Air Conditioner Compressor Scrap Price

As you read this article, you’ll find some air conditioner compressor scrap prices.

Additionally, we’ll tell you some parts of AC units that can be sold reasonably and more. Before we move further, let’s overview what an AC compressor scrap is.

How Much is an AC Compressor Scrap Worth?

Do you have an old or broken AC compressor lying down waste in your house? It may be the time you either recycle or sell it as scrap.

Allowing this device to end up in a landfill can be a massive environmental disaster. It contains materials that are poisonous to the soil and underground water.

While it’s economical to sell your scrap AC compressor, you must know its scrap price.

  • Overview of an AC Compressor Scrap

Any air conditioner compressor unit that’s no longer functioning and collected for sale is considered scrap. Such kinds of appliances are kept separately from other scraps for several reasons.

To begin with, the device contains contaminants such as residual refrigerant gas and oil.

Secondly, an AC compressor is a sealed unit and contains several types of metals. We refer to cast iron, aluminum, copper, and steel. Such kinds of metals require special billing compared to other single-metal waste.

Current Price of Air Conditioner Compressor Scrap

The scrap AC compressor has a high value in the secondary market. When sold as a whole to a recycler, you should expect around $1 or $2 per pound.

But the price may be more than this amount when sold for its metals.

For clean copper wire, expect to earn around $3-4 per pound. Then for dirty metals, the price will be lower than those mentioned earlier.

Factors That Affect the Price of AC Compressor Scrap

Knowing the factors that influence the air conditioner compressor is essential.

It’ll help you understand your operational cost and profit margins. Additionally, it’ll ensure your security when depositing your item to potential buyers.

Some factors that affect this appliance’s pricing are the type of compressor, level of supply and demand, volume, and current price in the market.

Other factors include buying patterns, the condition of AC compressors, and government policies.

Sometimes, prices may vary depending on the region and other environmental considerations. That’s temperature and humidity levels.

Places You Can Sell Air Conditioner Compressor Scrap

There’re numerous places you can sell a scrap AC compressor. You can start by contacting your local appliance recycling centers.

These facilities accept all manner of appliances, including scrap air conditioner compressors. They reprocessed scrap items into new products without compromising their quality.

Another place you can sell your item is in a junkyard or appliance salvage yard.

Their mode of operation is similar to that of recycling centers. They also purchase scrap AC compressors and sell their functioning parts for profit making.

Moreover, you can sell your scrap online. Several websites offer opportunities for buyers and sellers to meet and exchange commodities, including scrap AC compressors.

Among these sites are eBay, Facebook Marketplaces, Craigslist, and more. You can compare the price offer of each buyer to determine which one will fit your demands.

  • Valuable Parts of an AC Compressor to Sell

An air conditioner compressor comprises valuable components that can fetch you good money. These components include the blower, drain lines, control, and case.

They also have higher-priced metals such as copper, aluminum, silver, etc. Virtually all the parts above can be sold for money.

Finding Buyers of Scrap AC Compressor

Finding a buyer or recycler for your air conditioner scrap is straightforward. You can google search the phrase “local scrap metal” or “buyers of air conditioner scrap.”

A list of all potential buyers will pop up on your screen. But if the results you’re getting are limited, you can streamline your search by adding your location.

Meanwhile, before you locate these buyers, there’re a few things you’ll need to remember. Different states have different requirements for tracking.

For instance, California has the strictest rules for selling scrap metal. In this state, you’ll be required to provide some evidence of ownership and ID.

Having provided these documents, you’ll have to wait three days before receiving a response.

How to Prepare Scrap AC Compressor For Sale

You must take a few preparatory steps when scraping an old air conditioner compressor. Firstly, you’ll be required to unplug the unit from power sources.

Next, you’ll empty all fluids, such as water, refrigerant, and oil. Once you remove these liquids, you find an appropriate disposal method. You can send them for recycling or reuse.

  • Tips for Removing an AC Compressor

You’ll need to know how to remove an AC compressor when scraping it for money. The removal process is pretty straightforward. So you have less to worry about.

You’ll need to determine your AC compressor’s model to get started. Several models are available, and each may be different.

For regular models, you can start by locating the serpentine belt tensioner. If you need help finding this component, consult your belt routing diagram.

Next, you rotate the tensioner with a wrench or socket. When you’re done, you remove the belt from the pulleys.

Now, disconnect the electrical connectors and pressure hoses from the compressor. After that, you remove the compressor mounting bolts and pull them out.

Some tools you’ll need for this operation include a wrench, angle grinder, vise, safety glasses, and lots more.

Perks of Scrapping Air Conditioner Compressor For Money

Scrapping an AC compressor comes with a few advantages.

First, it’s an excellent way to make extra cash from scraps. Secondly, tossing these units will prevent them from ending in landfills and harming the environment.

As these items are kept out of landfills, it’ll help conserve energy. Manufacturing industries will no longer need virgin resources.

As mentioned countless times, the price of an air conditioner compressor is determined by several factors. Identifying and understanding these factors will help you estimate the value of your scrap in the market.

Meanwhile, the price above is a glimpse of what you should expect in the market. But remember that this price can change due to time factors.

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