Big salvage yards are dumping grounds for broken or antique vehicles. These include trucks, cars, aircraft, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, lawnmowers, snowmobiles, and lots more.

You can get replaceable parts for each vehicle or machine at affordable rates. Moreover, their salvage parts are manufacturer-installed and assembled.

For that, they’re the best bet for any vehicle restoration project.

Scrap Yards in America

Besides selling used automobile components, these businesses also fix serviceable cars and send them for auction. They also provide helpful information about various used automobiles and machines.

Now, auto salvage yards vary in size. While some sit in a larger space, others are medium and small.

But as you keep reading this text, you’ll be enlightened about the largest salvage yards across the country. Without any delay, let’s begin our discussion.

10 Largest Junkyards in the USA

Right below are the largest salvage yards around the country.

These yards accommodate scrap vehicles in thousands. You can visit any of their installations and obtain used parts for your automobiles, motorcycles, and machines.

  • French Lake Auto Salvage Yard

This is an auto junkyard that’s considered the largest in the country. Its located in Minnesota and has been in operation for more than fifty years.

The salvage yard currently accommodates over 10,000 vehicles on over 100 acres. You can get any replacement part you need for your restoration project.

The salvage yard features both recent and antique brands and models of vehicles. According to some sources, you can get vehicles manufactured in the twenties.

Furthermore, French Lake Auto Salvage Yard has both scrap metal and car recycling sections in its facility.

  • Wildcat Auto Wrecking

The next largest junkyard in the country is Wildcat Auto Wrecking. It’s located in Sandy, Oregon, and specializes in the Chrysler vehicle brand.

Currently, the salvage yard features approximately 8,000 vehicles on its lot. Amongst these cars, you can spot models of the 50s-70s.

Wildcat Auto Wrecking is reputed for hosting almost rust-free scrap vehicles. You can get everything from engines, exhausts, dashboards, fenders, transmissions, and more, depending on your needs.

  • CTC Auto Ranch

Are you looking for a salvage yard that specializes in muscle cars? If yes, locate CTC Ranch. It’s the third-largest auto junkyard in the country.

The yard features thousands of muscle vehicles in its lot. You can get cars that exist in the 60s and 70s. This makes them perfect for your restoration project.

Furthermore, the body and parts of their vehicles are almost rust-free. Entirely thanks to the location of CTC Auto Ranch. The region’s weather condition is favorable for junk cars.

If you want to visit this salvage yard, they’re an hour North of Dallas, in Denton, Texas.

  • All Bikes Salvage Yards in Arizona

Riders of the motorcycle will find this salvage yard a saving grace. It’s among the biggest bike junkyards in the country and the world.

They’re located in Payson, Gila, Arizona, USA, and offer services in used parts, buying and selling of rebuilt motorcycles, estimated junk car value, and more.

Around 2013, the yard suffered a massive fire outbreak that destroyed over 900 unique motorcycles. Still, you can get many scrap motorcycles in their lot.

  • Tuner’s Auto Wrecking

This auto salvage yard isn’t only among the largest but falls among the oldest. This facility was set up around 1928 in California.

According to experts, Tuner’s Auto Wrecking has over a hundred hectares of junked vehicles. If you’re a vehicle enthusiast, you can get everything you need to get your car up and running again.

You can also get salvage auto parts for antique vehicles. We refer to cars of the 30s to date.

  • Pinal Air Pack

Do you have an aircraft to restore? If yes, this salvage yard will be the perfect place to obtain used pieces at highly discounted rates.

You can scavenge aircraft parts from planes that have never been flown. In other words, the used components you’ll obtain are brand new.

Such planes sit on the land because of poor financing or because buyers have no immediate use for them. If you want to visit Pinal Air Pack, they’re in Arizona.

  • Old Car City USA

You can visit this magnificent auto salvage yard if you live around white Georgia.

It also falls among the largest in the country, hosting over four thousand vehicles on thirty hectares. High school students often visit the yard to view their junk cars and the nature behind them.

However, before you walk around this junkyard, you’ll be required to pay for admission. The exact charges apply if you want to take a photograph.

  • Stephens Performance Salvage Yard

You can also count on this auto wreck yard for quality salvage parts for your vehicle. The facility is located in Anderson, Alabama.

They have over forty years of experience selling car parts and recycling automobiles. Furthermore, their junk cars are running in hundreds to thousands.

Most of their featured vehicles are Dodge Chargers and Dodge Challengers. If you have a car dating back to the 60s, you can obtain replaceable parts for them.

  • Mojave Air and Space Port

Same here; lovers of aircraft can purchase replaceable components for cheap. The salvage yard is based in California and is renowned for selling used aircraft components.

They also serve as a working spaceport. Every year, a lot of tourists visit this yard to see for themselves some fantastic airplanes.

Because of this, the salvage yard has a restaurant where you can eat while watching the lines of planes.

  • Corvair Ranch

On our list, this is the last most oversized salvage yard in the country. It’s located in Pennsylvania and hosts over 600 Corvair in their garage. You can obtain everything you need for your restoration project.

Besides selling used vehicle parts, these facilities provide services in upholstery, re-manufacturing of motors, maintenance, painting, and more.

For details about this salvage yard, visit their official page.

There’re many more extensive salvage yards across the country. The listed salvage yards are ranked at the top. You can visit any of them for salvage parts or restored automobiles and aircraft.

While salvage components are sold at highly discounted prices, you must be careful when selecting used parts.