Do you need help getting cheap salvage parts for your scooter? You don’t have to worry anymore.

Scooter salvage yards near me sell used parts for various scooters at affordable prices. You can visit their installation and pull the functional pieces you need.

Alternatively, you can order for required scooter salvage parts online.

Scooter Junkyard Near Me

Right below are some vital details regarding scooter salvage yards near me.

This includes their kind of business, how customers are serviced, and available scooter salvage parts. You’ll also learn about their source of inventory and how junked scooters are processed.

Let’s begin the discussion if you’re set.

  • Reasons to Patronize Scooter Wrecking Yards

The fact that you need salvage parts for your scooter is enough to consider visiting a salvage yard. You can save about 60-75% off the cost of new.

Secondly, used scooter parts purchased from salvage yards are OEM. In other words, they’re manufacturer-installed and assembled.

Such used parts have much more guarantee than aftermarket parts.

You can also get helpful information about scooters from salvage yards. Their expert technicians have verse knowledge about such automobiles.

Finally, you’re supporting local businesses to thrive by patronizing scooter salvage yards.

  • Scooter Scrap Yard Business

Primarily, scooter salvage yards purchase wrecked or old scooters and sell their valuable parts for reuse.

But you can also get salvage parts for mopeds, Vespa, and other personal vehicles. As mentioned above, those parts are dished out at highly discounted prices.

Besides selling salvage parts, scooter salvage yards restore junked scooters near running condition. After reviving them, they send them for auction or directly to individuals needing inexpensive scooters.

How Scooter Salvage Yards Gets Their Inventory

Scooter salvage yards get their junked scooters from three sources.

These include government auctions, insurance companies, private sellers, and police impounds. Some rental businesses also junk their scooters when they have little life left.

Another reason a scooter is dumped in a salvage yard is the high cost of repairs.

In other cases, the price of new parts is more than the cost of the scooter. However, insurance companies often junked scooters declared totaled to recover some money they spent on claim damage.

Whatever the reason might be, junked scooters aren’t entirely worthless. No matter the level of damage, you can always get functional parts that meet your needs.

If you’re lucky, you can stumble on a new scooter that just got crashed. Such kinds of junked scooters are like a gold mine.

How Scooter Junkyards Serviced Customers

Scooter salvage yards near me have two ways of serving customers.

While some offer self-services, others provide complete services. Are you lost?

Let’s explain this further so you understand better.

  • Self-Service Scooter Junkyards

Scooter salvage yards providing self-services are often called pick and pull. They allow customers to remove valuable scooter parts themselves.

However, you might encounter a few challenges with such a business. Firstly, finding salvage parts for recent scooters might take time and effort.

That’s because their inventory is full of older models of scooters.

Sometimes, you can get the right replacement part, but removal will be difficult. If you try forcing it out, you can injure yourself or damage the piece.

  • Complete Service Junkyards

Meanwhile, scooter salvage yards providing complete services are called Pull a Part for you. They operate in direct contrast with the salvage yard above. Instead of allowing customers

to remove used parts, they do the removal. You’re likely to get whatever you need in these facilities. That’s because they have plenty of used parts in their inventory.

Additionally, their parts can be compatible with both old and recent models of scooters. However, prices of salvage items here are higher than in self-service junkyards.

  • Most Scooter Yards Demand Admission Fee

Before you enter some scooter salvage yards, particularly pick-and-pull, you must pay an admission fee. It’s typically around $10 or less, depending on the salvage yard you patronized.

The fee is a channel for maintenance and admiration.

  • Salvage Yards Prep Junked Scooters Before Siting Out in a Lot

To protect the environment, scooter salvage yards prep junked scooters before parking them in the lot. Prepping a scooter involves siphoning toxic liquids such as gas, motor oil, antifreeze, and more.

Such fluids can temper with underground water and the surface. As such, scooter scrap yards repackaged them for reuse or rebottled.

After prepping junked scooters, the next step is to remove valuable parts. They’re sorted, cleaned, inspected, and stored in the inventory. When purchasers ask for salvage parts, fetching them will be easy.

Then the leftovers of the scooter scrap metal for recycling.

Scooter Brands Available in Salvos

If you visit a scooter salvage yard near you, you’ll spot a variety of junked scooter brands. They include Yamaha, Chicago Scooter Co, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, Vespa, and BMW.

Used parts for these brands include belts, tires, engines, clutch, radiators, transmissions, and roller weights. Other used auto parts include axles, brakes, carburetors, cables, drive chains, controllers, alternators, and more.

  • The drawback of Purchasing Salvage Parts from a Scooter Salvage Yard

The quality of used parts at scooter salvage yards might vary.

Some salvage parts you obtained might clock their lifespan or have been wrecked going through an intersection. Such salvage parts will not last as anticipated.

This is why you should carefully inspect used parts before making a purchase.

Do You Want to Scrap Your Scooter?

You can scrap your old or damaged scooter into salvos.

They accept junked scooters regardless of their condition. Additionally, you can get a fair market price for your scooter than when dealing with the dealership. However, you’re likely to make little money from such deals.

Scooters are more valued for their parts than their metallic body.

Before some scooter salvage yards purchase your junked scooter, they will ask essential questions. Such questions include the make, model, and year of your scooter, its condition, and the level of damage or accident.

Some might demand you send them pictures of your item. That’s if you’re dealing online.

Scooter salvage yards are businesses that assist people with shallow pockets in restoring their scooters with the little they have. If you don’t have such a facility near you, there’re alternative places you can check.

We refer to bicycle, motorcycle, and dirt bike salvage yards.