How Much Does Refrigerator Removal Cost?

How much does it cost to remove a refrigerator? Below is a breakdown of the current disposal prices.

It’s fantastic you want to upgrade to a new high-tech refrigerator. Modern refrigerators often come with temperature sensors and a water filtration system which saves energy.

While this is true, removing an old fridge isn’t a mission you should attempt alone. It can strain your back and shoulders or even lead to severe injuries.

Average Refrigerator Removal Cost

You must invite a removal service or professional hand to remove your appliance. Such experts have unique techniques and tools to remove such items responsibly.

But the question is, how much will it cost to remove a refrigerator?

You’ll find out soon if you keep reading this article.

  • Why Choose A Reputable Removal Service?

Refrigerators aren’t only bulky but heavy as well. They also contain tons of hazardous chemicals that must be handled cautiously.

When these chemicals leaks, they can damage the earth in several ways. To mention a few, they can worsen the greenhouse effect and damage the ozone layers. They can also exacerbate global warming.

Besides gas leakage, transporting items with such chemicals is difficult and risky. Therefore, you should call for removal services to remove your old refrigerator.

Whether you have a home-sized or commercial kegerator, they can remove them successfully.

Apart from removing these appliances professionally, they’ll responsibly dispose of or recycle the refrigerators. These companies abide by specific disposal methods following environmental protocols.

Cost of Disposing Of a Refrigerator

Having seen the importance of removing an old refrigerator, you must know its removal cost. That way, you can make appropriate financial arrangements for such a mission.

How much you’ll spend removing your old refrigerator depends on several factors. But generally, the fee fluctuates between $50 to $150.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Removing Old Refrigerators

As mentioned earlier, the cost of removing these appliances depends on certain factors. That’s the removal company you’re inviting, the kind of refrigerator, location, among others.

Let’s briefly take a look at them for a better understanding.

  • Choice of Removal Service

Your choice of a removal company can significantly impact the cost of removing this appliance. Prices differ from one service provider to the next. While some companies may charge you high, others’ fees are pocket friendly.

Therefore, you should research companies with affordable prices. You may be lucky to get some organizations with free removal services for old refrigerators.

  • Location

Same here; where your home is located may impact how much your fridge removal will cost. For instance, paying for refrigerator removal is expensive if you reside in areas with few companies.

Most junk removal services may charge you for gas, landfill dumping or recycling, demand, and job duration. So those leaving far away from a removal company may pay more than those going closer.

  • Number of Refrigerators to Remove

Typically, it’s less expensive to remove one refrigerator. But it’ll cost you more if you have so much to dispose of. Most removal services will not let you fill their truck with these appliances.

That’s because refrigerators contain hazardous chemicals. It’s often difficult to transport such items. Any leakage can threaten environmental health.

How To Hire A Refrigerator Removal Company

having seen the average cost of removing this appliance, let’s show you how to book a removal service. Now, hiring removal services is more accessible than before. You can be done with the booking process in just a few steps.

First, call or email the company you wish to patronize. They’ll send you a quote since prices depend on your location. But while you do that, remember to include the size and model of your fridge, as it will also impact its pricing.

Once you finish that, the removal company will call you within 15 to 30 minutes. They’ll schedule an appointment window when they will come to pick up your item.

They’ll also let you know when they’ll arrive at your home.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Removal Service

Certain elements must be considered when booking a removal service for your old refrigerators. That’s because several removal services are available in the market.

Each of these service providers offers different rates and services. In most cases, the cheapest only sometimes works out as the best option. Therefore, you must note the following factors when choosing a preferred removal service.

Now, some of the things to consider are transparent pricing, reliability, and following environmental safety guidelines. Let’s take a look at them individually.

  • Transparency in Prices

It’s crucial to work with companies that offer transparent pricing.

That way, you can make an appropriate budget to remove your old appliance. Now, a few details should be included when looking for removal services with transparent prices.

These include weight, volume, labor, and transport services. Having provided these details, the company will estimate your bill accurately.

  • Reliability

Of course, you will only want to work with reliable companies.

This is to avoid putting both your appliance and home at risk of damage. As such, you’ll need a company that’s licensed and legit. Additionally, you’ll need a service provider who respects time to remove your appliance promptly.

Trustworthy removal services often ensure your home and belongings aren’t damaged.

They may offer you insurance if your property gets damaged. When looking for a reliable removal company, read online customer reviews. You can also seek past client referrals from the company.

  • Follow Environmental Guidelines

Most states have guidelines regulating removing and disposal of appliances with toxic chemicals.

So when finding a reliable company, you should choose the one that prioritizes environmental safety guidelines. We have removal services that reuse, recycle, donate, resell, and re-purpose refrigerators after removal.

So those are the kind of services you should go for.

At least you’ll have peace of mind knowing your items will be removed and disposed of appropriately. Moreover, your old fridge will not end up in a landfill and harm the environment.

Inviting a removal service to pick up your old or damaged refrigerator is essential.

They will carefully remove your appliance and dispose of it appropriately. However, they don’t often provide this service for free. Something must come out of your pocket. Whether big or small.

From what has been discussed, you can see the average removal cost for old refrigerators. But remember, prices may differ due to some factors.