals at Wrecking Yards

Forklift salvage yards near me are professional in dismantling their junked trucks. Upon the arrival of the scrap forklift, they remove materials and chemicals that need special handling.

We’re talking about toxic liquids such as fuel, propane, CNG, freon, etc., and materials such as engines and lead-acid batteries.

After removing these materials and liquids, they will strip off other valuable auto components. When left outside, they can quickly get corroded or rotten.

As such, most salvage yards treat used parts and store them. The remaining portion of the truck will be sold as metal scrap to recycling centers.

  • The Specialty of Forklift Wrecking Yards

The forklift salvage yards near me feature lift trucks coming from different manufacturers.

Komatsu, Bobcat, Nissan, Clark Hyster Yale, Volvo, CASE, CAT, KION, Toyota, and many more. Some of the forklifts from these makes include telehandlers, warehouse lifts, and counterbalance lifts.

Others are walkie stackers, pallet jacks, rough terrain lift trucks, side loaders, industrial lifts, and many more.

If you visit some forklift salvage yards, they mix their lift trucks with other heavy equipment such as excavators, skid steers, and bucket trucks.

Used Forklift Parts Near Me

There’re numerous salvage parts in forklift junkyards near me. Some facilities have salvage parts running in thousands. Whatever you need can be found in these facilities.

They got engines, lift cylinders, capacity plates, counterweight, carriage, overhead guards, tires and wheels, leavers, load backrests, and more.

  • Forklift Salvage Yards Have an Online Database

Most forklift salvage yards near me present their inventory online. They update their database each time they have new items for customers.

While these businesses aim at widening their market, they also want to make the purchase of salvage parts easier for customers. Regardless of your location, you can order for required used forklift parts.

Since most of them partner with top shipping firms nationwide, they’ll deliver your ordered auto parts within a few hours or days.

However, the price of used forklift parts online is pricey than salvos.

Additionally, some auto parts you ordered might not fit your truck.

  • Are There Any Associated Drawbacks?

Of course!

There’re a few drawbacks associated with purchasing salvage parts at forklift junkyards. First, not all items you obtain from these businesses are high quality.

Some forklifts might have been overused, which makes certain auto parts worn out. Such things might last differently than expected.

Secondly, finding used forklift parts at pick-and-pull junkyards is challenging.

Such facilities need more organization. In other cases, you might get the exact used forklift part you need, but removal becomes the problem.

  • Warranty For Salvage Forklift Parts

Oh yes! You can obtain warranty coverage for each item you purchase at forklift salvage yards near me.

However, you’ll be asked to pay a certain amount to cover those components. The fee varies from one salvage yard to the next. However, you’re likely to pay around $10-$15.

Within your warranty period, you can return the purchased auto part in case of any issues. Most businesses will give a chance to swap or credit.

But as for a refund, we are still determining that.

You’ll be OK with securing used forklift parts at salvage yards. That’s because most of them offer vehicle components that are of high quality.

You can get used to almost new parts if you’re fortunate enough. But it would be best to keep the disadvantages of patronizing such businesses in mind to avoid losses.