How Much Does Walmart Transmission Fluid Change Cost?

Here, the focus is on Walmart’s transmission fluid change cost.

This will serve the needs of readers seeking to plan their budgets or seeking to make comparisons with other similar services.

Transmission Fluid Change Cost Walmart

In this cost guide, you’ll learn about the need for timely transmission oil changes, if Walmart does offer transmission fluid change services, and the cost of its oil changes.

Other things in our discussion include the cost of DIY transmission oil change, other services offered at Walmart Autocare Centers, and the benefits of performing transmission fluid changes at Walmart.

In our discussion of transmission fluid changes, some of the best-known brands offering such service include Walmart, Midas, Jiffy Lube, Meineke Car Care, Sears Auto Center, etc.

What You Should Know about Transmission Fluid Costs

Before proceeding with changing your transmission oil fluid, there are things to take note of. These give you a better idea of what to expect and help with better preventive maintenance and budgeting.

Irrespective of where you go for oil change, the cost of changing transmission fluid will range between $100 and $300. So, what aspects of the service are covered by such expenses?

Most of the cost is taken up by the transmission fluid itself and not the labor, as many might think. However, this isn’t to say that no labor doesn’t take up a percentage of the costs of a transmission oil change.

What more? The rate or interval of oil change will also determine the price. Vehicles used regularly and under harsher conditions will likely require more frequent oil changes.

Need for Timely Transmission Fluid Chance

Transmission fluids are essential for smooth vehicular operation as they serve multiple functions, including cooling and lubrication. So on.

After some time, the fluid serves its purpose and needs to be changed or replaced.

This must be done promptly, as any delay could lead to overheating problems, transmission failure, and other issues affecting smooth operation.

So, how do you know it’s time to change your transmission fluid? The best way is by inspecting using the dipstick. Dab it on your hands or other surfaces and have a close look.

An expired oil will be black or brown and may even smell burnt. Metal shavings may also be observed in the fluid, thus signaling the need for a change. Ideally, your oil should be reddish or pinkish.

Anything outside of this requires an oil change.

Does Walmart Offer Transmission Oil Change Services? 

Walmart does offer transmission oil changes in addition to other services, which will be mentioned shortly. Here, you’ll find various transmission oil brands to choose from.

You can get some help by discussing it with Walmart technicians. You’ll find some transmission oil brands at Walmart, like Mobil, Honda, Super Tech, Motorcraft, Valvoline, Castrol, Mopar, and LUCAS.

Cost to Flush Transmission at Walmart

Now, to the main objective of our discussion, Walmart’s transmission fluid change costs around $50 to $150.

While this cost range gives you an idea of how much the service might cost, a more comprehensive cost for your area will require visiting your nearest Walmart Autocare Center for inquiries.

It must be mentioned that transmission fluid changes at Walmart vary.

There are four options ranging from budget to premium. The make and model of your car will determine the cost of transmission fluid change.

So, are Walmart Autocare Centers the best places for an oil change? It depends on what you’re looking for. In other words, there are lots of alternatives to explore and compare.

These are also excellent service providers.

Cost of DIY Transmission Oil Change

For DIY enthusiasts with a tight budget, visiting Walmart’s Autocare Center or other similar businesses won’t be appealing as they would want to try things out themselves, thus cutting costs.

Do you belong in this category? You might be interested in discovering the cost incurred from a DIY oil change. Here, you save on labor costs by getting the job done yourself.

The expenses incurred are primarily from the purchased transmission fluid and other required supplies. You’ll have to find the transmission fluid designed for your car model.

A rough estimate would be around $50 to $150. Comparing this to the cost discussed earlier, there seems to be no significant difference.

However, the satisfaction of getting the job done yourself could be worth the effort.

Other Services Offered at Walmart Autocare Centers

Besides transmission fluid change, Walmart Autocare Centers offer various other services, including engine maintenance and tire services.

Others include oil & lube services, fuel system services, headlight services, miniature bulb installation, battery services, valve stem installation, lifetime balance & rotation, and air filter installation.

Additional services offered at Walmart Autocare Centers include headlight restoration, flat tire repair, wiper blade & installation, road hazard warranty, etc.

Some of these services may be offered free, while most attract a fee. As mentioned, walk into your nearest Walmart Autocare Center to determine the cost of a transmission oil change.

You can also inquire about these other services.

Benefits of Performing Transmission Fluid Change at Walmart

It’s important not to get too focused on the cost of transmission fluid change.

It’s also best to consider the procedure’s importance, as this lets you weigh the benefits relative to the cost. Compared to other auto care centers, Walmart offers competitive rates, which can motivate new clients.

There are also general benefits of performing this essential maintenance procedure, such as savings on repairs due to damages from lack of maintenance.

Better fuel economy and overall improvement in functioning are more benefits derived from having your transmission fluid changed.

The DIY Alternative

Having discussed the DIY cost implications of changing your transmission fluid, it’s necessary to examine the processes involved briefly.

With more people considering the DIY option, basic techniques include lifting your vehicle, finding the transmission pan and general setup, draining the used fluid, inspecting the pan, replacing the pan gasket, securing it, and emptying or pouring in the new transmission fluid.

So far, Walmart’s transmission fluid change costs have been discussed in addition to information on the price of a DIY oil change, among other relevant areas covered.

You can get to work by visiting your local Walmart Autocare Center for a detailed cost breakdown of the procedure.