You can learn more about dump truck salvage by reading this post to completion.

We have grouped the categories of dump truck salvage yards, vehicle specialization, and style of operation. We have also included available parts of dump trucks, their prices, and more.

Dump Truck Junk Yards Near Me

Do you have a dump truck and wonder where to find cheap parts? Don’t worry.

There are truck salvage yards near me that handle various types of dump units. You can visit one of them and get replaceable parts at a reasonable price.

Some yards could even give you warranty coverage on high-priced items.

Here are guides on other truck salvage:

Why Should You Patronize a Dump Truck Salvage Yard?

It would be best if you considered patronizing a dump truck junkyard near me for two reasons. First, they obtained quality parts at an affordable price.

Second, they have competent staff and certified engineers with decades of experience. Those experts can provide the pieces you need to fix your dump truck.

What’s more, you can save money and costly downtimes.

Categories of Dump Truck Salvage Yards 

We have two classes for dump truck salvage yards.

This includes self-service and full-service junkyards. Although both operate locally, they always have their variations.

Self-service salvage yards, also known as pick and pull, allow customers to collect functioning parts. These junkyards often require customers to pay to walk through their facility.

Afterward, they will pay for the parts removed.

The full-service junkyard picks up parts for customers.

If you visit their facilities, you will see used parts placed on shelves, waiting for buyers. Here, they don’t charge for the towing of their facilities.

Nevertheless, the removal cost is added to the price of the parts you purchased.

  • Vehicle Specialization

The salvage yards near me cover a wide range of trucks that operate on or off the road.

That is to say, there are other types of junk trucks in their collections. You can spot a mixture of tractors, dump trucks, flatbeds, straight trucks, commercial trucks, and many more.

Those specializing in dump trucks deal with models such as International, Peterbilt, Freightliner, and Kenworth. Others include Tailmobile Reefer, Etnyre Gal Tanker, Mack Anthem Daycab, Vantage, Volvo, and more.

Walking into a well-organized salvage yard, you’ll see that these brands are organized by year of production. This helps customers identify parts that match their vehicle models.

  • Kinds of Services Rendered in Dump Truck Junkyards

In addition to removing auto parts and selling them to customers, other services are provided in the junkyard near me.

These include all-wheel drive, transfer boxes, axles, steering wheel resurfacing, steering gear reconstruction, all-wheel movement, and manual transmission Dynamometers.

What Happens to Dump Trucks at the Salvage Yard?

When dump trucks enter the salvage yard, their professional technicians will first examine their condition. They’ll fix and ship them for auction if they are pretty good.

But if they’re not nearly operational, they will dismantle the truck.

But until then, they will first drain fluids such as gas, diesel, anti-freeze, freon, etc. These fluids will bottle for resale or recycling. Once these fluids are removed, the next step is stripping the truck.

All functional parts are removed and sanitized. Whatever’s left of the truck will be sold as scrap for recycling.

Dump Truck Parts Near Me

You can find numerous auto parts in a dump truck junkyard near the Engine, bumpers, gas and diesel, sound systems, steering, alternators, and starters.

Others include batteries, mirror airbags, tires and wheels, lights, fuel tanks, differentials, transmissions, hoods, axles, cabs, and more.

  • Warranty Coverage for Auto Parts

Not every dump truck salvage yard near me offers a warranty for its pre-owned parts. As noted above, some recovery courses only provide security for expensive items.

We speak of transmission, engines, steering, and more. Within the days of your warranty, you can only send the item back for repair or exchange.

The warranty period varies according to the junkyard you opt for. While some span a year, others could be less. You’ll also have to pay a few bucks for that guarantee.

  • Cost of Pre-Owned Parts in a salvage yard

The dump truck salvage yards near me don’t charge much for secondhand auto parts.

However, the exact cost of the coins depends on the yard you want to patronize and what kind of item you wish to buy.

For the most part, the door costs $60, the battery $25, the hoist cylinders $100, the haul bed $250, and more.

Considering the price range in most junkyards, you can save anywhere from 60-75% of the price of new parts. In some cases, you may bump into new positions.

Selling your Dump Truck to a Junkyard

There are several reasons to consider selling your dump truck to salvage yards.

Either it’s old or is not worth the cost of repairs or replacements. Before you go one step further to sell your truck, consider a few things.

This includes your vehicle’s age, why you are selling it, and if you can wait longer.

If you eventually decide to sell the truck, then you will need a trustworthy salvage yard to buy from you. Do not permit your purchasers to make your vehicle worthless.

This is because you might not get actual returns from your item.

Another way you can maximize profit from your damaged/old dump truck is to remove valuable parts and sell them individually. Like salvage yards, you can sell the leftovers from your car as scrap metal.

Before closing our discussion, beware of scams when buying pre-owned parts or selling to a dump truck salvage yard. These crooks are waiting to benefit from any ignorant buyer or seller.

Therefore, you should always deal with certified junkyards in your localities.

Purchasing used parts for your trucks from a salvage yard is helpful. As we said, you can save more money than buying new pieces.

But remember that some pieces you can get from a dump truck salvage yard may not last as expected. In such cases, it will be preferable to choose new pieces.