Recycled Metal Art Sculptures

If you want to know more about recycled metal art sculptures, keep reading this post. We’ll list some astonishing metal art sculptures created from recycled metals.

Moreover, we’ll tell you the kinds of recycled metal sculptures you can get and what metals they’re composed of. Without any waste of time, let’s jump into our discussion.

Scrap Metal Art

Artists are people with extraordinary talents. They can use everything from old automobile parts to unusable electronics and broken devices.

Sometimes, they can use watch components to create beautiful sculptures such as animals and other elegant creatures. However, making these art sculptures from recycled metals requires considerable skills and patience.

What is a Recycled Metal Art Sculpture?

This is simply the use of waste or discarded metals for creative production. There’re two forms of recycled metal art sculpture, upcycle and downcycle.

Upcycle metal art sculptures use metal objects that are considered trash. These materials will then be transformed into beautiful and meaningful sculptures.

For down-cycle metal art sculptures, the artist will deconstruct metallic objects and transform them into meaningful sculptures. This type of art is practiced globally, but it’s rare in some regions.

The purpose of recycled metal art is to elevate materials that are considered worthless and makes them purposeful.

Types of Art Sculptures

The sculpture is typically into two classes. We have three-dimensional (sculpture in a round) and two-dimensional (relief) sculptures.

Three-dimensional sculptures are free-standing statues, portraits, etc. Then relief sculptures are artistic images slightly raised or engraved on a flat surface.

Relief sculptures are into two categories. We have high and low relief, and each of them differs according. An excellent example of a relief sculpture is a coin.

However, you can get several others out there.

Kinds of Metals Used in Making Art Sculptures

Recycled metal art sculptures can be made from a variety of materials.

These include scrap bronze, gold, silver, lead, iron, aluminum, copper, brass, and more. You can get these metals from different places, including construction sites and scrap metal recycling centers.

Your local junkyards are another excellent place to get scrap metals. Moreover, you get waste irons from scrap metal dealers, next-door neighbors, and more.

Some Recycled Metal Art Sculptures

At the moment, we’ll highlight some recycled metal art sculptures.

Vibrant artists make these pieces from different countries worldwide. Moreover, they’re among the most famous art pieces in the world. Let’s check on them right away.

  • Wild West Buffalo by John Lopez

This is a life-size American Bison made from recycled metals.

It was produced by a French man by name John Lopez. He currently lives and works in South Dakota. However, this art piece is Installed at Parn Animalier de Sainte Croix, France.

John Lopez is known for creating images with scrap irons, including farm equipment. Most of his sculptural pieces are iconic American Western images and themes.

In the past, he made some stunning sculptures of horses plowing fields and a Texas longhorn.

  • Ecstasy By Karen Cusolito

This is another stunning art sculpture created by Karen Cusolito using recycled metals. The statue was named “Ecstasy” to depict the emotion of passion and the posture of exaltation that can inspire.

It’s an image of a woman who needs to be seen and believed. The sculpture was illuminated at dusk by a warm light. This light emanates from her hands and softly glows upon her shoulders, neck, and head.

Ecstasy was built in 2007 and put on stage at The Crucible’s Fire Opera. Then around 2011, the piece was exhibited in Hayes Valley, San Francisco, CA. The work is part of a private collection at “Karen Cusolito.”

  • Hulk Sculpture by Phairote

It’s a fantastic Hulk sculpture made from recycled metals by the art studio Ben Hun Lek. The statue is about 2.3 meters tall and emulates a smooth organic texture.

This artist loves to create iconic characters from popular culture in metal. Some of his works include Xenomorph from the Alien Franchise, the Predator, Characters from the Star War Franchise, and more.

  • Steel Statue of Grasshopper by Tom Hardwidge

This artist is well-known for creating steampunk insects entirely from recycled metals. Most of his works are composed of old steel and bullets.

This delicate sculpture is a real testament to Tom Hardwhidge’s art skill. He created this piece because of his belief that each arthropod starts its life as a series of sketches.

While some are inspired by nature, Hardwidge gets his from bits and pieces of metals. He can form an unusual structure to fit together and look attractive.

If you want to see more of these metal art sculptures, you can visit Hardwidge’s Studio.

  • Transformers Sculptures

These are also a match made in heaven metal sculptures made from scrap metals.

The studio specializing in creating such pieces is called “Scrap Metal Art Thailand.” They typically take old pieces of machinery and equipment and turn them into something entirely remarkable.

Some popular cultural icons they make include Xenomorph, predator, and the Terminator. They also specialize in making massive generic robots.

  • Steampunk Horse by Cem Ozkan (Gem-Oz-Can)

The artist above specializes in turning scrap metals into unique sculptures.

During his third year at Anadolu University, he created a steampunk horse in Eskisehir, Turkey. The horse was inspiring and aesthetically beautiful as well.

Besides horses, Cem Ozkan creates other breathtaking scrap metal sculptures. They include warrior ships, astronauts, sailing vessels, and more.

He often obtains his scrap metals from wreck yards, among other sources.

  • Metal Cat by Igor Verniy

This is another inspiring metal art sculpture made from scrap metal. The sculptural piece looks as though it’s alive. The artist invested much time and creativity in the project.

According to experts, he studies his subjects extensively before starting work. For that, his works stand out from other contemporaries.

There’re a lot of recycled metal art sculptures around the globe. The ones we highlighted above are just so famous. When we meet next, we’ll highlight others we couldn’t.

Nevertheless, you can see that scrap metals can be used to create beautiful and meaningful sculptures.