Who Pays The Most for Old Car Batteries?

But the question is, who pays the most for old car batteries?

We’ll look at the lots of buyers on the secondary market; it will take a lot of work to tell which one can offer the best price. But if you keep reading this article, you’ll find out.

We’ll outline some customers of old car batteries and how much they can pay you.

Do you have an old car battery you’ll want to discard in your collection? Instead of recycling batteries, you can sell them to earn extra cash. Besides, it’s another excellent way of promoting environmental sustainability.

Large rechargeable batteries in automobiles and maritime have the most value in the market. Several buyers will be willing to take it off your hands.

The Typical Value of an Old Car Battery

Let’s see how much the third-party market pays for such items before examining who can buy them at higher prices. Now, selling a single-vehicle battery can earn you anything from $7 to $15.

However, a few elements can affect the price of this item. These include today’s market value, its type, and its size. So, before going to the market, you must look at these variables.

Buyers that Pay the Most for Old Car Batteries

Fortunately, many businesses and customers will be intrigued by buying your scrap vehicle batteries. Among these buyers, you can get deals that will make you smile.

Just go over the list below.

  • Local Auto Parts Stores

If you’re looking for top dollar for your scrap vehicle battery, consider visiting your local auto parts store. They’ll buy your item for an appreciable price.

You should expect anything between $5 and $12. While some will pay you cash, others will give you a store credit. The goal is to help you with your next auto repair bill.

Some local auto parts stores you can explore include NAPA, O’Reilly, Autozone, and more. Before selling out to these vendors, ensure you compare the prices of each.

That will help you get the most out of your old item.

  • Scrap Yards

This is another place where you can sell your scrap battery at an appreciable price. But how much you’ll make depends on your type of battery and the current price of scrap in the market.

Most yards typically pay an average of $0.33 per pound for lead batteries. So you should expect anything from $7 to $20 for an average car battery that weighs around 20 pounds.

If you can find your way to a foundry near you, they can pay you top dollar for your old battery. A foundry factory casts metals into different shapes for different purposes.

Since scrap batteries hold a lot of metal, they can buy them at excellent prices.

  • Metal Recycling Centers

If salvage yards and local auto parts stores don’t offer you an excellent amount, you can consider selling to scrap metal recyclers. They are businesses that specialize in reclaiming old metals and turning them into something entirely new.

Since an old battery is rich in metal, it can attract them to negotiate a price with you. In most cases, you can end up with a few dollars.

  • Online Buyers

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to sell your old vehicle battery, try using the internet. Many online platforms will link you to potential buyers.

Nowadays, many people search the web for items such as scrap batteries.

Among these purchasers, you can find one that will give you an excellent price for your item. It could be a mechanic, a wealthy car owner, or a recycler.

Some reliable online sites to sell your items include Craigslist, Peddle, the iScrap app, eBay, and more. Allow us to go over these platforms.

  • Craigslist

This is an ideal place to sell your old auto battery. All you have to do is set up a simple listing and publish it.

Ensure you specify the item’s size, power, and present state in your description. Many purchasers in and outside your area may be inclined to buy from you.

As stated above, people go online looking for used items for their upgrade. Some may want it to serve as a spare for their cars. But how much you’ll make trading on this site hinges on a few factors.

They include the present demand and limited supply of used batteries.

  • iScrap App

You can also count on the iScrap app to sell your old car battery for an appreciable amount. The platform has a list of vendors, including scrap yards, that will purchase your item.

Among these buyers, some may offer local pickups to ease your transaction. For those that don’t, you’ll need to schedule a pickup.

  • eBay

eBay has a mode of operation similar to Craigslist.

They can connect you with people willing to buy your used item. You only need to create a listing on their page and then start an auction for your old batteries.

You can get handy buyers who refurbish a cheap battery to save on costs.

If you’re lucky, you can get buyers who can pay $20 to $50 for your scrap. But that will depend on your battery’s current condition, type, and size.

Meanwhile, ensure that you include the specifications of your item, including the condition. This will help buyers know whether or not it is what they’re looking for.

  • Pawn Shops

You can also consider selling your old car battery to pawn shops. But they should be the last buyers on your list. You’re less likely to get top dollar for your item.

That’s because these businesses serve as middlemen. Meaning they’ll buy it from you to sell it for profit.

Most of these businesses will want only to purchase your item at an excellent price to leave room for profit. But if you need urgent money, they can be your best shot.


Selling your old car batteries can be a great way to earn extra money. Instead of throwing them out, find a local buyer willing to buy them.

As you can see, several of them will offer you excellent prices for your scrap. You only need to contact them and know how much they’ll pay for your item.

But while you do that, ensure the buyer you’re transacting with is reliable. We have several scammers out there who will take advantage of your ignorance and cheat you. So watch out.