Where are Batteries in Walmart | Find Your Way Around Aisles

Are you looking to shop for batteries at your local Walmart store but can’t process which section or how to find what you’re looking for?

It’s expected as many people face the same dilemma. If you belong to this category of shoppers, you only need to read through our guide about where to find batteries in Walmart.

Where to Find Batteries in Walmart?

This article touches on the more relevant details that answer your question.

As you read along, you’ll find information on battery types at Walmart, Walmart Supercenters, and what they offer, car battery types, warranty & costs, and navigating around Walmart stores.

We’ve also discussed battery deals at Walmart, the availability of rechargeable batteries, special batteries for electronics, and battery installation services at Walmart.

Battery Types at Walmart | AA, AAA, Coin, Button Rechargeable

At the start of our discussion, we focused on where to find batteries at Walmart.

Having offered answers, information about battery types is also needed as it gives you detailed information on what’s available and what you can find in terms of varieties.

With such information, you’re better informed to find what serves your needs. Walmart has various battery types on sale, which are grouped into categories.

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Such categories include AA, AAA, Coin and Button Cell Batteries, 9V Batteries, D, C, C, Hearing Aid, and Rechargeable Batteries.

Other types include Button Batteries, Duracell, Alkaline Batteries, Energizer Batteries, Battery Packs, Lithium Batteries, Rayovac Batteries, EBL, cr2 Batteries, Tenergy, Duracell Optimum, and PowerOwl.

With this large category of battery types, you’re likely to find answers by exploring a little further. For readers interested in car batteries, these are also available at Walmart.

Read on as we further break down the topic under the earlier sections. By the end, you should know where to find your preferred batteries at your local Walmart.

Walmart Supercenters & How They Differ from Walmart Stores

Is your nearest Walmart a Supercenter or a store? How does that matter to our discussion on finding batteries at Walmart?

It matters more than you may imagine since the company has subdivisions regarding what’s available and the types of goods primarily in demand.

In most situations, Walmart supercenters will attract more traffic and a diverse group of clients.

Usually, larger urban centers are targeted, especially areas with significant foot traffic.

Bringing this to bear on our discussion on batteries, you’re more likely to find every kind of batter at a Walmart Supercenter compared to its smaller stores, which are limited by the types of products on display.

For car owners looking to replace their batteries, Walmart Supercenters tend to offer the most value as these also have auto care centers.

You can enjoy the free installation of your car batteries for in-store purchases.

These auto care centers may also offer free car battery installation for purchases made at other Walmart stores. Of course, this would require proof of purchase.

Car Battery Types, Warranty, & Costs

If you’re looking to buy a car battery at Walmart, you’ll need to know the types, applicable warranties, and costs. A visit to your local Walmart will reveal three battery types: ValuePower, EverstartPlus, and EverstartMaxx.

Typically, you’ll find these batteries going anywhere from $49.88, $74.88, & $93.76, respectively.

Also, the warranties you get depend on which brand you’re going for—these range from a year to as much as 5-year warranties.

To learn more about each, you must make inquiries or research further.

What Aisle Are Batteries in Walmart?

You’ll need to know how to navigate the store to find batteries at Walmart. Thankfully, these provisions help shoppers quickly locate whatever they’re looking for.

This is done to make your shopping experience a lot better. In navigating Walmart stores, you’ll need to use the available resources.

These include using the store directory, visiting the electronics or household goods section, exploring the online store map, or being attentive to aisle markers.

The customer service desk and store associates at Walmart can help you with any information you need about the location of its batteries.

You shouldn’t have a problem finding the exact batteries you need with these resources.

Battery Deals at Walmart

To boost sales or clear their inventory, Walmart stores occasionally offer deals for their battery products, including other items on display. You’ll have to know the times when such deals are available.

If your battery purchase isn’t an emergency, postponing it to coincide with annual sales events or end-of-year clearance may be a great idea to find highly discounted prices.

Availability of Rechargeable Batteries

Are rechargeable batteries available at Walmart? From our discussion, we’ve seen that these battery types are available at Walmart stores.

However, there may be times when such batteries may not be available. It may take a day or around a week to have them restocked. You also have the option of visiting other Walmart stores around.

Special Batteries for Electronics

If you need special batteries for electronics at Walmart, you still need to visit the general battery section. Here, some subdivisions categorize these batteries, making it easier for buyers to find what they need.

Again, nothing beats using resources provided for easy and stress-free shopping. Ask any of the associates around for directions.

There’s no guarantee you’ll find special batteries for electronics at your local Walmart. In that case, you’ll need to explore other options.

This may include visiting other stores or exploring Walmart stores in other locations. An online search would reveal other alternatives for your shopping needs.

Battery Installation Services at Walmart

We mentioned earlier that some Walmart stores (Supercenters) tend to have a more expansive collection of items, including batteries.

The auto care services at Walmart supercenters make your battery shopping convenient, as you can have your car batteries installed at no additional cost. So, is there a Walmart Supercenter around you?

Leverage the opportunities to get value-added services in such locations.

Now you know where to find batteries at your local Walmart. Depending on the battery type, your local Walmart store may meet your battery needs.

If you can’t find what you want, you can try at larger Walmart locations or supercenters with a broader variety or collection of batteries. There’s ready information to guide your search.

Start your search today by using the information provided.