Mercedes Salvage Yards Near You

Below, we’ll give you a detailed explanation of what Mercedes Salvage Yards Near You look like.

You’ll learn about their mode of operation, kind of business, and some salvage parts you can get. We’ll also describe how they strip scrap Mercedes down to their metals.

All you need now is to read carefully.

Mercedes Benz Junk Yard Near You

Mercedes is a Japanese car that’s costly to maintain, particularly when changing new parts.

However, you’ll significantly cut the cost of used parts by visiting auto junkyards near you.

These businesses dish out used auto parts for various kinds of Mercedes. You can get alternate parts if you ride a sedan, SUV, UTV, truck, van, or heavy equipment.

Top 20 Mercedes Salvage Yards

Mercedes Benz parts are expensive, especially if you drive the most recent model. You will spend lots of money to get it back on the road when severely broken.

Therefore, we advise you to go to salvage yards to shop for replacement or spare parts for your car. We will outline the USA’s top 20 Mercedes salvage yards in line with this.

All you need to do is keep reading.

  1. Zavatskiy, Inc., Mercedes Used Auto Parts

Do you want cheap replacement parts for your Mercedes-Benz? Then, quickly contact this facility for high-quality products. They are a one-stop shop for all your auto needs.

You can get a wide selection of parts for your vehicle’s make and model at competitive prices. The facility stocks items for domestic and foreign cars.

Whether you drive a late, recent, luxurious, or standard vehicle, you’ll get what you need and even more.

  1. All Mercedes Wrecking Yards

You can also count on this junkyard for excellent vehicle parts.

The facility is a premier destination for quality car parts and salvage services. You can get everything you need for your restoration project with a wide selection of used auto parts.

Besides selling car parts, the yard buys scrap metal and other recyclables from customers. If you have any scrap parts to sell, they can be your best bet.

  1. Mercedes International

Mercedes International can meet your salvage needs beyond your expectations. They offer a vast inventory of Mercedes-Benz parts ready to ship anywhere in the country.

You can order the item you need if you are away from their yard. Your shipment will arrive at your doorstep within a few hours or days.

  1. MB Salvage Parts

MB Salvage Parts is renowned for offering new and used genuine Mercedes parts. They also supply difficult-to-find components at affordable prices so you can enjoy the parts you need.

They aim to help customers maintain their cars with quality parts at affordable prices. If that’s what you want, they are your one-stop shop.

  1. Benz Preowned Mercedes Parts

This is the best place to save time on repairs or restoration projects.

The salvage yard is engineered specifically for your car to maximize longevity, safety, and performance. They supply high-quality parts to customers at competitive prices.

Their expert technicians can also better understand what it takes to keep your car running at peak performance. You can contact them anytime you want your car to run optimally.

  1. Mercedes-Benz Parts

Do you know what makes Mercedes a unique mark?

It’s because of its luxurious comfort and performance. You can trust this salvage yard to provide excellent used, OEM, and aftermarket auto parts to enhance the luxury features of your car.

They have parts for different Mercedes models and years. Some items from them include tires, transmissions, brakes, engines, and more.

  1. Cor-Auto Inc.

Trust this salvage yard for the best vehicle parts to finish your repairs. They are a trusted destination for premium auto salvage parts.

They have a legacy of expertise, which makes customers highly recommend them. With a comprehensive selection of top-quality auto parts, you can get everything you need to complete your repairs.

  1. Mercedes-Benz of Fayetteville Parts

Come to this salvage yard if you need quality auto parts. The facility maintains a comprehensive inventory of high-quality, genuine OEM components.

They also have highly knowledgeable staff who will answer your queries excellently. In addition to that, they’ll help you find the right part for your car.

  1. Benz Parts HQ

You can rely on Benz Parts HQ for the best vehicle parts to complete your repairs or restoration project. They maintain a comprehensive inventory of genuine OEM parts.

Some items from their facility include alternators, tires, wheels, starters, transmissions, hoods, fenders, engines, and more. All these auto components come with a limited warranty and a cheap price tag.

  1. Mercedes BMW Parts

Of course, your German performance vehicle deserves the best. That’s why we recommend this salvage yard for all your automotive needs.

The facility is proud to provide an array of authentic repair and replacement parts that uphold the integrity of your luxury vehicle. You can get genuine OEM parts that give the quality the manufacturer intended at affordable prices.

  1. German Auto Resort LLC

Are you searching for the best-used car parts for your Mercedes Benz? Then check in at this salvage yard. It’s a locally owned and operated business that sells used car parts.

You can get items like transmissions, headlamps, engines, doors, bumpers, taillights, and other accessories at a competitive price.

  1. Mercedes-Benz of Clearwater Parts Center

Come to the Mercedes-Benz Clearwater Parts Center if you need cheap used car parts. The facility features high-quality OEM parts to maximize your savings and safety.

If you check their catalog, they have items ranging from alternators, transmissions, brake parts, and rotors. These parts have a guarantee of durability and will be given out at lower prices.

  1. Mercedes-Benz of Chesterfield Parts Department

For several years, this salvage yard has been meeting the automotive needs of clients in Chesterfield. They have genuine and certified parts you’ll need to complete your repairs.

Some items in their lot include used brake pads, hoods, chassis, starters, wheels, windshields, alternators, engines, and more. All these items come with an extended warranty and quality guarantee.

  1. Benzeen Auto Parts Used Auto Parts

Benzeen is one of the largest wrecking yards in Northern California. The business specializes in auto dismantling of all years and models.

For seven decades, the yard has offered dismantling and recycling services directly to the general public. Anything you obtain from their store comes with a warranty coverage of at least one year.

  1. Mercedes-Benz of Ft. Pierce Parts Department

Mercedes-Benz of Fort Pierce enjoys helping our customers get good deals and superior service on all our repair services. To continually improve their services, they employ well-trained technicians.

These experts will offer you the best auto services, regardless of your vehicle’s make and model. They sell high-quality used car parts at competitive prices.

  1. Mercedes-Benz of Lehigh Valley Parts Store

The parts center at Mercedes-Benz of Lehigh Valley is the go-to place for genuine Mercedes-Benz parts and accessories. You can get items ranging from tires and floor mats to fluids and other accessories.

These items are of the highest quality and will be given to you at a significant discount. So, if you’re running on a budget, consider patronizing this yard to cut costs.

  1. Mercedes-Benz of Louisville Parts

The Mercedes-Benz of Louisville parts department carries genuine Mercedes-Benz parts. If you want to further enhance your new or used Mercedes-Benz vehicle and customize it, this is the right place to be.

The facility has parts for vehicle maintenance, like a replacement battery. You can also get other items, like engines, fenders, bumpers, axle assemblies, and more cheaply.

  1. Mercedes-Benz Parts Department

If you live around Durham, consider patronizing this salvage yard. They are a premier destination for high-quality car parts and other accessories for Mercedes-Benz.

These genuine parts can help extend your car’s longevity, durability, and overall well-being. Some items in their lot are wheels, tires, air filters, tail lights, travel accessories, brake parts, and more.

  1. Mercedes Benz of El Cajon Parts Center

Come to Mercedes-Benz of El Cajon for genuine Mercedes-Benz auto parts.

The junkyard specializes in auto dealerships for various Benz models. With dedication to delivering high-quality service, you can get your car running like new without breaking the bank.

Genuine OEM parts, like engines, transmissions, hoods, fenders, etc., are sold to customers at highly discounted rates.

  1. Mercedes-Benz of Roanoke Parts

The Parts Department at Mercedes-Benz of Roanoke maintains a comprehensive inventory of high-quality, genuine OEM parts. Whatever you need to make your car operate optimally can be found in this facility.

They also employ highly knowledgeable staff to help customers get the right parts. If you have any questions, they can provide a satisfactory answer.

There are many more Mercedes-Benz salvage yards to explore in the U.S.; these are just a few to help you reduce the cost of your repairs or restoration project.

All you need to do now is pick a facility near you and explore their inventory.

How to Locate a Mercedes Wreck Yard Nearby

The internet is an excellent place to start when finding a Mercedes scrap yard near you. Many websites have a list of Mercedes salvos around the country.

Thus, you may get one of their facilities near you.

However, if the results you’re getting aren’t yielding anything positive, you can narrow down your search by typing Mercedes junkyard + your location.

Import and foreign car salvage yards are inexpensive places to get salvage Mercedes parts.

Most of them have a large section for this vehicle brand.

  • Mercedes Salvage Yards are Locally Run and Managed

Most Mercedes Benz Salvage Yards Near You are privately owned and managed. But they keep to specific environmental laws regarding recirculating used auto parts.

Their style of business is similar to that of thrift stores. This means they take advantage of both buying and selling opportunities.

They purchase broken or antique Mercedes cars and profit by selling their valuable components.

Places where they obtain their junk include insurance companies, private sellers, auctions, dealerships, and liquidated businesses.

Scrap vehicles that come from the hands of private owners are either inoperable, valued more for their auto parts, or outdated.

Next, when cars get involved in an accident, insurance dealerships junk them at salvos. They aim to recover part of the money they spend settling the customer’s claim.

Whatever the case might be, vehicles brought to salvage yards have valuable components that are worth money.

How Mercedes Wrecking Yards Functions

There are two ways Mercedes junkyards near me operate. While some provide customers with complete services, others offer self-services.

Either way, they aim to meet the individual needs of clients. Mercedes salvage yards offer comprehensive services to remove requested used parts for customers.

If you visit their installation, you’ll have a replacement part for your car. They got replacement parts for both recent and antique Mercedes models.

As for salvage yards providing self-services, they give pickers the freedom to pull functional car parts themselves.

Although they don’t have surplus salvage parts on their shelves, you can be sure to obtain items at lower rates. But before you enter such installations, you must pay for admission.

It’s mostly around $10 or less.

The Kinds of Mercedes You Can Get

Remember, Mercedes salvage yards are dumping grounds for all kinds of models.

As such, you’ll find different models of cars in their lot. C Class, E Class, G.L. Class, CLK Class, G Class, GLA Class, M Class, S Class, and R Class.

Other models include V Class, Metris, AMG GT, SLS AMG Class, SL, Class, and more.

Salvage yards that are well-organized line up these vehicles according to their models and year of manufacture. Finding what you need in such salvos is easy.

However, we also have yards that need more organization. Such businesses need to arrange their junk in a more fashionable way. All vehicle models are jampacked in one spot.

To get what you came for, you’ll spend several hours.

How Scrap Cars are Prep in Mercedes-Benz Yards

How Mercedes Salvage Yards Near You process their scrap vehicles is quite interesting.

When automobiles are junked in their facility, they check the condition of each. Serviceable cars will be fixed and auctioned off.

Then, those with no hope of returning to service will be disassembled.

Until then, all fluids that are toxic to the environment will be drained. Most salvage yards repackage such liquids and sell them off to be reused or recycled.

Next, they will strip all valuable components of the vehicle. The only thing that will remain in those vehicles is mere metal frames. In this case, they’ll sell them to scrap metal recycling centers.

Used Mercedes Benz Parts Near You

There are numerous salvage parts at Mercedes junkyards. You can get engines, doors, fenders, exhaust systems, hoods, manifolds, panels, and dashboards, depending on your car type.

Other salvage parts are tires, wheels, wipers, seats, starters, radiators, transmissions, sound systems, A/C, water pumps, and more.

You can also get used parts for vintage vehicles like the old Mercedes models. We mean cars of the 60s to date. You can stumble on almost new auto parts if you’re lucky enough.

How Much Do Salvage Parts Cost at Mercedes Junkyards?

The amount it’ll cost to obtain used Mercedes parts depends on the kind of salvo you visit. The auto part you also need matters significantly.

However, you’ll likely get doors for $60, batteries for $13, side mirrors for $15, and so on.

  • Guarantee for Salvage Yard Mercedes Parts

One thing that sets Mercedes Salvage Yards Near You apart from others is the warranty for used parts. You can obtain warranty coverage for each item you purchase at about $15 or less.

However, the warranty period differs from one salvage yard to the next. We have some installations that provide a warranty for up to 30 days.

Still, others can offer you a 60-90 day warranty.

Within these periods, you can return purchased items if anything goes wrong. You’ll be given the option to swap or credit. Some salvage yards with good hearts might even refund your cash.

Economically, Mercedes salvage yards are places to obtain used car parts cheaply. You can also get auto parts that are hard to get in stores and other dealerships.

However, there are certain disadvantages you might encounter when patronizing these businesses. That’s why you should take caution when selecting used Mercedes parts from these businesses.