Do you know how to sell a car with a blown engine? How much is such a car worth?

In most cases, it’s hard to fix a damaged engine. Where there are possibilities, it takes a long time for the technicians to bring them back to life.

With that, most car owners look into the option of selling.

How Much is a Car Worth with a Blown Engine?

However, selling a car with a damaged motor is a little complicated. Not everyone can get involved in such a business and become profitable.

You’ll need to know so much about the worth of a car with a burned engine.

If you want to acquire such knowledge, then stick around with us. We’ll tell you how much a car with a damaged motor is worth. In addition, we shall also tell you where to sell or buy such a car.

Let’s run the ball.

Value of Car With a Blown Engine

As you consider selling your vehicle with a blown motor, you must keep your anticipations low.

Cars with such damages are less valuable than those that are serviceable. But this doesn’t mean they are worthless. They have high-value parts that are worth money. I mean serious money.

However, many factors are looked into when determining the value of cars with blown engines. Year, make, model, mileage, state, location, and more.

While this is true, most cars with blown engines cost around $500-$10,000.

For instance, if the car is initially worth $10,000, you can get $4,000-$7,000 if the engine is severely damaged.

Before proceeding, when a good offer arrives, do not refuse. Clinging to your car, hoping for a better deal, will cause you to lose more than you should.

Car worths depreciate over time.

Places That You Can Sell and Buy A Car With A Blown Motor

You must know the best places to sell your car with a blown engine. That’s how you can maximize profit. Now, there are several places where you can round out this business.

That includes dealership, salvage, consumer, DamagedCars, Craigslist, Sell Max, and more. Let’s look at each of these shoppers individually.

  • Junkyard

If you are looking for a fair market worth for your vehicle with a blown motor, consider going to a salvage yard. They specialized in the purchase of cars with diverse mechanical problems.

Thus, they will happily collect the damaged vehicle from your hand. They’ll remove functioning parts and sell them at low prices. What’s remaining of the car will be sold for scrap.

  • Private Buyers

Selling a car with a wrecked motor for individuals is another viable way to maximize profit. However, the sale could be sluggish.

That’s because people will want to purchase a car they mustn’t repair before they use it. But if you finally find a buyer, you can be sure to earn high.

  • DamagedCars

If you want a faster way to sell your damaged car with high worth, try getting in touch with DamagedCars. It’s one of the reputable online companies specializing in vehicles with problems.

You can get fair market worth for your car, no matter how bad it is.

  • Craigslist

This is an online enterprise site that gives you the chance to sell functional parts of wrecked vehicles at appreciable amounts.

You can remove high-valued mechanical pieces such as transmission, tires and wheels, audio, steering, bumpers, and rear-view mirrors.

Other parts include a security system, doors, wipers, air conditioning, and lots more. All these coins we mentioned are worth hundreds and thousands of dollars.

  • Sell Max

As with other reputable companies, you can get the worth of your car with Sell Max. They accept cars, however harmful they are.

However, you must provide proof of ownership. They don’t welcome items with no legal backup. You can get in touch with them via their official website.

How About Selling Cars With Blown Engines To Dealers?

We do not advise selling cars with blown motors to dealers. Why did we say so?

Dealers often collect vehicles with little to zero problems. This is because they can get their money back with interest when such cars are repaired.

A local dealer who will take your problematic car may underestimate its worth. They believe that the value exchange for vehicles with defective engines is a great favor for you.

Therefore, you should not expect a fair market price for your article.

Will My Car Drop in Value Once the Engine is Replaced?

Chances are your car will lose value once the original motor is replaced. However, the extent to which it will affect your resale value depends on some factors.

The type of engine you have replaced who buys the car. But for the most part, you can’t get the exact worth of the vehicle.

  • Why do engines get Damaged?

Lack of upkeep is a leading cause of engine failure/damage. Vehicles consist of delicate components that require regular care to keep fit.

If one part is defective, others begin to develop defects. For example, when an engine seizure is damaged/faulty, it can affect the performance of mechanical components such as pistons, cylinder heads, or crankshafts.

What causes the engine seizure to get damaged is insufficient lubrication, inadequate cooling, unbalanced connecting rods, and compression segment failure.

Either way, everything comes down to poor maintenance.

  • Overrevving Car

While it’s mechanically acceptable to overexert your motor, most car owners overdo it. This has enormous effects that most of them don’t realize.

As you exercise your car, some engine parts will lose, break, or are no longer aligned. When that happens, it can easily result in engine failure. In other cases, the engine will explode instantaneously.

Fixing or changing a damaged motor is relatively costly, as mentioned above. That’s why most car owners consider selling their cars in situations like this.

As you can see, damaged cars can be sold appreciably when you do business with the right people.

We think you are now better informed about the price of vehicles with blown engines. From here, you should know the best way to get the value of your car with a bad motor engine.