You may consider the option of getting used parts at import salvage yards.

These are businesses that specialize in selling pre-owned auto parts at affordable prices. All you should do is keep reading this post to learn more about their services and business style.

Import Auto Junkyard Near Me

Finding replaceable parts for imported vehicles can be challenging in parts shops.

If you’re fortunate to have a shop with your type of automotive parts, their prices are exorbitant. You’ll spend a lot to get your vehicle back in service.

Of course, you aren’t ready to spend that much.

  • What Kind Of Business Are Imported Salvage Yards In?

Import salvage yards purchased damaged vehicles and profited by selling their functional parts. Some of the cars they dismantled are declared totaled by insurance companies.

Others are scrapped because they aren’t worth the cost to repair or replacement of new parts.

In addition to selling functional parts, some import salvage yards restore nearly operational vehicles. When unwanted cars are taken into salvage yards, they are not disassembled immediately.

Qualified junkyards technicians will inspect the health of the cars. Those hoping to run again will be fixed and sent for auction.

How to Get Auto Parts at Import Junkyards

There are two methods of obtaining used parts at import salvage yards. Either remove the parts yourself or have the salvage yard’s personnel remove the details for you.

Whatever the case, you’ll get away with quality auto parts. However, if you wish to remove portions independently, you will need to carry tools for removal.

This includes pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, Spanners, etc.

You can get used parts online besides visiting salvage yards in person. There is some import salvage yard that features its inventory online.

The goal is to broaden the market for automotive replacement parts.

Also, it will be possible for faraway customers to patronize them.

  • Vehicles are Professionally Processed at Import Salvage Yards

Import salvage yards employ qualified personnel to handle their junked cars.

Upon the arrival of scrap cars, the toxic liquids they carry will be removed according to the recommendations of the environmental regulators.

Such toxic liquids are repackaged for reuse or recycled.

After this operation, all functional automobile parts will be removed. Some import salvage yards inspect parts for defects such as holes, cracks, and rust.

Auto parts that meet their standards will be priced and sold. Other faulty parts, including the vehicle shell, will be sold as scrap.

While dismantling vehicles is complex, it ultimately benefits the environment and the economy. First, recycling auto parts from old/wrecked cars helps to convert valuable resources.

It also frees up space for new vehicles at landfills. Finally, it provides local employment opportunities.

Kind of Vehicles You Can See at Import Salvage Yards

If you visit import junkyards near me, you’ll see that they organize their vehicles according to brands. Only a few facilities rank their inventory based on the year of manufacture.

However, some automakers you can see are Kia, Mazda, Subaru, Lincoln, Hyundai, BMW, and Fiat.

Others include Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Ford, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Saturn, Pontiac, and lots more.

  • Available Auto Part

Most import salvage yards have pre-owned parts running into hundreds and thousands.

These auto parts are for both older and newer car models. This means that you are less likely to miss the automobile part you need.

They got clean dashboards, fenders, mirrors, windshields, engines, radiators, transmissions, tires and wheels, doors, and panels.

Other parts include exhaust, sound system, GPS, A/C, rims, caps, steering, wiper, etc.

Before You Visit an Import Salvage Yard

Keeping a few things in mind when visiting an import landfill would be best. First, get price quotes from different salvage yards before settling on one.

This will help you obtain the best possible price for the automotive parts you need. You can contact various import salvage yards via phone, email, or text.

You get more information about their auto parts in whichever salvage yard you find appropriate. You may also wish to learn more about their warranty policy and shipping cost. That’s if you shop online.

After that, you order parts or visit their establishment in person.

Want to Junk Your Vehicle at Import Junkyard?

Discarding your old or wrecked vehicle at the import salvage yard is possible. Remember, we mentioned earlier that these facilities get their inventory from private sellers.

You may get a fair market for your vehicle than selling it to a dealer. However, a few key factors determine how well you will earn.

The types of salvage yards you visit, the make and model of the vehicle, condition, current scrap price, etc.

Until then, before you dump your car, there are a few things you’ll have to do. First off, you are to empty the rest of the fuel in your vehicle and repackage.

Then, remove all of your personal belongings, including your license plates. After that, you cancel insurance policies and registration.

Once completed, learn about the value of your car based on the factors listed above. The Kelly Blue Book can also be used to determine its value.

  • Import Salvage Yards Offer Warranty for Used Parts

Many imports salvage yards offer a warranty for their used car parts. But the duration differs from one salvage yard to another.

While some facilities will guarantee up to 30 days, others offer a guarantee of up to 90 days to one year. During these times, you may return items in case of malfunction.

You will be suitable to swap or get credit.

In the meantime, you must also pay a warranty fee for each item you purchase. Depending on the facility you are dealing with, you will probably be charged approximately $12 or less.

Getting used parts for your vehicle at import salvage yards will drastically reduce your expenses. Some experts say you can save around 60-75% on new parts.

As you can see, you can sell your accident car in addition to buying pre-owned parts.