You’ll learn about what Lexus salvage yards offer.

After that, we’ll also tell you how they handle their business, what auto parts are available, how vehicles are processed, and more. But before then, let’s first enlighten you on locating a Lexus salvage yard.

Lexus is a luxurious car that is expensive to maintain.

The same goes for the repair of severe damages or the change of new parts. Most owners of this vehicle brand with shallow pockets consider dumping their vehicles to avoid spending their fortune.

Top 20 Lexus Salvage Yards

For those driving Lexus vehicles, there are places where you can obtain spare or replacement parts at cheap prices. One of such places is the salvage yard.

Such businesses are fond of selling used car parts at very affordable rates.

They also provide other outstanding services like repairs, maintenance, and more. As you stay on this page, you’ll learn about the USA’s top 20 Lexus salvage yards.

  1. Billy’s Toyota and Lexus Car & Van Parts

For several years, this salvage yard has been meeting the auto needs of vehicle owners in the country. It’s a family-owned and operated business that prices an extensive foreign and domestic car parts inventory.

You can get items suited for your vehicle, no matter the make and model. Moreover, the yard buys the cleanest and nicest salvage possible.

  1. Lexus of Wichita Parts

You can depend on this junkyard for all your automotive needs. The facility is dedicated to delivering the highest-quality services to vehicle owners nationwide.

You can get superb OEM parts for your Lexus at a very affordable rate. The facility can be your best bet for repairs and maintenance services. They have expert technicians who will get your car back in working order.

  1. Lexus of Sacramento Parts Center

Lexus of Sacramento Parts Center offers many genuine parts and accessories. You can get components suited for both late and recent models of Lexus.

Some items in their lot include transmissions, cabin filters, alternators, fenders, panels, differentials, engines, and more. All these parts come with a quality and extended warranty.

  1. Eskridge Lexus of Oklahoma City Parts

You can trust this junkyard for all your automotive needs. The facility is dedicated to delivering high-quality services, including selling recycled auto parts at cheaper prices.

This is the right place to be if you’re doing a DIY project. You can get everything you need to get your car back on the road. You can get suitable components from knowledgeable and experienced technicians.

  1. Lexus Parts Store

Come to the Lexus Parts store if you need spare or replacement parts.

The facility is a one-stop shop for recycled and new parts for various models and years of Lexus owners. In addition to quality, their items are sold with an extended warranty.

Some components you can buy from them include tires, wheels, batteries, brake pads, and more. They also offer replacement services for various parts, including engines.

  1. Superstition Springs Lexus Parts

Superstition Springs Lexus Parts is the best shop for your DIY project. The yard needs new parts to restore its original excitement and luster for those driving luxury vehicles like Lexus.

With a computerized inventory, you can order parts anywhere in the country. Some items you can buy from them include new bumpers, headlights, sensors, power steering fluid, and more.

  1. Lexus of Las Vegas Parts Department

Visit the Lexus of Las Vegas parts department for all of your needs regarding Lexus components. The crew at the yard is highly skilled and dedicated to giving you access to a large assortment of dependable, premium, original Lexus parts.

They provide the genuine parts you require, regardless of your desire to improve the appearance or performance of your Lexus car.

  1. Lexus of Tulsa Auto Parts

If you’re looking for a Lexus car parts store in Tulsa, check out this salvage yard. Their expertise was selling OEM parts for different Lexus models and years.

Your repair or restoration project will succeed if we are committed to providing the best possible services. For vehicle upgrades, dealership services, and repairs, get in touch with them.

  1. Lexus Parts Store

You have less to worry about when fixing your car. Lexus Parts Store will provide you with the parts you need at a very affordable rate.

Additionally, they provide excellent services like engine replacement for different models and years of Lexus. They can be your best shot if you need genuine parts to get your car back to working order.

  1. Lexus of New Orleans Parts

“The Parts Department at Lexus of New Orleans maintains a comprehensive inventory of high-quality, genuine OEM parts. Our highly knowledgeable staff is here to answer your parts inquiries.

Should we not carry a part you’re searching for, we can always order it for you and receive it promptly.”

  1. Lexus of Chattanooga Parts

Lexus of Chattanooga Parts is renowned for offering the best auto parts for Lexus owners.

The facility prides itself on having an inventory stocked with thousands of used car parts for different versions of Lexus. The yard has knowledgeable and experienced technicians who regularly update the inventory with the newest parts.

  1. Lexus Murray Parts Department

Come to the Lexus Murray Parts Department anytime you want affordable auto parts. The facility offers a large selection of genuine Lexus parts and accessories.

In addition to that, they also provide parts for any job, from oil and cabin filters to transmission components. All these items are sold to customers at very affordable prices.

  1. Lexus of Valencia Parts Center

Lexus of Valencia Parts Center will provide all the necessary components to fix your car. They offer a large selection of genuine parts and accessories.

You can get any job, from oil and cabin filters to transmission components, at a competitive price. All you need to do is call them, and they’ll respond to all your needs.

  1. Lexus of Palm Beach Parts Center

It would help if you went to Lexus of Palm Beach for anything related to Lexus. They have a large inventory of both new and used cars for sale.

Furthermore, they offer hassle-free financing, a cutting-edge service facility, and an extensive assortment of original equipment, parts, and accessories.

A group of helpful and amiable employees can help you get the exact part you require.

  1. Yota Auto Parts: Toyota Lexus Scion Used OEM Parts

This salvage yard has met the country’s vehicle owners’ needs for several years. They provide quality used, new, and aftermarket parts for Toyota, Lexus, and Scion cars and trucks.

Their components also come with an extended warranty to increase your buying confidence. So, if you’re looking for an excellent way to save money, consider getting your auto parts from them.

  1. Tom Wood Lexus Parts

Patronize this salvage yard to reduce costs while fixing your car. The facility specializes in vehicle repairs and maintenance.

They also sell quality recycled parts for different models and years of Lexus. Suppose you need assistance in getting what you need. Their expert technicians will help you out.

  1. Us Auto Parts & Salvage

For several years, US Auto Parts Salvage has been a dependable wrecker. They offer our clients excellent service at a competitive price, paying top dollar in cash for all junk cars.

Additionally, they can buy and recycle industrial items such as used engines, transmissions, alternators, air conditioner compressors, metal scraps, and harness wire scraps.

  1. Stevinson Lexus of Frederick Parts

Are you still looking for a cheap place to buy used parts for your Lexus? Look no further; this salvage yard knows how much your car means to you.

Therefore, they will help you get it back on the road with the parts that fit your car perfectly. They sell high-quality OEM parts at a very affordable rate.

You can order items online and have them at your doorstep within a few hours or days.


If you need quality used car parts, visit this salvage yard. They are renowned for supplying superb components for different Lexus models.

They have items ranging from used engines and transmissions to other interior pieces. In addition to selling car parts, they also buy unwanted cars from customers at handsome prices.

  1. All Imported Auto Parts

For several years, this salvage yard has been satisfying the automotive needs of vehicle owners in the country.

They offer quality used auto parts, competitive prices, and excellent customer service. This aligns with their mission of treating customers with old-school courtesy using 21st-century computerized inventory.

Lexus parts are expensive, especially those driving the most recent and popular models. You can spend a fortune buying replaceable or new parts for your car.

If you want to save cost on your restoration project, you can opt for any of the salvage yards listed above.

Lexus Junkyard Near Me

If you have a Lexus car and wish to change parts, consider visiting Lexus salvage yards. These are businesses that obtain junked Lexus from various sources.

They dished out their functional auto parts at highly discounted prices. This means you can get quality Lexus parts from their installation regardless of the model.

  • How to Locate a Lexus Salvage Yard Nearby

Although few salvage yards exclusively deal with Lexus brands, locating one is possible. You can start by searching online.

Several websites list Lexus salvage yards, their contact lines, and addresses. If this did not suffice, you could ask people around. Indeed, you can find one or two people that can lead you to one of their facilities.

What’s more, you can check salvage yards that feature various kinds of vehicle brands. For instance, import salvage yards, auto salvage yards, and more.

You may find what you’re looking for in their lot.

  • Buying and Selling Salvage Parts

Typically, Lexus wrecked yards purchase declared totaled vehicles and make money selling their valuable parts.

They primarily obtain inventory from private sellers, insurance companies, police impounds, and auctions. These entities often junked their Lexus cars due to the high cost of repairs or change of new parts.

However, some private sellers eliminate their old models to pave the way for new ones. Then, insurance companies often dump cars involved in accidents to reclaim part of the money they spent on claimed damage.

Besides buying used Lexus parts in salvage yards, you can sell your old/damaged car, as we’ve just mentioned. You can get a higher price for your collection than from dealerships.

However, how remunerative you are can depend on a few factors: your vehicle’s model, condition, and the current price of scrap metal.

How Used Parts are Obtained from Lexus Junkyards

Like other salvage yards, you can obtain used parts at Lexus salvage yards in two ways.

Either remove used parts yourself or allow salvage yard attendants to remove them. Lexus salvage yards enabling customers to remove used parts are called “pick and pull or self-service salvage yards.”

On the other hand, salvage yards that remove used parts for you are called full service. You must pay for admission before you walk into either of these salvos. It’s often around $10 or less.

According to them, the money is for maintenance and administration.

Besides visiting their installation in person, you can obtain used Lexus parts online. Some salvage yards near me display their inventory online.

The idea is to make their inventory accessible to customers nationwide. Additionally, to inquire about used parts for Lexus cars without visiting their facilities.

Lexus Models in Wrecked Yards

If you visit the Lexus salvage yards near you, you’ll like what your eyes will see.

They have different kinds of Lexus models in their lot. This ranges from Lexus RX, LS, GS, SC, GX, UX, LC, NX, ES, IS, NX, and more.

You can also get antique Lexus cars from these businesses.

Most of the Lexus salvage yards near me are well-organized. They arrange these vehicles according to their models and year of manufacture.

This means that the Lexus UX section differs from that of NX.

Dismantling Vehicles at Lexus Salvage Yards

The process involved in stripping vehicles at Lexus salvage yards follows state law.

First, remove toxic liquids such as fuel, motor oil, coolant, antifreeze, etc. When allowed to sink into the ground, these fluids can temper with underground water.

As such, they’re rebottled to be reused, reused, or recycled.

After that, both non-functional and functional used parts are removed. Organized salvage yards clean up these auto parts, inspect them, and test them before storing them in the warehouse.

Because the remaining pieces of the vehicle are metal, they’ll be sold as scrap metal for recycling centers.

Used Lexus Parts in Scrap Yards

As mentioned, you’ll have replaceable parts for your Lexus car at wreck yards.

You can get engines, fenders, hoods, panels, windshields, transmissions, doors, batteries, and bumpers.

You can also get starters, steering, exhaust, tires and wheels, mirrors, intakes, sound systems, seats, and cooling systems.

Price of Used Lexus Parts in Salvage Yards

Remember, these are the best places to get used parts at affordable prices.

You can purchase a headlight for $10, a battery for $12, a mirror for $15, doors for $60, and engines for $300-$500.

However, you must remember that the above prices vary from wreck yard to the next.

  • Guarantee for Used Lexus Parts

You can get a warranty for used parts at some Lexus salvage yards near you.

However, you’ll be required to pay a warranty fee for each used auto part you purchase. While the prices might vary by salvage yards, you’ll likely pay around $10-$15.

Beyond this, the warranty period for parts varies accordingly. While some facilities will offer you a 30-day warranty, others might range from 90 days to a year.

Within these periods, you’re free to return items in case of any issues. Some salvage yards will allow you to swap or get credit.

While you plan on visiting a Lexus salvage yard near you, remember that you can end up with fewer quality parts in your hands. To avoid such, you should scrutinize auto parts before making a purchase.

Alternatively, you can take an expert to assist you in selecting good used parts.