This is all about Freightliner salvage yards.

You can get more details if you continue reading this post. A few include their business model, source of scrap Freightliner, and available salvage parts.

You’ll also be familiar with their procedures for dismantling junk Freightliner.

Freightliner Junkyard Near Me

Freightliner is a truck that’s expensive to maintain. When it comes to finding replaceable parts, it’s either they’re costly or hard to get.

But with Freightliner salvage yards, you can get replaceable parts. These auto accessories are sold at highly discounted rates. You can also dump your old or damaged truck for cash.

Freightliner Salvage is Scanty

Unfortunately, there are few Freightliner salvage yards within the country. Thus, you may not get one of their facilities near you.

You can settle for alternatives such as truck, medium-duty, or heavy-duty equipment salvage yards. These businesses have sections for Freightliner.

You’re likely to get what you need in their facilities.

To locate one of these salvage yards, you can start by searching online. A lot of websites have lists of Freightliner wrecking yards across the country.

If the results popping up are limited, you can narrow down your search by inputting your location and the kind of automobile you have. You can also ask people around for directions.

Model of Freightliner Wrecking Yards

The business model of Freightliner salvage yards isn’t different from that of thrift stores. They purchase unwanted Freightliners and sell their valuable parts for profit.

Most salvage yards deal exclusively in Freightliner manufacture trucks. However, some auto junkyards are featuring this truck on their lot.

Furthermore, while some Freightliner junkyards offer self-service, others provide complete services. The salvage yards providing self-service allow customers to remove used parts themselves.

Such businesses have a few auto parts in their inventory, and most are for older models of Freightliner.

As for salvage yards providing complete services, they don’t allow customers to remove functional parts themselves. Instead, their expert technicians remove auto parts whether customers ask for them.

Such kinds of businesses have a surplus in their inventory. You can get replaceable used parts for old and recent models of Freightliners.

Source of Inventory

Freightliner salvage yards near me get their inventory from private owners, insurance companies, commercial businesses, auctions, and liquidated businesses.

When Freightliners clock their lifespan, not worth the cost of repairs and outdated, private owners throw them in junkyards.

Insurance companies often junk Freightliners that are declared accidental. They aim to recoup part of the money used to settle a damaged claim.

Either way, not all Freightliners dumped in salvage yards are entirely worthless. Some Freightliners are serviceable. As such, they are fixed and flipped in auction for higher profit.

Where Else Can I Get Salvage Parts for Freightliner?

Some Freightliner scrap yards display their inventory online. This creates an avenue for customers to call ahead and inquire about used Freightliner parts.

Additionally, it purchases salvage parts quickly and conveniently from truck owners nationwide. Regardless of location, you can get what you want from these businesses.

Apart from salvage yards, some online businesses supply used Freightliner parts. Such businesses include eBay, craigslist, freecycle, and more.

However, the price of items from these vendors is slightly higher than that of Freightliner salvage yards.

Is It Easy to Scavenge for Used Parts in Freightliner Junkyards?

Finding used parts in a well-organized Freightliner salvage yard is easy.

Such businesses arrange their trucks according to their models, work type, and manufacture year. But if you end up in an unorganized salvage yard, finding the right salvage part will take a lot of work.

In this case, you should call ahead and ask what you need. It’s easier to pick up used Freightliner parts in their installation.

How Scrap Freightliner is Stripped in Salvage Yards

The procedure for prepping Freightliner is quite interesting. When these trucks are dumped in scrapyards, they wait to get stripped.

Most salvage yards siphon harmful liquids such as oil, freon, engine coolant, and diesel. Allowing them to spill on the ground may put underground water in harm’s way.

Next, auto parts that can quickly get rusted are removed and sold to third parties for restoration or rebuilding. The remaining valuable components will be stripped and kept in the warehouse.

As for the shell of Freightliner, the salvage yard sell it to recycling centers as scrap metal.

Used Freightliner Parts Near Me

There’re several of them. You can get engines, cooling systems, bumpers, shock absorbers, tires and wheels, fenders, hoods, panels, steering, starters, and doors.

Other functional parts include lighting systems, brake control, battery, frame, dashboards, and windshields.

You can get replaceable parts for vintage trucks at some Freightliner salvage yards. We refer to trucks of the 60s and beyond.

Thinking of Selling Your Freightliner To Salvage Yards?

One of the places you can get the value of your scrap Freightliner is in a salvage yard.

They offer fair prices to trucks junked in their facilities. But how much you’ll take home depends on a few things—the condition of your Freightliner, its make and model, and the current scrap metal price.

Meanwhile, before you bid farewell to your scrap Freightliner, there’re a few things you’ll need to do. First, siphon the remaining fuel in your truck and remove all personal belongings.

Also, remove your license plates and return them to DMV. Cancel all insurance policies and registration. Failure to do so will attract some charges when it reaches junkyards.

After you’ve done all these, you estimate the value of your truck to assist you in negotiating a better price. To facilitate your estimation, use the Kelly Blue Book.

It will help you determine the value of your truck.

Freightliner salvage yards are a graceful economy for truck owners needing cheap auto parts. With a few hundred dollars, you can get your Freightliner up and running again.

However, you must know that there are a few drawbacks to purchasing used parts from these businesses. For one, you’re likely to have fewer quality auto parts in your hands.